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Found 8 results

  1. After not seeing us for so long, our son is very keen for us to go out and join him and his family. Does anyone know how long it takes in Perth WA for the first 804 medical please? We have two properties in the UK to sort out and a lot to think about but have a flight booked for mid March. Also, can anyone advise on a good immigration agent in Perth please, who can advise on the 804 visa?
  2. Toonraider

    Best uk agent to use

    Hi, anyone use haskew law or GoMatilda for visa application.. I understand my wife could go for 489 visa in NSW as a registered nurse (community health), it’s like a mine filed trying to find trusted and good agent.. any advice of someone who has done similar would be much appreciated, thanks in advance
  3. I had done Bacholers in Electrical Engg. Then I came to Australia, and now just completing my 1st one year M.Engg (Electrical Engg.) degree from University of Western Sydney (Australia). Now according to immigration rules, I have to do one more 1 year degree to complete 92 weeks of study, to be eligible to apply for Permanent Residency in future. Now I am confused, that Can I do MBA as my 2nd degree to complete 92 weeks of study? Or should I have to complete 2nd degree relating to my 1st M.Engg degree? As I am confirmed that I can apply for Engineering Management degree or any other Masters in Engineering degree which will lead me further for PR, but the fee of these degrees are too high. So i want to apply for any degree with normal fee, like MBA. But not confirmed that in which course should I apply further. Please help me. And I someone gone from same situation, please let me know. Thank You.
  4. Hi all, I'm new to this forum and the girlfriend and I are looking to emigrate with a 190 visa. We are currently looking into going it solo without an agent but want to try and find out how much time we would need to dedicate to researching and completing the documentation. Does anyone have experience of going without an agent?? We have spoke to a few agents who have said our circumstances are very straightforward which makes us believe we can do it alone. Our main concern is the time taken to complete the application ourselves against paying an agent to do it and whether the time saving outweighs the cost. We both work in the pharamceutical industry and therefore dont think we'll have any issues dealing with documentation or regulatory bodies as we do this day to day. Thanks
  5. Hi, I was on Student Visa 572 my visa was refused and also my MRT refused as well. Now I lodge an application to Minister and currently i am holding Bridging Visa E. Graphic Designing is my field and i found an employer who is will to giving me a work and also can Sponsor me. My question is can i apply for Sponsorship while I am holding Bridging Visa E. I did collect some information about apply Visa and i come up with "Bridging Visa E Holder can send an request application to Minister says I do have a employee who is willing to sponsor me please grant me permission to lodge a sponsorship application etc, and Minister possibly will grant the permission ". Is that right? Thank You
  6. Hi, Can anyone suggest a reliable & experienced Australian Immigration agent in Lahore Pakistan? Do anyone know about the repute of Hafiz Mohammad Kamran, Barkat Market, Garden Town? He is registered and listed on MARA website. I have also heard about Zarnab Int. Pvt. Ltd., Shaukat Ali Rd, Faisal Town. Can some inform me about their repute? I would really appreciate your fair guidance. Best regards ​Murtaza
  7. Steve Elliott

    Immigration/Visa Questions

    I'm originally from the Uk and have been here in Brisbane for 20 yrs now - and still loving it. Over the past few years my wife has helped several hundred British families start a new life in QLD through her boutique Immigration business. From the many posts I have seen on this site there appears to be a lot of confusion and frustration with the Oz Immigration laws and processes. There also appears to be a lot of well intended but questionable advice from people trying to help their fellow Brits. I just wonder if there would be many people reading this post who would be interested in having their Visa and Immigration questions answered by someone who does it for a living. Maybe a seminar and Q&A session somewhere here in Brisbane - maybe even with some nibbles thrown in This is a genuine offer to help as I know what a change a move to Oz can make to people's lives. - It did to me. I have also witnessed many phone calls to the UK advising visas and job offers have come through - The resulting laughter and excitement at the end of the line makes it all so worthwhile. I would be very interested in hearing anyone's feedback. eg If you think it would be of interest, best location, time etc. Then we could take it from there Cheers
  8. Guest

    Beware of migration company

    Unfortunately I am having to resort to providing a warning if you are thinking of using the services of a particular agent. PLEASE PM me for name as can't post it. I researched this agent and nothing terribly negative appeared, just a guess that she was probably not licensed herself but that a few of her clients had been happy with her services. We worked with her to put together my skills assessment for Vetasses which was meant to be posted off last November. Since this date she has led me down a path of deceit. We have been in constant communication via email, skype (we spent 6 months in South America) and phone in which she had continued her story that all is well and that everything was on track for us to be there in November 2012. I gave her every opportunity to tell us that this would not happen. In June when we were deciding whether we should stay in South America or return to the UK before our departure to Australia she didn't feel that it was important to tell us that actually our Vetasses application had NEVER been sent off. We arrived back in the UK in July only to contact Vetasses directly and conclude that they had never received it or been paid for it. I cannot put into words the turmoil that this has put our life in. We have 2 young children age 3 and 5, the elder who was meant to be starting school in Adelaide. We had sold ALL of our belongings. We now cannot apply due to changes made on 1st July. If you are using her or are thinking about it please be extremely wary. Yes, she appears to know her stuff but something is seriously wrong with her business. You hear about stories like this happening but never think that you will be the ones, well it happens.