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Found 121 results

  1. Hi, I am looking forward to employ AIVES as my migration agent. The person who head the firm,also a MARA agent, named Rasheed Backer. Could anyone give me positive/negative about them. They have office in Oz,India and UAE. Any feedback will help me a lot. Cheers Mandhani
  2. Has anyone else heard this - as a friend of mine has an ENS 856 visa and went for a mortgage. She applied for 95 percent and got pre-approval but when it came down to it the insurance indemnity company (who are required if you dont have a 10 percent mortgage) refuses to acknowledge the status of the perm ens 856. They cannot provide the insurance - for permenant residency obtained on these visas - due to them being linked to the temp 457 visa - even though the government acknowledge they are permenant visas. Bottom line is on an ENS 856 visa - you will not get a mortgage unless you have 10 percent deposit (its out of the banks control). Can anyone substantiate this? My friend (who is a hairdresser - and speaks to many english expats) advises that she has heard the same problem reported by loads of people. Interesting/Worrying !!
  3. Guest

    how long do you give Australia

    before you decided to return home--is it the 2 year plan--or do you know after 1 week,or 10 years--also when do the alarm bells kick in that says its not for you,and what are the alarm bells that get you thinking like that--just how long did you give australia,and for people thinking of returning home whats making you have those thoughts
  4. I have just done a dummy run of the application for a 175 visa because, when we actually do apply, we will likely be away from home. I'm trying to make sure I know exactly what we need so we have any required documents with us. I thought that you have to provide a statement/evidence of how long you have been together with your partner, but nothing came up in the online application. Is this because we're married? Or is it something the case officer asks for later? Anything else we need to prepare apart from the following: IELTS test score Skills assessment Work history Medical checks Police checks ???
  5. Guest

    How long should we give it?

    Been living here for 6 months now and I think the homesickness has well and truly set in. I knew from day 1 of arriving it didnt feel right to be here, but it is such a big move I knew it would take time and I would have to go through the whole homesickness thing. The first couple of months are not too bad as you have so much to do it takes your mind off how you are feeling. It felt like a holiday at first, my husband was looking for a job, we could spend our time exploring and spending time with the kids, eventually though reality sets it. My husband started work and I have my children in childcare part time and struggled to find any work fitting in with their hours. Also to make matters worse my qualifications and experience were not recognised here as I worked in finance and I was told to work in my field here I would have to retrain and start from scratch. Knowing I had these obstacles I thought maybe I should try and take something positive from this, I cant find part time work, I would have to retrain in finance so why not do something different. I had always fancied teaching and the thought of doing something different perked me up and I applied and was accepted to do a teaching course here. I do desperately want to go home though and this seems to take over my day and I cant seem to focus on starting a course. I want to give it longer as we spent so much time and effort in applying to come here, also my husband seems to be enjoying it so far. I dont want to ruin his dream and go back too soon. Ideally I would like to see out my course but if I know now I am not happy, would it be unrealistic for me to think I could manage another 2 years?? I know I will return at some point so I would like to say I got something positive out of being here by completing my course, it is just if I can manage another 2 years! Has anyone returned after a few months only to end up regretting it? I dont want to be too hasty but I didnt imagine homesickness could be this bad!
  6. .....a warning. unbelievable eh!
  7. As my Agent seems to be very good at avoiding my question. Ok my Visa was ready to be lodged and passed my Vetesases carpentry 3yrs ago but didn't apply due to personal reasons. Now can someone in the know tell me where I would be now due to the changes in immigration that have happened recently I'm 39yrs OLd And I'm being told that: A: I now have to have a English lang test, is this correct, I'm British and was born in the UK (British passport) B: even though my Vetesses passed certificate seems to still be valid the agent is saying that DIAC are deciding on whether previous work experience is valid or not. He is awaiting on this decision from DIAC, can someone shed some light on this and have we any ideas on how long this will take? I'm 40 in 5months time and my points all change. Any ideas please?
  8. My hubby has an interview with the recruitment agency in a week and they said the visa will possibly take 6 weeks! I was wondering if the employers give you a date to be over by? Obviously will ask when we go but I have a house to pack up and 4 kids to take. I'd love to hear anyones experiance whos gone over on 457 :smile: many thanks Libbysmummy
  9. UNIVERSITIES will be allowed to entice foreign students with quick visa approvals and the right to two years of work after graduation as part of a reform package to stem further losses of overseas student income. Immigration Minister Chris Bowen and Tertiary Education Minister Chris Evans said yesterday they would act on a remarkably frank report on Australia's education export industry by former NSW politician Michael Knight. By mid-next year, foreign students keen on an Australian university degree will have access to a new, fast-track visa system. Students from supposedly high-risk countries such as China will no longer have to show $75,000-plus in a bank account to prove they can cover fees and living costs. Instead, as with students from developed countries such as the US, they will be able to simply declare they can support themselves. Onerous financial requirements have been bitterly criticised as an overreaction to past failings when migration was the motor of education, especially in private colleges. The reforms come after the education export industry -- one of Australia's largest export industries -- complained of "a perfect storm" of rapid and unsettling changes in visa rules and skilled migration policy, the strong dollar, more competition for students overseas and lingering reputational damage done by attacks on Indian students. Australia's education export earnings fell by almost 10 per cent in 2010-11 from their $18 billion peak, as Indian students were driven away while the US and Canada made inroads on the China market. Sharp declines in numbers at English language colleges and tertiary preparation courses suggest universities are heading into tough trading conditions next year. University leaders yesterday welcomed the life raft thrown them by the government. University of NSW vice-chancellor Fred Hilmer said: "The reforms announced are more positive than anyone we spoke to expected (and) they come when competitors are kicking own goals -- riots in the UK and US funding cuts." Professor Hilmer, in New Delhi yesterday, said education agents had told him that a streamlined student visa system was "the key to restoring our competitive position". Under yesterday's Knight reforms, which single out universities for special treatment, foreign graduates emerging with a bachelor's degree will be entitled to two years' work without restriction on type of job. If they want to stay for good, they still have to satisfy stricter rules for skilled migration, which are much less generous to on-shore foreign students with low-value skills. Monash University researcher Bob Birrell said the labour market implications of the reforms had not been thought through. Locals already were competing with thousands of former overseas students who were on bridging visas following a reform of the skilled migration rules, he said. ACTU president Ged Kearney said the labour market impact of any new student visa program would have to be closely monitored and steps had to be taken to ensure it did not lead to an erosion of working conditions. "Unions want to encourage Australian universities to be competitive, however, we are cautious about the potential impact on the local job market these changes may lead to," Ms Kearney said. "It is essential that any overseas student or work visa program must recognise and protect the rights of temporary migrants and their families, and not be used to undercut wages and working conditions in Australia." Also promised next year is a comprehensive review of the so-called risk assessment levels that immigration officials use to vet would-be students. This system makes it harder for students from China and India, for example, to get visas. "Unfortunately the worst perceptions about visa processing times are in Australia's biggest market, China," Mr Knight said. He recommended a new work rights regime for foreign students who graduate from an Australian university, and said this had to be "administratively very simple". "The scheme must be one which can be marketed by the universities to prospective students as almost guaranteeing post-study work rights," he said. Glenn Withers, chief executive of Universities Australia, said the work entitlement was "one of the biggest breakthroughs". "This (work right) is as good or better than the Canadian or the US provisions," he said. But Monash University researcher Bob Birrell said the labour market implications had not been thought through. Locals already were competing with thousands of former overseas students who were on bridging visas following a reform of the skilled migration rules. University of Sydney third-year international relations student Yun Liu thought about switching to the US during her six-month wait for an Australian student visa. "I kind of wanted to change my mind, but I'm pretty patient," she said. As a Chinese applicant planning to package foundation studies with a degree, she was subject to a level-4 risk assessment -- the highest currently applied. "It takes longer (than in) other countries, say Singapore or Japan," said the 21-year-old from Tianjin, near Beijing. The Australian visa application process involved depositing a large sum in a bank account to prove Ms Liu could afford to live and study in Australia. "I can't remember [how much]," she said. Mr Knight justified special measures to boost overseas student recruitment by universities, rather than by TAFEs or private colleges, on the basis universities were of "universally high" quality. He cited the "huge financial stake" of taxpayers in a university sector that had become heavily dependent on fees paid by foreign students.
  10. Dick Smith is at it again regarding this issue. What do you think? I just don't think peole can be harrassed into donating large sums of money to charities etc - you are that kind of person or you aren't. If I had gazillions I would give a lot of it away, as I feel there is only a certain amount of money that you can spend in the long run, the rest you can't take with you up the heavenly staircase now can you? http://finance.ninemsn.com.au/newsbusiness/8296797/dick-smith-to-name-and-shame-stingy-rich
  11. We are here on a 457 and I want to start proceedings for an independent PR visa asap. This is because of the timescales involved.... if we have to wait for OH's company to do it as sponsored we have to wait 2 years, but the timescale for PR can be anything from 8 to 15 months!! which would leave me not sleeping at night and deadline for going back getting nearer. My second reason for wanting PR is that as a 457 spouse visa holder I am being refused a lot of applications for jobs.... I think they think it is not worth taking on someone who is only temporary? As we have been informed that with myself as principal applicant we have a good chance of making PR, I would like to press on and get it lodged. Heard lots of nightmares of migration agents and so was looking for some solid advice and names of trustworthy companies I may approach in the Sydney area. Please PM me if you feel more comfortable. Many thanks Naomi xxx
  12. Hi all, We are due to come out mid september my husband will be working in henderson, and i have looked into rentals in rockingham,baldivis,wellard and hillman. I have 2 children son 14 and daughter 7, I would like opinions on the schools in these areas, i am drawn to rockingham high school ONLY because it has the specialist engineering course which my son would excell in and is what he wants a trade in. I have looked at rockingham beach primary for my daughter anyone have children there or an opinion i would like to know the good the bad and the ugly on both :wacko:. many thanks tracy
  13. As the title says will a move to oz give me equal or better lifestyle to UK (Scotland)? My Current situation in the UK is as follows:- Myself and my partner earn approx £60K in the UK (Approx 94,000 Aus D) We have a 6 year old child, who is watched by my parents, so no child minding fees We have a 3 bedroom flat in the UK, but realistically if we sold now we would probably only cover the mortgage We have a 1 year old car, that if we sold we would prob make a loss on this, and have combined debts that cost us in the region of £300-400 per month (i.e. loans/credit cards) I have probably painted a rather bleak picture above, however we have to be realistic!!! I have the prospect of a job in Perth city center area with sponsored visa, job salary is from 70,000 - 100,000 AUS D (i wouldnt accept anything less than 80,000 AUS D). the package includes relocation costs (i.e. one way flight for the family, 1 months furnished accommodation, and 1 months car rental, and removal costs for our furniture etc) My partner works for a well known supermarket/food store as the store manager and earns approx £30,000 (i.e. half of our combined income in the UK). How easy would it be for her to get a similar job in OZ, and what are the salaries like for this type of work? As wee have a small child, if we both worked full time, we would require child minding, what are the average costs of this? If this costs alot, she may just look to work part time (i.e. 16/20 hrs a week) what is the average wage for this type of work Any advise would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance:biggrin:
  14. Australian woman finds live rat in a loaf of bread An Australian woman said Thursday she was horrified after finding a live rat nestled inside a loaf of bread she bought at a supermarket Brisbane: An Australian woman said Thursday she was horrified after finding a live rat nestled inside a loaf of bread she bought at a supermarket. The woman, who had been shopping in Aitkenvale, in Queensland's tropical north, noticed there were holes in the sliced bread as she was packing her bags into the car. "I said to my friend, 'this bread's got a hole in it, it looks like a rat's eaten into it'," the woman, who asked not to be identified, told the Australian Associated Press. When she lifted the bag out she found a live rodent had chewed through the packaging and was lurking inside. "The thought of a live rat in my loaf of bread and so close to me was pretty gruesome," she said. "I didn't want to vomit, I just wanted to throw it away, I got all squeamish." Pictures in the Townsville Bulletin newspaper showed the rat inside the loaf's plastic packaging. The woman took the bread back to the supermarket after the discovery Sunday but they were reluctant to take responsibility, she told the newspaper. "It came from their shop but they are saying it was in the bread before it was delivered to the shop," she said. A spokesman for Coles supermarkets said the incident was "obviously concerning" but isolated and the company would investigate. Townsville City Council Environmental Health executive manager Gavin Hammond confirmed a complaint had been received. "While it's virtually impossible to ascertain where the rodent came from, the council takes public health very seriously and has carried out an inspection of the supermarket and the bakery," he told the Bulletin. "We are satisfied that they have complied with all health requirements." Sliced for me from now on me thinks lol
  15. Guest

    IT heads give me your $0.02

    I'm graduating soon after this semester, doing Business IT and gotta get my skill accessed as Business Analyst afterwards. I have an option to consider which one of the 2 units, but have no idea which is more relevant to Business Analyst. 1. Business Problem Analysis 300 SYLLABUS: Introduction to systems concepts, epistemological mode of 'systems' contrast with ontological mode, problems and issues in analysing user information needs, traditional and contemporary approaches to information systems requirements determination and modelling, the use of Soft Systems Methodology (SSM), and relevant frameworks in managing systems development and as they relate to the above. 2. Business Software Tools 200 SYLLABUS: Entry, manipulation and presentation of data using contemporary spreadsheet and database software. Spreadsheet modelling (including financial, statistical, forecasting and simulation). Basic database design concepts and skills: queries, reports, forms. Import and export of data.
  16. my wife and i are wondering if anyone can tell us any info about Kalgoorlie. i am waiting to speak to a company there (De Watering Services) about a possible job opportunity. Any info that you can share with us would be most appreciated. We have a two and a half year old son so would need good childcare and amenities. Cheers Lee and Lindsay:biggrin:
  17. I have heard of company incentives, but I think Ergo have taken it a little too far by giving it's top 100 salesmen an orgy.:swoon: A GERMAN insurance company rewarded its best salesmen by organising an orgy with prostitutes in a renowned Hungarian spa, the company said. About 100 top salesmen had been invited to the orgy, which featured numerous scantily clad hostesses and about 20 prostitutes, Ergo insurance spokesman Alexander Becker said. The event organised by one of its divisions in Budapest's art nouveau Gellert Baths represented a clear violation of the company's values, he stressed. "All measures have been taken to prevent a repeat of such an event," Mr Becker said. Those responsible for the June 2007 event - dubbed an "incentive trip" - have left the company, he added. Prostitution is legal in Hungary and Germany.
  18. So I have got a few quotes online, but is that what they go by or does somebody come out and measure up/furniture to move etc and give a final figure?
  19. Guest51810

    Starting to give up

    Hey, As most of you already know we are a young couple looking to make a move, my partner is a excavator operator. Been in touch this week with a visa company called Go Visas, theyve told us our only chance of moving over is for my boyfriend to go and do a qualification for draining which off the top of my head was nearly £2,000 plus we would need 5 years employment references, p60s and payslips as a drainer. Ive showed my boyfriend the email and hes says its just not possible to pay that much money for the qualification at the moment so back to square 1 for now. So our only other way is sponsorship! :eek: Think our plan is to save save save after our holiday and then see what happens from there, we can either review our options or just go for a mortgage for a house in the UK. I will get to Australia one day!! :biggrin:
  20. Dear Freinds I submitted form 80 and all other required docs. on 18 Jan 2011 and since this time my case is on internal\external checking and no updates from CO.Now for some reason i am going to shift to another house on rent which is near to my current residence.Ideally i should inform it to my CO but i am afraid it may further prolong my case and it might start security checks from scratch:huh:.Advise me regards OZguy
  21. Nearly three years ago we decided to see if it was possible to go to Australia. We contacted an agent who assured us that Carpet fitters were on the list and invited us to apply using skill path D. The other issue at the time was that we were long term foster carers of two sisters,who we love very much and were not going without them. We started the visa application gathering information for pathway D and at the same time started the process for adoption,which we were not guaranteed to get as it was fiercly contested by the birth family with whom the girls had very little contact. Our dreams seemed to be fading in October 2007 when we found out that pathway D had been suspended, we were then told that the birth mother was trying to overturn the care order in order to try to get the girls back ( the girls had only lived with her for 2 + 3 years and at this time they were 11 + 12 respectively) We were about to give up hope,we wished we had never started the whole thing,we had paid an agent £3500 and they seemed to be doing nothing. January 2008 saw some light as the birth mother had withdrew her application to overturn the care order as the independaant assesment of her deemed that she was unanble and incapable of caring for them. We then had the question of a visa,no pathway D and at the time seemingly no way of getting there. After sending a considerable amount of e-mails to various people in Adelaide,the gods must have been smiling on us as we were contacted by someone who was looking for someone with my skills. He agreed to sponsor us,we were overjoyed. With this we could now go back to court to show the judge that we had a clear way of entering Australia,he was still unsure about severing any ties with birth family and ordered the legal bods to investigate the possibilities of special guardianship orders. Some months later the news came back from Aus that special guardianship orders would not suffice as it would leave the childrens legal immigration status uncertain when they reached 18. He also pointed out that adoption under the childrens act 1989 could not be used as a device for another purpose . The decision had to be made as to what was in the childrens best interest,he ruled on the 17 th of December 2008 that it was in the best interest of the children to emmigrate and granted the adoption,,,,phew we were over the moon. Meanwhile,because we were certain that the order would be granted,we had the sponsorship in place etc,we decided to go for our medicals. We were absolutely devastated to find in March this year that my son had had his medical refused because he has been Diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome,which is on the autistic spectrum. We realised that we had made a classic mistake of not obtaining up to date reports before the meds were done,the panel doctor barely gave him a look and because he is no trouble to us we didnt even consider him being a problem to the Australian health authorities. Plus at the time of the meds we were totaly distracted by the adoption issues and didnt realise that his statement of special educational needs were out of date. We obtained letters from his school,the medical psychologist ,scout group,uncle Tom Cobley and every one we could.We sent them off to the medical bods in Aus,thinking we had half a chance,but hedging our bets by planning a new life in this county as we were not confident that we would have the visa accepted. Today we got our visa,it has been a trial to say the least,we never gave up and we urge others who are in any sort of predicament such as ours not to give up if it is what you want. What I have wrote here is a brief summary of events just to outline the hurdles we have overcome. I would like to offer Gill Palmer (Gollywobbler) a special thank you. She has been an absolute rock right through this,we have learned so much and without you Gill we would have been all at sea,you are a diamond!
  22. I have now been in Melbourne 3 months and can say i have experienced quite a lot in the short period of been here. After using this forum for over a year whilst waiting for my visa to be approved i would like to thank everyone on here and hopefully give some help and advice back to people arriving here soon. I have made the permanent move over here on my own at 38 years of age but have been fortunate enough to have some good friends over here that have been here 10 years plus. My own discoveries and their advice has gone a long way in to settling here twice as quick and not been homesick In a nutshell i have arranged a rental apartment in St Kilda so can advise on the proceses here and some tricks in getting ahead of the game in what is a fierce rental market. I have also imported a car from the UK and have all the details with regards taxes shipping costs and all the Vic Roads taxes and registration fees. I can also advise on what it is like to drive here in Melbourne - implications driving on UK license etc. Also can advise on Insurance and how to get no claims discount without any history. Another thing I can share is the cost of living, i'm afraid its not cheap so getting heads up on things before you arrive is always good. Areas of interest etc, at 38 I'd like to think i'm still young enough to know good places to socialise but also appreciate nice days out and as keen cyclist have ridden all the suburbs of greater melbourne and also driven all the coastal areas from both edges of the pininsular. I know that all these topics are been discussed on here already but thought it may be handy to get advice from someone fresh in to the country. If i can offer any advice please reply to this thread or PM me.
  23. Hi there, I'm a newby to this kind of thing and would be grateful for any help at all. I'm a 38 year old single Accountant currently in Bradford in England and have been awarded a 176 sponsored visa to live and work in Canberra. The only thing is I applied with my friend and her husband as we were going to come out together to share the bills etc. The only problem now is that circumstances have changed and I am faced with the dilema of having to come out on my own, which is scarey to say the least. I was wondering if anybody could give me the low down on everything to do with Canberra, such as living cost, transport costs. How easy or hard it is to get a job? I also need to know if I have to study towards CA/CPA to be able to get a job to the calibre of the one I have in England as I am ACCA qualified. Also I have noticed there are a lot of Government jobs advertised but it says you have to be an Australian Citizen to apply for it, obviously I'm not so would this leave me with a hard task of finding an accountancy job which isn't in the government sector. Any help will be gratefully accepted. Thanks. Charlotte
  24. Guest

    how long do you give it

    HI long time lurker first time poster, i was wondering what time piriod people were giving it b4 heading back? km
  25. hi ....we were told last month that our 175 visa will be granted once our new baby has the all clear when born in august. We lived in Sydney for four year until 2008, and we love it there but moving back for a 'better life' not an expensive life!! So wanting to either go to gold coast or sunshine coast. We went there when we were travellers but have kids now so priorties very different. We want to live near beach, in a beautiful, upbeat area (not hillbilly) and in commuting distance od brisbane for my partner whos a painter, but totally lost on where to go!!!! We want to get it right first time because we know we'll end up heading back to sydney where are friends are if we get it wrong!! can anyone help ???