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  1. Hi we are travelling back home for christmas and have a 4 bed house ( all ensuite) for rent during the 3 weeks 20 dec ...11 jan 14. brand new house with all mod cons based in Mounth martha approx 1km from beach and walking distance to bentons square shops. pm me if you need any info ideal for reccie, new arrivals or holiday makers. thanks
  2. paddygunner

    super fund with no hardship clause

    don't need to but want to
  3. hi everyone i wish to transfer an Irish pension to Aus super fund irish legislation dictates pensions can only transfer to a fund with no early release clauses similar to hardship release in most super funds does asnyone know a super fund without such a release clause or have experience of transfering irish pension also is it worthwhile setting up a smsf - trasfering approx €100k thanks in advance
  4. paddygunner

    Underage Gaelic football

    We are starting training in sat 8th at 3pm - 4.15 and if the girls can recruit as many as possible it would be great. Not sure what numbers we will get but hoping for around 10-15. Location Osborne primary school, craige road, mount Martha - just off the nepean Please contact me if you have any queries Regards Peadar Walsh
  5. paddygunner

    Underage Gaelic football

    Hi all We are starting underage gaelic football training on sat 8th at 3pm - 4.15 and if we can recruit as many as possible it would be great. You don't have to have played it before to give it a go! Location Osborne primary school, craige road, mount Martha - just off the nepean Please contact me if you have any queries Regards Peadar Walsh
  6. paddygunner

    Shipping from Ireland,who to use?

    Sorry June 2011!!!
  7. paddygunner

    Shipping from Ireland,who to use?

    Please pm me before you book them and I will fill you in on my poor experience
  8. paddygunner

    2 weeks in melbourne

    unfortunately I haven't seen any areas close to the city as nice as mornington. In saying that once we visited mornington we didn't continue our search. We didn't visit the west of the city at all. I have subsequently got a job with a co headquarted in the cbd, so will let you know how the commute goes!!
  9. paddygunner

    2 weeks in melbourne

    No but I work in financial services and have got a good response from recruitment consutants so confident I will get something. OH is sec school teacher and there is plenty of casual relief teaching available.
  10. paddygunner

    2 weeks in melbourne

    ok so here goes background - family of 5, kids 10,8,3 from Ireland - receivDe state sponsored PR. never been to aus before - don't know anyone living there. Flight- Singapore airline- will never travel with anyone else after experiencing their customer service. nb- our stopover in Singapore airport was greater that 24 hours therefore had to pick up luggage. We had booked transit hotel but given our lenght of stay I would say it would be better value to book into one of the Hotels near the airport. Singapore Airport is one of the cleanest places I have ever been By pure coincidence we met John and Linda (AKA Revs30) and their two kids at the playground in Singapore airport- PIO at work!! We arrived at Melbourne on time on a Friday morning- we had a bit of luggage so couldn't fit oh and kids in hire vehicle so sent them to Seaford in taxi ($140 for anyone interested) I proudly drove to Seaford without sat nav. We had booked a 2 bed appartment in Seaford for 4 weeks. This apartment is perfect- loads of space - could sleep 7 comfortably. On the Nepean highway so some noise from traffic but not an issue for us. anyone interest in apt details pm me. Jetlag- I totally underestimated the effect of jetlag. For the first week there was at least one of the family getting somethng to eat at 3am!!! It took a week for everyone to get over the jetlag. People - We have been so impressed with the friendliness of everybody- Strangers we met at playgounds have given us their phone numbers and details to ring them if we have any queries etc etc. Housing- Wow - Looking on google earth and researching suburbs online gives you only so much. We had initially thought we would look at south east suburbs of Oakleigh, Clayton maybe Berwick and we also were going to check out Frankston and Mornington peninsula. For the first few days we drove around all the above suburbs and more. We fell in love with Mornington Peninsula and all it offers. We were regular holidaymakers to Vendee in France and the Peninsula is very much similar to it- Beaches, parks, nice towns with plenty of restaurants and shops. So having decided the Penisula was for us we had to go about trying to find a house. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT EVERYONE PREPARES AT LEAST 5 PACKS TO PRESENT WITH YOUR APPLICATION TO RENT A HOUSE. In my opinion the packs should include a letter introducing your family, profession, details regarding existing property or previous rentals. The pack should also include character references, copy of savings accounts, mortgage statements, drivers licence, passport. We started looking in various suburbs around the Peninsula inclusing Frankston Souh, Mount Eliza, Mount Martha and Mornington. We were looking for 4 bed and 2 bath. Frnakston South and Mount Eliza have mainly older properties which in the main give you more space but older decor. There are some new properties in Morngton and Mount Martha on smaller plots but more mod cons. We did several drive bys before the inspection time on properties so we rule some out on this. After a few days of not getting accepted we then got approved for 3 properties within 24 hous. We did offer to pay 3 months rent in advance which I think will be required if you are looking at property/areas that are in demand. Fo those of you who have smart phones domain and real estate have good apps. Also a good webssite which gives you listings of property reduced in price forsale/rent www.refindehouseprices.com. BE PREPARED DRIVING AROUND LOOKING FOR HOUSE FOR A WEEK WITH 3 KIDS IS NOT WHAT THE AUSTRALIAN DREAM IS ABOUT. You have to be considerate of the children and how difficult it is for them. We picked a house in Mount Martha accross the road from Osborne Primary school. This house backs onto a house also recently rented by Alan and Shirley (AKA Fitz sher) who wE also had contact with before we arrived through PIO. It's a small world. So given the location of the house the choice of school was a no brainer- Osborne it is. Before we had the house we also looked at Bentons Junior College - fabulous new school with great facilities and ditto for St McCartans. SO thats all for now- kids starting school on Monday so we need to find some work now. Overall 2 weeks in, the people are extremely welcoming. Melourne is a lovely city with the CBD quite small - similar I would say to Dublin and no way as busy as London. Everybody is into football (afl that is) old ladies have chatted to us on the train enquiring what team we support!! To anyone thinking about making the move and getting those nervy moments when you wonder is it the right thing I would say it is worth it- Just go for it and as Barrack would say - Is fheidir linn!! (thats for our Irish contingent on PIO)
  11. Just to let you know taxi to frankston cost $140 Had to send oh and kids in taxi on arrival as not enough room in rental jeep for family and luggage. I drove from airport to frankston on a Friday mid morning and traffic was ok. Route us straightforward. Will write a re Coe report ASAP- all good so far All the best
  12. paddygunner

    Our Australian adventure Has begun

    Thanks and keep living the dream!!
  13. paddygunner

    Sky and Oz

    What about the free to air channels in Aus. Do you receive them free on cable or by dish?
  14. paddygunner

    North melbourne

    Staying in Seaford for a month until we find somewhere. To be honest we are looking at suburbs from Geelong to Berwick and Reservoir to Mornington. We will have to narrow it down when we get there. If one of us gets a job it could make the decision for us and then there is the matter of good schools for our kids(10,8,3). Lots to do when we get there!!!!
  15. paddygunner

    North melbourne

    We received Visa in dec 10 - however you have to validate it within 12 months of police certs not date of visa. Hope we all arrive ok.