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    Hello wife
  2. Gridstar

    Cathay flights to Australia - from £749

    Not a bad airline considering they are one of the cheapest. Been to Australia twice with them and was more than happy both times. Although last time we went via Dubai with Emerites which we found far better. We will be on a budget next time as it will be one way, so more than likely fly with Cathay.
  3. Hi, welcome to the forum. We too are moving with our three children towards the end of 2014. We are looking in Canning Vale area where we have some friends.
  4. Gridstar

    The 'sugar rush' myth

    I remember watching a programe by 'Super Nanny' once where they did some tests with a group of 20+ kids, half with a sugar diet etc and half without. It was proved 'on' that program that it was only in the parents minds that the kids played up more etc and in fact they didn't.
  5. Gridstar

    Fish keeping

    I have a nice Marine tank, although will be going soon as I don't fancy shipping it to Perth.... Best thing to keep them clean other than water changes is an external filter system
  6. Gridstar

    TFN Online

    Tis OK, just clicked on the 'Apply' And the next page answered my question.... No
  7. Gridstar

    TFN Online

    Just sorting out a few bits before our move to Perth later this year and thought i'd take a look at the Tax File Number stuff. It shows you can apply online with a valid visa etc. Does this mean I can actually do it online now, although still in the UK or should I just wait until we fly out? Any help would me greatly appreciated. Dan
  8. Gridstar

    Is WDU your guilty pleasure too?

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006s5v8/broadcasts/2014/01 For those who didn't know. We also watch all the programs listed too... Bring on 2014
  9. I know i'm going to get slated now as people think all we want to do is move to Australia and claim benefits, which we certainly do not. We had our visa's granted back in September 2011 and have been out to activate it in June 2012 - Hoping to move out in August - October 2014. So we have a few questions. 1) I know we are not allowed to claim benefits for the first two years, I take it this is from the date we arrive? not the date it was granted. (EDIT - it is Two Years from Entry with a residential address) 2) Does the Aus equivalent of child benefit also included in that? 3) I did read on a a thread that someone on the same visa was allowed medicare? At the moment, we know I will be working full time, but we are not sure if we can both work full time due to child care costs, which we assume we will not be entitled to help with. We have spent ages looking and can't find the right links etc to find out. Also, moving to Perth if that has any variation on things. Thank you for your help in advance! Dan
  10. Gridstar

    Taking children - Permission from ex help!

    We had the same problem. In the end we managed to get a Private Investigator to find his address, I then had to find him and ask him nicely if he would allow me and my wife to take 'their' children to Australia. After several letters etc he agreed to sign a letter to say we could. But we had to sign to say we would not chase him for any maintenance he had never paid and would never ask for any again. (Thinks a lot of his children) It took about 6 months but was worth it. Good luck
  11. Gridstar

    Clearing Debts

    Thanks, I have a spreed sheet with all the workings on for costs of living etc for 4 months so some serious savings to be done once I sell. I will see what Financial Advisers are in my area
  12. Gridstar

    Clearing Debts

    Hi all, its been a while since I've been on here and sadly we still haven't moved to Perth. Our visas run out in just under three years now as we have already waited two years. We activated it last June (Last year). Short version is we own a garage which was under offer for almost a year and they he decided to pull out after 9 months. During that time I stupidly didn't want to waste money pushing the garage forward as he was going to be sold with weeks.... Well as you can tell, it wasn't and i'm now pushing like hell. We currently have a bank account set up in Aus with apx $5k in but are trying to sell our garage in the UK for £35k, which would clear all our loans and credit cards and hopefully have some left over to put towards moving to Aus. I do not and will not leave the UK owing money (Before people think I would) as I want to start fresh with no debt. We wont come back to the UK, but how many people say that and do? so, should we come back, I dont want to be watching my back. I'd rather sleep well at night! Anyway, so, in the event that the Garage doesn't sell and I have to wind it up. What options are there for either getting a repayment type company to consolidate the loans in to one and pay from Aus, or telling the Credit Card Companies and paying from Aus, or last minute asking for a reduced rate to pay it off? I have read a few threads on here from a few years ago, but nothing much that helped with this particular issue. I hope that all made sense!
  13. DOH, I blame the wine. I will leave you to it. lol
  14. Hi, we are staying in Rockingham next month for a week while we wait for our business to sell before we move over. We have quite a lot similar, we have a one year old son, im 30 in a few weeks and my missus is 36. Be nice to meet you while there.
  15. Gridstar

    What have I forgot?

    Hi all, Been a while since ive posted. I think the last post was saying we waiting for the application to go through before our medicals. Well we did the Medicals on the Tuesday and was granted the following Monday. Only thin left to do in the UK is sell my business as we are renting our house. The garage has an offer on it, so fingers crossed it all goes through. We are flying out to Perth on the 31st (Via Dubai for a day, don't ask) on a planning trip. We have been a few times before and have set up a bank account already, just need to show our ID. While we are there, for only 8 days we are going to; Look at schools (But no idea how you do this?) Look at renting a house Look at buying a car What else do we need to do? If the garage sale goes through, we could be out in January, which is when we want to go for the schools etc. Thanks! Dan