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  1. GeoffreySYD

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Thanks, just thought I'd share my timeline for everyone's info
  2. GeoffreySYD

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    186 direct entry stream Nomination + DRC visa application lodged: 12 Nov 13 Approved: 21 Feb 14 Perth office
  3. GeoffreySYD

    Can 457visa lead to permanent

    Thanks for your answers Westly Just regarding the skills assessment: do the skills assessment authority and DIAC really take the past occupation codes into account to assess the number of years of experience, or rather the actual job description and performed tasks? Cheers
  4. GeoffreySYD

    Can 457visa lead to permanent

    I worked for a number of years overseas on duties that match a certain occupation code (261313) The duties of my current 457 occupation code (261112) don't match my actual job description. Despite this 457 occupation code, my job is the same as my previous overseas experience. (261313) In my skills assessment, and in the points test if I don't go through the ENS, does it mean that I can't include my Aussie experience, since my 457 occupation code only has the first 3 digits in common? Is the skills assessment based on the occupation code or on the actual job description and performed tasks? I'd like to go through the ENS Direct Entry stream, or in the worst case Skilled Independent, and I'm not sure how I can include this local experience. Thanks!
  5. GeoffreySYD

    Points test, the Chicken or the Egg

    Same question here... ?
  6. GeoffreySYD

    Change of employers on a 457. Eligible for a 186?

    Thanks Joebloggs, had I known I would have stayed in the first company...:no: Indeed Rupert there is still the option of the direct entry stream with the skills assessment and 6 at the IELTS instead of 5...
  7. Hi, In the past for the ENS 856 visa, one of the eligibility criteria was 2 years on the nominated occupation and 1 year with the current employer. With the new 186 visa, I see 2 years with the current employer but there's no mention of the situation where you change employers on your 457 visa. Do you think that this case is still covered? Thanks
  8. GeoffreySYD

    Order of document submission for ENS 121.

    I'm interested in the answer too.
  9. GeoffreySYD

    856 Visa Issue/Question

    As soon as you get your 856 granted, you're officially an Australian permanent resident whatever happens to your job
  10. Hi, I'm gathering my details to get assessed by the ACS, and I don't understand the difference between Group A and Group B. What does it change in the end? Thanks
  11. GeoffreySYD

    Can i get another working holiday visa!?

    Yep, no second WHV unless you've done the 3 months regional work...
  12. GeoffreySYD

    On a 457, Where next ?

    Oh ok I didn't know that, thanks for the info
  13. GeoffreySYD

    On a 457, Where next ?

    Where have you read that the LAFHA is going to disappear? Your only ways to get PR is either a visa 856 (sponsored by an employer) or a 175/176 (independant).
  14. I would have thought that the ATO would have been worried by that, interesting. I guess that as long as you don't have to deal with the immigration at the airport you'd be fine, so it means that you'd have to stay there until you get PR or you want to leave the country for good.
  15. GeoffreySYD

    Threatened 457 visa!

    That's right, if there's nothing in his contract regarding this, the boss can shove the $$$ up his a$$