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Found 21 results

  1. Hi! I know this is a long shot but was wondering if anybody out there is a Chiropractor who qualified in England?? I was just after some advice about taking the board exams etc...and if there were any exams I could do over here in order to get the ball rolling? I am currently in my 5th and final year here in England and looking to move to the Sydney area in 2014 to early 2015. Have tried googling everything under the sun and I'm pretty sure all exams, which take a week, need to be done in Oz?? Any advice on certain techniques preferred? Gonstead/Diversified or the use of Dry Needling? I want to do as many seminars this year as possible to make me more employable over there! Any help would be greatly appreciated on any chiro/emigratting stuff! Thanks so much Lisa :wub:
  2. andyjackie

    exams and moveing

    hi poms in oz I have a 13 year old who is in yr 9 . HE will be in yr10 when we hoe to get our visa an that is when he will be studieing for his G,C,S.E . To sit them in yr11 as any bodie emigated at this time with there child and how did it work out please help
  3. So we were told to expect approval for our 457 this week -- I've just received an email from my husbands future employers immigration agent asking if we have had our medicals. This is the first time it's been mentioned to us, they obviously screwed up and didn't send the email and the girl in the office has only just realised. How long is this likely to hold up our approval? What do they check and what will it cost? There's only two approved places in the whole country where we can go, so god knows what the waiting lists will be like, not to mention the cost. Any advice, we were thinking we'd be leaving within the next two weeks and now it looks like we have another long wait.
  4. Guest

    AAT exams!!!

    AAHHH i had my budgeting exam today for my final year in accounting!! scary! but the worst one is yet to come! I have been studying AAT for 3 years and on their web site it says that it is reakonised in Oz, does anyone know how the AAT is seen in regards to jobs?? :wacko:
  5. Does anyone know of any practise exams for the TRA or know where you can get more information on what is involved in particular exams/tests? Many Thanks Tosh Good luck to all those applying or waiting.
  6. Hi everyone. I'm planning on going to australia on a working holiday in January. I will probably go to brisbane. I'm a hairdresser from ireland anyway and I just heard from an aussie bloke that hairdressers from other countries must take an exam before they will be able to get a job. This is a bit scary because i want to get a job as quickly as i can and i dont do perming so i wont be able to answer any questions on that and i've no idea how long it will take or whats envolved. I cant really find any information about it on the net. Does anyone know anything about this and will you really have to take the test? the aussie bloke also said the standard of hairdressing over there is very high, don't mean to offend anyone but i had heard from several people that the overall standard was generally quite low and that it would be easy to get a good job because of this. Not really sure what to expect now. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Guest

    Year 12 Exams as an adult.

    Is it possible to sit Year 12 exams as an adult the same way as you can take A-Levels in the UK via distance learning? I have a degree and numerous other diploma qualification but every job in my sector - Paramedicine / Remote medicine - asks for "Year 12 English and Maths". I have explained that in the UK Sixth Form is very different and so although I have good GCSEs in these subjects I didn't study them at A-Level. I heard nothing back from these apllications. This was the only pre-requisite for the job I didn't meet. I know that Australian HR Departments are very rigid so I thought that getting my Year 12 qualifications would be very worthwhile. Can you go back and do Year 12 exams as an adult? I don't wish to sound too cocky but I could probably go straight into the exams and smash them without doing all that much pre-study.
  8. lynn2009

    AS Exams

    We should be arriving in Australia (Brisbane) the early part of next year. Our son is just about to start is first year of A levels. So he would sit first year AS level exams in May/June 2011. If we wait for these exams to be sat, I think I have read on another thread these first exams could be enough to gain entry to uni in Australia. If not I have been in contact with the school our children will go to and they said he could start year 11 half way through. Any thoughts on the above would be great. Thanks Lynn
  9. cybervoodoo

    what happens when I leave school..

    Hey, does anyone know if I'm right in believing that when I finish school in Western Australia, I'll be 17 and will have done my WACE exams and then you have to take a compulsory gap year where I have to get a job before going to univeristy when I'm 18? thankss xox
  10. Guest

    Electrical Exams Etc

    Electrician Posted Yesterday at 02:13 PM by Charlton Boy Hi All I am an electrician with 27 years behind me. I am fully quailified and an NICEIC quailifying manager. I have started my application for oz and would like to know how much work there is in oz, would all my certificates C&G and JIB Diploma be recodnized in oz ? Thanks All for your help:notworthy:
  11. Guest

    anyone going to Sydney?

    hey ladies and gents my name is Aimee, im 15 nearly 16 ( yyaaayy) and im having a serious panic attack about the exams I will have to take at the end of the Australian academic year.After my Gcses that finsh near the end of june my family and I will be migrating to Australia to Sydney. If GCSE's werent stressful enough I now have to go to a whole new country and do exams and I probably wont have learnt alot of their curriculum which is pretty scary :arghh:! soo if anyone has an advice or knows anything that could generally help it would seriously be appreciated! thankyou :biggrin:
  12. Guest

    Dental Hygiene exams & visas!!!

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the site & am hoping to find out all the low down on making the move! I'm currently working as a dental hygienist in the UK & am currently beginning the process of taking the various exams to allow me to practice in Oz. Can anyone help with advise or tips on this subject along with visas & time frames etc. Am currently 38 & so can't make it in on the Skilled Ind visa but believe there may be an employer sponsored - is it the 457? Any help really appreciated as we'd like to get out of the UK pronto...as it's freezing!!! Thanks, lanac
  13. clusterofgeals

    moving out after exams

    hi all, we are hopefully moving out after our daughters exams here in england, with the australian system running about a year behind us does this mean when we move out will our daughter have to go back into school out there even though she would have done all her exams here. thanks for any info
  14. Guest

    Hairdressers Moving To Wa

    :huh:Hi i have been reading the thread in title in WA. that hairdressers have to sit a test before being able to work in WA no matter how long you have been a hairdresser in the UK. my question is do you still have to sit the test if you have passed a AQF III here in the UK Any help would be a great help thanks jim and katie:v_SPIN:
  15. Guest

    teenager exams uk or oz

    Hi our daughter is about to start her final year in secondary school here in the uk in sept, and we are hoping to get our visas around easter time next year. She will be ready to sit her exams so not sure to stay here till the summer for her education or to go over to oz and let her sit them there as she would have to stay at school till Nov in oz. If she picked up her education in oz around easter time im not sure how her exams would work in oz as its probably a different education program. She thinks she want to be a hairdresser on leaving school so do anyone know what age they start college in oz for this. thanks yvonne
  16. Guest

    mcse practice exams

    i want to study for mcse 2003 exams . was wondering around the internet looking for some practice tests and found out hotcerts.com special offer of $85 for all exams . how good are these to prepare for my exams . will look forward to your replies
  17. Hello, I thought I'd let you know that according to Vetassess (Tradeassess) most of the spots for the July practical tests in the UK are just about filled in! So if you wanted to get your paper applications in for the July practical exams, you should hurry! The 2nd of June was the deadline to get paper applications/payments in but this has been extended for some trades until June 16! The cut off date for receipt of payments for the October practical exams (in late October) is 8 September! Cheers
  18. Please read Peter's November 8th post before this if you are an Electrician. Hello My husband did the exam yesterday( Electrical Fitter), I,ve been nipping his head asking him what all happened and here is a post I sent to gobbyjock who was a great help and hopefully this will also help redback when he gets here. Yes thanks, the info was all good, there were 6 jobs,you could choose the order, he chose the direct online first with 2 stop start stations with the motor connected in delta-no drawings,so you have to be capable of doing drawings, then you have to reverse the direction He then tested 2 appliances- 2 irons, writing down all the testing you do.One was fine the other was stuffed,he checked the plugs for polarity because one was wrong. Wire up a capacitor start single phase motor with centrifugal switch, before you start, test all components as nothing is marked, such as centrifugal switch which will give you a zero reading on ohm's scale. The capacitor will give you an infinite reading on ohm's scale. Your starting winding will have a higher resistance than your running winding. When finished, reverse direction of motor. Next, identify and label the primary and secondary windings of a 3 phase transformer, then connect in star delta, then take voltage readings of primary side and secondary side. Test 3 armatures for short circuit, open circuit and earth fault with a growler and write a report as to whether each is acceptable to use. Last, connect up a fluorescent fitting with two 18 watt fluorescent tubes and one 36 watt choke,connect them up in series and you MUST do an electrical schematic drawing of the circuit. The theory took him by surprise, with questions on safety, transformers, fuses, one regulation question, it seems that there are a number of different thoery questionaires so it is pot luck what you get. 6 guys turned up, some to do the Electrical Mechanic practical, 4 poms,one Aussie and Mark. Two guys took one look at the jobs and , walked out, 2 did the installation jobs but couldn't do the direct on line or single phase motors. Mark managed to finish his jobs and the other guy was on his last job when Mark left. Don't be fooled by the four hours, it goes very quickly. Also the guy in the practical room does not assess you, he makes notes on a checklist which are sent to DOCEP who then will notify you of your result, if you do the Elec/Mech he will take photo's of your completed installation work to send to DOCEP. Don't worry if you don't get the job right first time, the guy will check and tell you if it will work or not and you can try again. Don't forget danger tags and call the assessor after finishing the job but before testing as he will switch on the power, if he tells you to switch on and something blows it's his fault, if you do it before you call him and something blows you will fail. Four of the 6 jobs are mandatory i.e. you must pass them, but as you get to pick the order you don't know which. Don't worry too much about the standards as long as you can read the index you can find what you need, I think that is more for the Elec/Mechs. The selection of cables book didn't really help but is handy for future reference. Mark's words of advice are " take your time, don't panic,and you will be fine" We will wait for results now. Andrea L
  19. Guest

    school and exams

    Hi,can anyone tell me if its worth me putting my qualifications down on our visa application,as I have lost them,it was over twenty years ago and I only got a couple of o,levels I think???!!!!!My husband is the main applicant and is the one with the skills to get us to Oz.Any advice please.
  20. Guest


    Hey i was just wondering what exams you have to take in australia? i have just taken my GCSE's in the uk and am hoping to go to college here to do my A-Levels. .so what are the exams called over there and at what ages do you have to take them? thanx sofala
  21. Guest

    Are there exams or tests??

    Hello all! Some help if you would. How much proof other than what I write on the applications do the migration department need. Are there tests or exams to be gone through. I'm hoping to get in on an independant skills visa and can talk all day about what I've done and where I've done it but can't believe that this is all that's needed. I'm a telecomms engineer. Help!? Dave