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  1. cheznandi

    do you ever wonder if they're right about the uk?

    Sensible and well said T,,,,reassuring as well
  2. cheznandi


    That had made me feel better now ,,what a great quote ,,)))
  3. cheznandi

    6 wk update....

    Hy guys no this is a bit random. Bt how did u sel most of the household gear ,,washers,sofas etc before u left ,,,gumtree,eBay,trading post or a house clearance company ,,,thanks for any help,,,Cheryl
  4. cheznandi

    child benefit and rent assistance in Oz

    Milk tokens ,,,now u talking old school hahaha
  5. cheznandi

    Etihad Airways

    Great to hear cos we prob gona be using them ,,,how u go on with baggage allowance with them thanks ,,,,Cheryl x
  6. cheznandi

    Etihad Airways

    Stupid question coming up ,,what's checked luggage guys :-))))
  7. cheznandi

    Etihad Airways

    Thanks again Julz. Great info ,,,looks like 32 kg with china southern ,,like u read good and bad reviews
  8. cheznandi

    Doube baggage allowance

    Thanks guys for all the help as usual ,,,,looking at shipping excess baggage as we spk ,,haha
  9. cheznandi

    Doube baggage allowance

    Thanks very much ,,,,not good news ,,haha
  10. cheznandi

    Was moving back to the Uk a mistake for you?

    Hy guys ,,we maybe coming back soon ,,what's the baggage allowance for going home ,,,thanks Andi
  11. cheznandi

    Doube baggage allowance

    My visa already validated so this mean we not get the extra allowance to go back
  12. cheznandi

    Doube baggage allowance

    Cheers pal
  13. cheznandi

    Doube baggage allowance

    Hello guys ,,,what is the baggage allowance to relocate to the uk from oz ,,anyone no ,,,cheers Andi
  14. cheznandi

    Etihad Airways

    Hello jurls what is the service and baggage allowance like with china southern ,,cheers pal ,,they are way cheaper
  15. cheznandi

    child benefit and rent assistance in Oz

    Cheers jurls ,,thanks for the advice ,,it cost us loads to set up as it does with everyone ,,but be nice to gets a bit back ,,,goin home for a few weeks to a uk summer hopefully when it chills down here,,,,take care Andi