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Found 982 results

  1. cg9456

    190 Victoria Timelines

    Hi all, I submitted my EOI and ROI for the 190 to Victoria on Friday. My occupation is "Secondary School Teacher" and I just wanted to get an idea on other's timelines for the process as well as sharing some of my own timeline too! Skills Assessment: Applied 21/03/23. Approved 20/04/23. PTE: sat and gained results 27/04/23. EOI (189 and 190) and ROI (Victoria) Submitted: Friday 28th April. Good luck everyone!
  2. Hi All Me and the Fam are looking at moving to Brisbane this year and as the Mrs is not 100% about the move she wants us to move over and stay in a furnished rental for a year before making the big descision to stay or go back. The thinking is that if we decide not to stay we have saved about £5000 in shipping costs. Has anyone got thoughts on the idea or know what price we would be looking at for a longtime furnished rental? Thanks in advance. Matt
  3. My boyfriend has permanent residency in Australia, I went out there with him for 9 months on a working holiday visa and have recently returned. I want to go back at some point for up to 12 months on the Long Stay Visitor Visa (600£ Will they grant it to me and can I apply for permanent visas once the visitor visa ends? Also are there any other visa that I could do this with?
  4. Hi We have been in Sydney for 8 weeks now and our ship docked yesterday, I wondered how long it took for the containers to arrive at the door??? I am desperate to have all our things around us, and my son needs to have all his toys etc....... We are really hoping to be in our house for Christmas as we are staying in a serviced apartments and its driving us mad!!!:goofy: would be great to hear of others experiances with this :biggrin:
  5. Why oh WHY did I have to think of The Osmonds? I'm so sharp! Now all I want to do is to rip all my clothes off and run through Sydney singing my song. The only bit that would get me arrested is the song too!
  6. Dear Friends I was assigned CO on 30th Nov 2010 after been category2 and she asked me for form 80 and other required docs then i submitted form 80 and all other required docs on Dec 28 2010 how i got no response from My CO yet can someone give a brief idea that how long will it take that CO asks for med or ask for next step?i m from HR country best regards OZGuy
  7. Hi does anyone have any experience on how long the ACS are taking to process a Skills Test ?? Mine was received by them on 9th Aug. No news yet. My allocated "person" has stopped communicating by email suddenly - just get an automated response. (ENS , 121) cheers, Richo.
  8. My wife and I are back in the UK after a six and a half month trip to Australia on a Visitors Visa. Main purpose of the trip was to vist our daughter who got married to a great Aussie guy in January of this year. Our first grandchild is due mid April and we are keen to return to Australia to provide some family support and child care particularly when our daughter returns to work near the end of this year. Provided we can get a 12 month Visitors Visa we intend to rent out our home in the UK, sell the car and fly out to Australia before the end of this year. We checked out about renting a house in Australia when we were there and anticipate no problems in getting a long term rental in a decent area. We are both in a good state of health and financially can meet the conditions for obtaining the Visa both being retired and in receipt of UK State and Occupational Pensions. Are we right in assuming that we can extend a Visitors Visa for at least another 12 months under the current Visa regulations? Appears that we may have to leave Australia for a few days to be granted the extension but that should not be a problem. We assume that Medicare would give us sufficient health care under reciprocal arrangements between the UK and Australian governments. We even had free Flu Vaccinations on our last trip! There seems to be little advantage in applying for permanent residence in Australia provided current regulations do not change and assuming we can get rolling renewals of Long Term Visitors Visas, given of course that our health remains good and we take care to be model citizens. We are struggling to work out how the UK Tax Authorities would view such an arrangement and if we are likely to have problems if we are classified as non-UK residents. We are seeking professional advice on that issue and are not intending to take any short cuts. We lived in New Zealand in the late 1960's early 1970's and both our daughters were born their and have dual UK/NZ nationality. We have no illusions about the emotional stress of a long term move overseas particularly since it will certainly initially mean leaving our other daughter in the UK. Comments/advice from anyone who has experience of the above issues would be much appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read this posting.
  9. Hi all,was just wanting to ask how long does the average working skilled visa 175 take??been told so many different time scales now and just want to be sure to plan ahead!!thanks.:wacko:
  10. Guest

    how long does a 457 visa take?

    Hi All me and my family are sponsered on a 457 visa and me and my wife are having our xrays done on the 21st and the kids are having medicals done on the 27th and they said that they will take three days to send, alls we wanted to know is how long will it take for the visas to come through becuase we are hoping to leave on the 2nd on january and was wondering if you think they would be here by then or are we being a bit otimistic?:skeptical: Its just so fustrating we really want to get things booked and organised but we have to wait lol so thingers crossed please everyone. Cheers Jonathan Emma Anya Neve :spinny: Visa 457 lodged 10th Oct 2008 Xrays for me and wife 21st 2008 Medicals for Anya & Neve 27th 2008 Migration Agent appointed for 175 visa 1st Aug 2008 TRA Lodged 6th Oct 2008
  11. Firstly apologies for not replying to messages the past 3months has been a whirlwind! So we are in Perth and are currently settling in to our 12month rental in Mindarie, north of the CBD. It has been a great few months and it has also been pretty tough too! Within the first week of being here i sumitted CV for jobs using seek.com.au and also got my tax file number which can be done online and is easy. Heads up - WA is known for actually meaning Wait Awhile and when it came to agencies getting back to me about jobs it really is the case except for one which happens to be the job i am in now! I got work in my 3rd week of being here and started just before Christmas - got invited to all Christmas Do's plus got paid for the public holidays! NICE! :biggrin: Christmas was odd but good, it was strange having it hot and it didnt feel like christmas 100% but the friends we stayed with put up a tree and a few decs and the actual days was full of food and drinks - to be honest it was a great day and we were still 'holy cow we are in Aus' mode that it didnt sink in at all. Best bit - all the prezzies our family sent over, we opened up on the beach on the morning - just gorgeous! OH struggled to get a job, he is safety netter by trade and its specialist, WA doesnt really have his skills on the construction sites yet but they are slowly introducing them. Anyway, he was out of work for around 6weeks which drove him and me nuts!!...my white underwear will never be the same again, its now grey!!!! We used up all over savings in the first 2months - we brought over bout $8k - its not enough if you dont have the funds or jobs lined up to support yourself you wil struggle setting up and that is my word of warning. Knowing what we know now we would of stayed a few more months to get at least $12k in the bank. Anywho, he has now started work after chasing and chasing companies he was given a contact and, being a small small world, he is now working for someone he used to work with years ago back home! Spooky! So my thoughts and words of advise and warnings which i would have liked before i came over would be: 1) Bring everything if you have a container, fill it to the brim include coat hangers, hoover, cutlery, pack some bin liners (very useful when in packing!), food storage containers - if you can pack it pack it! 2) Cost of living is a little more than UK regarding food and clothes, stock up on Tshirst ect from Uk as best you can , clothes are not cheap here. Beddings costs a fortune! Stock up before you come! Buy Flat sheets, you wont use duvets in summer unless aircon is on high! Food, you have to shop around the supermarkets and markets, each week one supermarket seems to be doing specials on one things, whilst another is doing specials on another! tactical shopping!! 3) cars are not cheap - be prepared to pay min of $3000 for somethin as rubbish as 24yr old car! Most of our savings went on a car. The choices is way less than in the UK and if you dont have money to pay cash you will struggle getting finance being new in the country on a car less than 2001model so your looking at $10k + for a car. 4) We didnt have a problem securing a rental but they have funny way of doing it here. You have 15min window where you can go view the house - if you turn up late you wont get to see it, in that 15min you have to sell yourself to the agent who then puts you and your application fwd to the owner. We managed to get a private viewing of a house a day before the show day - if can do this try, its much nicer and you have more time to look around and talk with the agent! 5) Aussies - whilst i dearly them - cant drive!! you have been warned! :eek: 6) Be under no illusion it really is same s**t different country and take alot of adjusting but on the days that its hard just sit on the beach or in my case a pint in the bar at the marina and just remember where you are. Its real easy to forget your in Aus when bills, work and routine creep in but on one particular low day i had - must say really havent had many - i sat with my pint and watched the boats come in from a days sailing and as the sunset two dolphins appeared in the marina and played in the water! I think i can handle same s**t if its in this country. 7) you have to try - you have to make friends and you have try and fit in, friends dont come to you. A few people i have met dont like it here coz they miss their friends but they dont do anything about and just sit at home with the kids and wait for hubby to come home - that wont work it really wont. i ahve joined a dance class - something i would never wld have done in UK, and practically interviewed for friends meeting up with POI people and others who we met randomly. Get out there and just go for it, dont regret what you didnt do coz you think you cant do it. So there it is guys, its a long'un and im sorry if your now bored our of your brain but i wanted to tell ya'll how its all gone and my thoughts on the whole experience. Whilst some may read this as negative i dont mean it to be, i just want people to be aware that its not an idilyic dream filled country, you have the same things here as you do in the uk but everything seems that better when its bathed in sunshine every morning. I walk to work in the sun, i go to get lunch in the sun and i walk back from work in the sun and its just that little bit better! Public transport is awesome - i use the train to get to work. Weather is gorgeous, people nuts & cant drive, lifestyle is very focused on the work/family balance - its so much more chilled than the UK. In short no regrets. Good luck to everyone waiting to come over, dont give up, its worth it.
  12. Hi all Well we’ve been here 1 year already and its flown by. We emigrated from the UK to Brisbane on 8 February 2010. Our family consists of me (Sam) Martyn and 2 children Katie and Kyle who are 9 years and 4 ½ years old. We had all the usual ups and downs before moving wondering if we were doing the right thing etc, sold house car etc then started looking at houses again in UK wondering if we were doing the right thing. My hair started falling out and also started having palpitations all through stress. It was unreal the amount of stress you go through so can sympathise with anyone who is making the move now. Husband handled it differently by retreating to the bedroom playing computer games in any spare time he had just to stop thinking about everything we had to do which sometimes seemed insurmountable. We flew with Singapore airlines and they were brilliant. It is a very long flight though and we have 2 children who were kept entertained with all the films and games so didn’t need the pull along trolley that we’d stuffed with loads of toys/games to keep them occupied. We stopped over at Singapore airport for 3 hours and its an amazing airport very clean, seemed to me like 5 star hotel, free massage chairs as well which is very welcome after hours on plane. If you stop there check out the butterfly house and the koi pond (all of which are free) as well. Upon arriving in Brisbane we collected the hire car from the airport and found our short stay accommodation with the use of GPS. I would like to say this was a nice place to stay but it wasn’t really as it was an ensuite bedroom purpose built onto someone’s house. It was also February as well which was really hot with no aircon and no air flow going through. Anyone who lives in Qld will realise you need a property that has good airflow at this time of year as its extremely hot and humid. The people weren’t very helpful either and after a 24 hour journey we were met with a hello, were given the key and then was told “I’m off to bed” no help to bring in our 7 suitcases or anything with 2 extremely tired children. I wouldn’t recommend the place and found they weren’t very helpful at all but I wont mention the place on this forum. We had a hire car for 3 weeks, visited our bank (Commonwealth) to sign the paperwork after having opened this account from England. We moved our money with Moneycorp and the money was transferred in time for our move here. We sorted Medicare, Martyn found a job via Hays Accountancy and started 11 days after arriving here and its a very good company and he’s still there enjoying his work. We also registered with Medicare, organised a Qld driving licence which was just a matter of completing a form and having a picture taken – too easy as they say here. We also registered with Centrelink and because we were permanent residents found we could claim family assistance payments. We also found a rental and received rent assistance through Centrelink. During this 3 week period we also purchased a used car. In our first few weeks we made contact with Kev (itcouldbeworse) on this forum and he offered to show us around his suburb (Bracken Ridge) as doing the research on the internet is not the same as someone who had lived there for 15 years telling you what the area is like, where the local schools were, where to shop etc etc. His help and advice proved to be invaluable and helped us greatly and for that we will always be grateful. It really is difficult landing in a country and not knowing a soul. He also invited us round to a bbq to meet his lovely family and even put us all up for a week in the period before we could take up our rental accommodation as we just had to get out of that tiny room we had initially rented as we were going stir crazy in there. We are now friends with him and his family and have even spent some of christmas day with them which was lovely. They have become like our family here in oz. He still gives us advice too when we need it We decided to rent in Bracken Ridge as it seemed like a nice area to start a life. We enrolled our eldest child, Katie, in the local state school (Norris Road State School) she really did not want to go to a new school. Katie didn’t want to emigrate as well and we were really worried about what impact all this upheaval would have on her, but 1 year on she is a happy and well balanced girl with lots of friends, and though she still misses England and her family and friends she is happy. Our youngest Kyle wasn’t old enough to start school. I had initially decided to take 3 months off work to settle him in nursery but it ended up being a year. There is no free nursery as such here which I found a shock. They have a kindergarten (kindy) system here which you have to pay for and the fee for a full day is $60. They wont let you register for ½ days or anything like that as you still have to pay the full fee regardless of the hours they stay there. I enrolled Kyle in the local kindy but they only had 1 day available per week which was no good to me. I then looked at another kindy who also only had odd days so it meant I would have had to use 2 or even 3 different childcare places if I was to find a full time job. I decided I didn’t want to do that as it would have been confusing for Kyle to go to lots of different places so took time out from work to stay home with him and settle Katie into school etc. Kyle has now started prep school which is full time and I’m now looking for work. You can organise child care from England but you need to focus on which area you are going to live to them register your child. You would then need to make contact to put your child on a wait list and usually pay a holding fee, sometimes $10. I tried to do this in England but wasn’t sure what area we were going for and the kindies I did make contact where miles away from where we ended up renting. In the time we have been here we’ve experienced so much. We’ve done lots of sightseeing which is exciting. We’ve visited Mount Coot-tha lookout, picnicked at Slaughter Falls, visited lots and lots of beaches, Redcliffe and the manmade lagoon there, Mooloolaba, Bribie Island, Australia Zoo (6 times as bought a yearly pass) been to Dreamworld and Gold Coast for days out. We’ve been to various beaches along the sunshine coast including Noosa, went to Eumundi market which is a great day out, Yandina Ginger factory, we’ve been to an Ekka Day (Brisbane Festival held once a year) visited Montville a beautiful place with unusual shops and a lookout point and so much more too many things to mention. In all this time I’ve seen one lot of wild kangaroos and one wild koala. I kind of imagined Crocodile Dundee types everywhere and tumble weed blowing in the wind with kangas bouncing everywhere and koalas in all the trees but its not like that at all. It is a very clean and beautiful country with lots of local wildlife such as ants, frogs, dragonflies, bush turkeys, crazy looking spiders and the odd snake. Here its so clean and bright and its a pleasure to be here. The parks are clean and well maintained. You regularly see the grass being cut in parks and the equipment being tested by council workers. I’ve found the people to be pleasant and helpful. The aussies are quite forthright and say what they mean and sometimes I’ve found some of them rude but they were only saying what they thought and its quite refreshing really. One example would be I went to a butcher shop that I hadn’t been to before to buy some chicken and it was quite expensive $5 more expensive per kilo compared to my usual shop so when the guy came up to me I said “oh its a bit more expensive than what I normally pay” and the guy said “well you’d better go to where you usually go then hadn’t you” to which I replied “yes I think I will” and walked out the door embarrassed at how rude I thought he’d been, which he wasn’t really that’s just his price and I would have probably said the same if it was my shop. Not sure if this thread will be helpful to anyone making the move. I can answer individual questions if it will help anyone making the move such as where to look for rentals etc? I will say that its a more positive lifestyle, the air is cleaner the skies are brighter, its a lush green landscape. Our quality of life has improved because of such things like: More things are free, eg great parks and the weather is great Kids are not treated as a nuisance like they were in England We can take picnics out and just relax The beaches are beautiful so had lots of beach days out We have made friends in the time we have been here, friends that are more sociable such as inviting us round for drinks/bbq/days out to explore – our weekends are packed most of the time. I will say it does take time though so even though it is extremely lonely when you arrive it will get better. Kev lets us use his pool (a big plus in summertime) More laid back lifestyle News isn’t all doom and gloom – it has a positive vibe to it (I think) People are more accepting of you, it doesn’t seem to matter as much as to what job you do or what car you drive its about you and you as a person. Friends tend to make the effort to keep in touch. You may think this is a strange one to put but I’ve had lifelong friends in UK who haven’t really bothered to keep in touch since we moved and we find 99% of the time its us making the contact, this goes for some family members too. Financial things now: We brought £10k out with us and went through this in very little time. It worked out at $17,500 with the exchange rate at the time. It was a good job my hubby found a job so quickly. When you factor into this: Buying a car $5,000 its quite difficult to find a reliable(ish) car for less than this, rental bond $1640, 2 weeks rent up front $820, car hire, cant remember but it was hundreds of dollars for 3 weeks rental, buying a GPS, buying food and things you need such as pots pans utensils until your container arrives, bought a fridge freezer and a washer, cost of driving licences as well, petrol as you drive everywhere when you first arrive looking at areas etc. School uniform and book lists even though its a state school you still need to find this money as well think it was about $150. These are just some costs off the top of my head but it is an expensive time. We do have a friend who came out with less than this but they were helped greatly by a friend of theirs who let them rent cheaply and didn’t have to pay bond and got a bargain price on a second hand car so it can be done with less I would say. I find the cost of buying a property to be expensive. We haven’t bought yet but I do worry how we are going to be able to afford to buy. Average cost, I find, in Bracken Ridge for 4 bed property is about $450k for something nice, not too nice tho even at this cost. Rentals are expensive for us at $1640 a month when there is only one wage. I would say that its a good job we receive Centrelink and rent assistance otherwise would really struggle as husband on an average salary here. I find that when it comes to food shopping its wise to shop around. I tend to go to the butchers, to the fruit and veg markets and then maybe Aldi or Woolworths for my other shopping needs. It is more time consuming if you are busy working but I find this the best way for us to save money. Will say to end the thread that its awful when you say goodbyes and if I were to have any regrets at all its that we are so far away from family as really miss them and this feeling is still here after 1 year. Sometimes get tearful and sad and then another day comes and you perk yourself up and try to think why you did this in the first place. My mum visited in October and stayed for 3 months and really enjoyed her time here, so much so that she would like to come live here so looking into making this possible now. My mum has seen the quality of lifestyle here for us and the children and says we must be mad if we went back to the UK now but it still doesnt make it easier saying goodbye and knowing you're miles away again. We're going to have 3 more lots of visitors this year and hope to have a brilliant time with them and after will start saving like mad to go visit them. Sam
  13. Mummy Mann

    How long

    How long before my pets travel would I need to start vaccinations? I have read 6 months. I have 2 dogs that will be going with us. I have applied for a 175 visa so unsure yet when we will be going. Are the vaccinations only valid for a certain time, or could I start with their vaccinations now? Any advice would be appreciated Thank you x
  14. Guest

    how long do you give Australia

    before you decided to return home--is it the 2 year plan--or do you know after 1 week,or 10 years--also when do the alarm bells kick in that says its not for you,and what are the alarm bells that get you thinking like that--just how long did you give australia,and for people thinking of returning home whats making you have those thoughts
  15. benandkelly

    nomination approval. How long?

    Does anyone have any idea how long 457 nomination approvals are taking at the moment? My sponsor has been accepted as a business sponsor and now just waiting for DIAC to accept nomination. We have already submitted our e457 application and immi shows processing has commenced. We have uploaded most documents but are waiting on a couple of stat decs and a court search from our solicitor who currently has taken 4 weeks and has only just (in the last week) applied to the courts for a search to be done. Any help much appreciated :smile:
  16. Ten years ago we moved down to Hastings from South London as we fell in love with it, and at the time it was the right thing to do for our kids but recently it has changed so much and the last year has been the final straw in us deciding to head for OZ!!!! I feel it's time to move on again. Just a few things that have happened this year in Hastings............ Drugs raids and stabbings galore Several Rapes Burglaries & car crimes go through the roof All cars up our road windows smashed in, scratched and damaged more than once Our car radio nicked from our car parked out the front Man beaten up & mugged outside our house My son been set about by some older blokes My daughter & her mates with a little sister in tow, being acosted by a peodophile whilst down town on a Sat. morning and a friend was followed home from school A colleague at work murdered by her drug addict boyfriend Local skate ramps set alight by chavs Swing park vandalised and needles found on beach/park etc My friend being injected with date rape drug in a local club Younger kids had football nicked from them & then threatened with a knife Phone box set alight, post box set alight, bus stop smashed regularly Visiting students continually being mugged and beaten up My two eldest sons were jumped & beaten up on the school bus Eldest son's friend became a Dad at 14 Stuff stolen from my garden A local man attacked with a machette My dear old neightour who is 91 got her handbag nicked, TWICE My son's mate has a brain heomorrage coz he was beaten up by Chavs ( because he's a skater boy) Another elderly neighbour, run over on the crossing at the bottom of our road and left for dead I could go on , and on , and on........... And yet today after all that, because the weather was so lovely I took the younger kids to the beach after school, (yes were lucky enough to live near a beach) I was sitting there enjoying the surroundings, the cliffs behind me, the castle, the seagulls, the fishing boats etc.,............. Just for a moment there I thought "Are we doing the right thing? I still love Hastings" .... When out of the blue, a smashed up wreck of a car screeched and skidded up in the car park behind me, six yobs piled out of it and legged it in front of me n the kids along the beach followed by loads of police cars, and coppers chasing after them, tackling them and then arresting them!!!!! I think that has definately answered my question now....... YES YES YES !!!!!! :arghh: When I think about it, I will be sad to leave this country, but bloody hell, I cant wait to get away from the people............. (except from the PIO gang of course!!!!!) Sorry to bore you all with such a long post..... But i feel better now ive got it off my chest!! SO THE MORALE OF THE STORY IS, TO ALL THINKING ABOUT IT AND TO ALL THOSE GOING THROUGH THE PROCESS......... DONT HESITATE, JUST DO IT...LIFE IS TOO SHORT!! HERE'S TO OZ !!!!!
  17. Just wondering how long did it take for your garda clearance to come through. We have our VETASSESS back and IELTS done and sent off yday for state sponsorship. So wondering now what should we be doing to get ready to apply for visa. Will be year unemployed by April so need to have visa lodged by then to ensure points for experience
  18. Our agent is about to send my wifes paperwork to the TRA for assessment as a baker, and I wondered if anyone knows roughly how long it takes before you get an answer from them?
  19. Chaps General consensus is that it is about 7-10 days before they release it although it does depend, I know, on other circumstances. when I shipped items before it was about 7 days, but Kent Moving, over here, advised that with our ship docking in Melbourne on the 17 Feb, we would not see our stuff until 7 or 8 March. That seems a very long time, so can anyone advise the length of time they have waited, recently, for their container to be released and thus delivered? Thanks Sip
  20. Hi Guys, Just wondering how long one has to stay in Adelaide if they get accepted on SS? Do I have to commit to x amount of years? Any info much appreciated.:biggrin:
  21. hey everyone, we moved from scotland to Penrith in Sydney five weeks ago, i had a burning passion to get my family over here, and now we are here, i feel very sick, and cant stop thinking what have i done. The kids like school, but its not a better standard. I couldnt wait to get away from the dreech in scotland but o how id love to be there right now. I am writing to ask, How long before i really know that this isnt right, iv heard that after three months you truly know if you can stick it out very long term, my husband and i have said this year we will give it our all, and then if i still feel the same we will work our way back the following year, thats 2 years. I feel stuck and lonely,
  22. Hi everyone, I'm going to lodge my application for state sponsorship soon with NSW. I'm on a bit of a tight deadline so I was wondering if anyone could tell me - more or less how long are they taking to respond at the moment? Thanks! Dono
  23. Guest

    How long should we give it?

    Been living here for 6 months now and I think the homesickness has well and truly set in. I knew from day 1 of arriving it didnt feel right to be here, but it is such a big move I knew it would take time and I would have to go through the whole homesickness thing. The first couple of months are not too bad as you have so much to do it takes your mind off how you are feeling. It felt like a holiday at first, my husband was looking for a job, we could spend our time exploring and spending time with the kids, eventually though reality sets it. My husband started work and I have my children in childcare part time and struggled to find any work fitting in with their hours. Also to make matters worse my qualifications and experience were not recognised here as I worked in finance and I was told to work in my field here I would have to retrain and start from scratch. Knowing I had these obstacles I thought maybe I should try and take something positive from this, I cant find part time work, I would have to retrain in finance so why not do something different. I had always fancied teaching and the thought of doing something different perked me up and I applied and was accepted to do a teaching course here. I do desperately want to go home though and this seems to take over my day and I cant seem to focus on starting a course. I want to give it longer as we spent so much time and effort in applying to come here, also my husband seems to be enjoying it so far. I dont want to ruin his dream and go back too soon. Ideally I would like to see out my course but if I know now I am not happy, would it be unrealistic for me to think I could manage another 2 years?? I know I will return at some point so I would like to say I got something positive out of being here by completing my course, it is just if I can manage another 2 years! Has anyone returned after a few months only to end up regretting it? I dont want to be too hasty but I didnt imagine homesickness could be this bad!
  24. Hi all, We plan to arrive in Perth May next year. I am looking at holiday lets for when we arrive but unsure how long we should get one for? We will want to get a longer term rental but not sure how long this could take. We were thinking of booking the holiday let for perhaps 4 weeks? Thanks for any advice, Lucy.
  25. Hey guys Hope someone can help?My employer has lodged the nomination part of my 457 visa last week, generally speaking how long until a TRN is issued? Itching to lodge my part but can't until receive TRN!:jiggy: