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    7 weeks in..

    Hi Laura, My partner has an aunt who lives NOR in Butler so we knew this was where we wanted to settle. We went into school explained our situation (we stayed at theres for the 2 weeks we first arrived) that we knew this is where we wanted to settle etc and all was fine. Good luck!! Thanks everyone else!!
  2. mel25

    7 weeks in..

    So we (my partner, I and 2 children) arrived in Perth 7 weeks ago and it has flown!! Flew from Manchester via Singapore with Singapore Airlines. We can't fault them! However the second flight (Singapore to Perth) was awful for us. This was due to the fact the youngest gets travel sick and I think because we couldn't get them to settle for a sleep on the first flight they were exhausted by the time we reached Singapore! So the second flight we spent the whole 5 hours with 2 sick children and couldn't wait to land!! Landed on a wednesday, jetlag and getting used to the time difference sorted by the Friday and by Friday afternoon kids were all sorted to start school on the monday (people may think this was too soon but as kids were over jetlag we thought it was best for them to start the first day of term to help with making friends and settle in etc) Kids are loving it and only a week into our stay were adamant Australia is where they want to be (We know after the 'honeymoon' period it could change) Making plenty of friends First week we got bank cards, medicare, driving licenses and after 2 weeks here we were in our first rental, partner had a job and had a car! We're loving having the beach less than a 5 minute drive. Twice whilst we've been there we've seen a seal literally less than 3 metres away! Amazing!! Been to Hillarys, yanchep national park, Moore river with plenty of places left to see but there's no rush.. Life is good and it seems years since we started the process and getting the grant! Thank goodness for Skype but so far so good. We are embracing aussie life everyday and at the moment it's awesome! We know it cant possibly be all rose tinted glasses ... but what we've experienced so far we are happy!! Good luck to all those in the process it is definitely worth it!
  3. mel25

    Home tutor Perth NOR

    Morning all, hoping someone could give me a little bit of advice? We moved to Perth end of January this year and have a son who is in year 6. In the UK he was working above grades (takes after his dad there I think lol) and since starting school he has been finding it extremely easy to the point he is getting bored. His teacher is having to sit down with another teacher to put a plan together for him. Does anyone know where we can either get access to some work which we can do with him outside of school or know of a home tutor who may be helpful to us? Would just like to add we are definitely not pushy parents! We just want to see him challenged how he was in the uk to help him reach his full potential. We won't be making him sit down each night after school to keep working! :tongue: Any help will be appreciated!
  4. mel25

    Flying out to Perth January 2016!!

    Excitement for us which I am sure will turn into nerves when we move in with the in laws for the last few weeks.. We leave Manchester at 08.45 on the 26th, quick stop off at Munich then onto Singapore. Nice to hear from someone who will be heading out and going through the same emotions as us! Good luck and maybe meet you on the plane! haha
  5. mel25

    Flying out to Perth January 2016!!

    From here we're thinking around Butler due to having family there but will wait till we get there before we decide will be dependant on work etc. Partner is electrician. Kids getting excited!
  6. We still cannot believe we have our visas granted and flights booked!! 15 weeks 6 days we'll be in Perth!:jiggy: Time is going to fly... So much to do : shipping off what we're taking (in November), leaving parties for the children and their friends, last Christmas in the UK with plenty of family to visit! Anyone else flying out to Perth on 26th January? (with Singapore airlines) We're having 2 nights in a hotel in Perth together before heading North to Butler to spend a couple of weeks with family there whilst we get sorted!
  7. mel25

    190 Visa - July 2015 applications

    Morning cengland! Isn't it great waking up to that email?? Massive congratulations and good luck with your move to Melbourne!!x
  8. mel25

    190 Visa - July 2015 applications

    Hi Supercow, yes 'requested docs' are for instance : for our children we had to upload passport/birth certificate and medicals. for myself passport, birth certificate, medicals, evidence of relationship (we used sons birth certificate) and we uploaded form 1221. Was never asked for form 80. My partner (as going on his visa) he had to upload what we did plus the IELTS, evidence of employment history, qualifications and skills assessment
  9. mel25

    Migration agent or not?

    Everyone has their own opinions, we did our 190 visa application on our own. Take you time, double check forms and check again before you send them off.. we've had no problems! Good luck!
  10. mel25

    190 Visa - July 2015 applications

    Oh hopefully!! Fingers crossed! Hope to see you get the visa very soon!!!
  11. mel25

    190 Visa - July 2015 applications

    Yes we lodged on 29th May, uploaded all documents excluding medicals and police checks the following week. Heard off CO asking for medicals (done 4th august and uploaded 12th - delay on uploading mine from the hospital had to chase them up) and police checks (received 10th august) last week of august CO asked for little more info from my partner (going over with him as electrician) did that the next day. Then been waiting since then.. That was the worst wait ever! Thanks everyone.
  12. mel25

    190 Visa - July 2015 applications

    Morning, we woke up this morning to that all important golden email!!! Jumping for joy around the room at 6.15!! :jiggy: Good luck to all those still waiting!!! xx
  13. mel25

    189 Visa Lodged June 2015

    Congratulations Wayne!! Oh I can just imagine the relief!! we applied for 190 29th may, asked to do medicals and PCC. All done and uploaded last month, now still waiting for 'that' email...
  14. mel25


    We didn't have to declare anything like that when we did ours.. (I suffered with postnatal depression) just had to say about any hospital/surgery we have had... so don't say? p.s we didn't need to take any medicals records either?
  15. mel25

    189 Visa Lodged June 2015

    This waiting is the worst! We've applied for 190 29th may. Asked for police checks and medicals which were done and uploaded 2nd week of August.. Still waiting