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  1. no they are not recognized in wa you need to resit the tests
  2. sneeze100

    how long do you give Australia

    Hi we arrived here in may 2011 the first few weeks where the hardest starting a new job and waiting for all our stuff to arrive. TBH once i got all our stuff that was me sorted out and the wife took a month to settle in now we love it nice atmosphere apart from the south African neighbor over the fence which one day will feel the wraith of my boot. But Perth is a nice place to live nice beaches lots of stuff to do good public transport system. Drivers are something to be desired ie they are crap lol. So would i go back to the UK at this moment in time no but i enjoy living here the kids love living here we got a dog now lol and saving away for a deposit for a house. plus its a little different for me i can come and go as i please now as i got citizenship after 90 days of arriving which was handy.
  3. sneeze100

    So far so good

    Well we arrived in Perth on the 13th of May, at first I had some reservations about the move i had all sorts of feelings about have i done the right thing? will my kids suffer? The first few days were hard. Once we finally moved in to the property provided by work things seem to get better. The kids got in to the school where they are thriving, something which is a weight of me and the wife’s mind. As for work - I am pleased with my decision to move to this new work environment but it is hard to adjust to the way things are done. That been said I am enjoying it. Initially getting set up was hard it felt like everyone was trying to rip you off which I am sure you will understand once you get here. Just be careful I would give Telstra a wide berth and foxtel! I would not touch with a barge pole. It looks like sky, it’s the same company as sky, but it’s a far cry from what you’re used to back in the UK. So on to cars I took my car with me it arrived about 3 weeks after I arrived I used Iron chef who gave a good service. But be warned there are other hurdles to overcome once it gets here witch Iron Chef helped with thanks to you Kristian keep up the good work and I will get around to sending you the photo’s I promise just been really busy. Well that’s all I have for now.
  4. sneeze100

    The journey starts

    As of tommoz I am starting my trip to Perth and we are looking forward to it start tommoz with a stay over in Newcastle then a flight to London on Monday morning. The Monday will be spent at Australia house signing paperwork for my new job. The the hard bit starts on Tuesday with a flight to singers with a 2 day stop over then onwards to Perth.
  5. I used a diff insurance company for half the price but it's up to you if you can be bothered looking around I used bjm
  6. I just received all my paper work back ref the arrival of my stuff and by the luck of uck it all gets to Australia on the 16 th and we arrive on the 13 th will have to wait up to 2 weeks for sea freight and 7 days for the air freight but she said it shoul only take a few days for the lot so living with the inlays for a while seems to have paid of a wee bit.
  7. So my question is after looking around these are the 2 schools in the catchment area i was wondering if one is better that the other. a few advantage points for me is beach primary is only half a mile away as bungaree is 1 mile away any help would be gratefully received.
  8. sneeze100


    You want to go to your local gamestation and buy a second hand one for 70 quid where they look good as new and you save your self about 80 quid and buy your self some pre owned games and make a saving that's what i would do but hats just a suggestion further to this post i would not get a kinect just yet wait to your wee un is older as they walk past it and take control and you will all get annoyed with it and not play it lol thats from past experience from my little one
  9. sneeze100

    Starting to panic

    We fly out in mid may and you are right i have never filled in so much paper work in my life lol but i am sure it will be worth it we are going to be settling to start with in Rockingham so i hope they are ready for us lol.
  10. sneeze100

    Rockingham Beach Primary School

    We have just been offered a rental in Rockingham the nearest School is the one named above we are wondering if anyone knows if this school is any good or bad as the case may be. Also we are wondering what the area is like thanks for any help provided.
  11. sneeze100

    Oil and gas jobs?

    Not personlay but a guy I served with on the subs witch Is moving there soon as well he is a austrailian citizen but his dad is trying to get him a job offshore in Dubai he has contacts I can ask him for some numbers or email address and see why he gets back to me with I will also fire my brother a email and ask him if he has some contacts he works all over the world with ROV's. Right that's me away I will send some emails ands see what I get back.
  12. sneeze100

    Oil and gas jobs?

    If you have contacts in Aberdeen still you should contact them i have 2 brothers that work in the Oil and Gas industry and they have mentioned jobs in Australia to me before. Its who you know not what you know in the Oil and Gas industry. Also remember it dont have to be in Australia they will fly you to what ever destination you are need in.
  13. sneeze100

    Oil and gas jobs?

    lol :goofy:
  14. sneeze100

    Colonel Gaddafi

    I thought he had applied for a visa when i read the title
  15. sneeze100

    Oil and gas jobs?

    I did not realise they required sheep herders in the oil and gas industry