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  1. Bod

    Liverpool FC tour,Australia 2015

    Melbourne very impressed.
  2. Bod

    How long did it take you to settle back in the UK?

    Hello Quoll Im sure you would not remember me but I was on years ago. Then coming back to the UK was jus a dream for you. Have I got this right are you back hear for good? John
  3. Bod

    Have I any Options

    I have Sub Class 136 Visa On my Visa it states that I must not arrive later than 14 Dec 2011. I arrived may 2007.
  4. Bod

    Have I any Options

    Thank you both for getting back. We were there for just over a year. Is that long enough do you think I will try the Immi website.
  5. Bod

    Have I any Options

    Hello All Long time since I was last on hear. I returned home to the UK in 2009 with out getting Citizenship. My visa Expired Dec 2011. Question is: Have I got a route back. If so what do I have to do I now have two Beutiful little girls who where not with us before. I think I know the answer. John
  6. If your coming back to uk for good and your Washing machine is good and new it will be cheaper to ship it that buy new hear. Wont take up much of a container.
  7. If my Dad makes me a cuppa he only feels it half full as he says I never drink a whole cup. When I don't drink his cuppa its half empty. So I'm going to sit on the fence about this
  8. Forgot about them! went off in 2004 I believe and if memory serves me right back in the early 90's as well. Still wont happen again They have tea partys now they are far more relaxed than Riots.
  9. Father Christmas is alive and Kicking but he wont buy you the Title
  10. Bod

    London riots

    You cant buy anything but Burger King Kenny will try to Buy the Premiership This season.
  11. Australian police warned visitors to stay away from Bondi and other famous beaches in Sydney this weekend amid fears of another flare-up of race violence between gangs of white and Middle Eastern youths. The warning, unprecedented in a country in which the beach forms a central part of the national psyche, extended to two other cities in New South Wales. Bondi was declared a virtual no-go zone for the weekend, along with other popular beaches such as Maroubra, the home of a notorious surfer gang. "We have intelligence that people are intending to conduct themselves in a riotous manner armed with various weapons - baseball bats, poles and the like - and it is my intention to keep those communities safe," said Mark Goodwin, the assistant commissioner of New South Wales police. Racist text messages and e-mails have been circulating all week calling for "war" between the two sides. One circulating among Middle Eastern groups read: "Wake up, oh lions of Lebanon, we are the kings of the jungle." Tension between "Anglos" and "Lebs" has been brewing for years but this is the first time it has erupted into violence on such a large scale. Up to 1,500 police, triple the current number on the beat, will be on the streets today and 2,000 tomorrow. "There will be lock-down areas. There will be areas where alcohol cannot be consumed or purchased," Carl Scully, the police minister, said. "There will be roadblocks and cars confiscated and people arrested. It will be zero tolerance. We will not put up with any nonsense." Police said a command centre had been established on the same lines as if Sydney faced a "terrorist threat". Lebanese community leaders have held peace talks with surfers, with both calling for an end to the violence. Celebrities including the actors Cate Blanchett and Bryan Brown have called for tolerance. Speaking on a Sydney beach, Miss Blanchett said: "Violence and racism are bad. Whenever they occur they are to be condemned. We should not turn a blind eye to them." Australia's tabloid press and phone-in radio stations have been acc
  12. Martin Lehmann - 13 December 2005 The anti-Australian, left-wing mainstream media are having a field day blackening Australia's reputation following the Cronulla riots. Tension had been building for months as gangs of Lebanese swarmed on to Sydney's Cronulla beach, jostling elderly patrons, abusing Australian families and threatening to "rape Aussie sluts" for wearing bikinis. They did not come to enjoy the beach in the Australian tradition. They came to flout their disrespect for Australian culture and for Australian law and order. Matters came to a head the previous weekend when two young Australian lifesavers were bashed by a Lebanese gang. Following a series of text messages, 5,000 Australians turned up last Sunday at Cronulla determined to "reclaim the beach". Unfortunately, the combination of alcohol, hot sun and a group of neo-nazi infiltrators turned the demonstration into a raging mob. There were disturbing scenes of mob violence and attacks on police and ambulance officers. Meanwhile the Lebs were planning a speedy retaliation. After dark, more than 40 carloads of Lebanese thugs descended on nearby Maroubra and indulged in an orgy of smashing car windscreens, jumping on car roofs, smashing shop windows and beating up anyone of Anglo appearance. One man was stabbed in the back in a cowardly attack. How did the print media portray it? All the emphasis was on the "racist" attacks by Australians. Very little mention of the Lebanese thuggery. I trawled through the websites of the mainstream media next day, including The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Daily Telegraph and the Herald Sun. There were dozens of pictures of the Cronulla riots but not one picture of any of the dozens of car and shopfronts trashed by the Lebanese gangs. There were no pictures of the Leb gang members, not even a picture of the man who was rushed off to hospital with a Leb knife protruding from his back. The mainstream media, particularly the print media, are an absolute disgrace. The journalists portrayed the Cronulla riots as "racist" attacks but the lebs orgy of destructions is dubbed a "retaliation" attack. The Leb problem has been simmering for years, but the journos have applied a Maxwell Smart cone of silence. People like ex-NSW detective Tim Priest have been warning of the dangers of Lebanese criminal gangs for years. Last night the detestable Ellen Fanning interviewed Prime Minister John Howard on Nine's A Current Affair. In an incredibly biased piece of journalism Fanning desperately tried to get Howard to say that the Cronulla riots were racist and indicative of racism in Australia. Howard, to his credit was having none of it. Even the electronic media refer to Cronulla as "race riots" and the Lebs violence as "ethnic violence". If the media had done their job they would have exposed the looming problem with Lebanese lack of respect for law and order months or even years ago and perhaps avoided Sunday's confrontation. It is no wonder that journalists are so despised.
  13. Not on thwe scale of London admitingly. Cronnela Bondi. The Leboneese kick up a stink every now and then. The Sudanese have been kicking off hear and there, It happens.
  14. Never been no riots in Sydney has there ....................................????????????????????
  15. Thats the diffrence from now and then. Steven Lawence got his commupence because he robbed a little old Lady. Unfortunatly for him it was the wrong little old Lady. And the local Gansters sorted him out. In todays Britain he got made out to be a saint when he really was not.