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  1. 4lan

    Landlord Electric Bill

    Sorry to read of your difficulties. I'm not a legal professional or qualified to offer advice in this field I can offer my suggestion though; Don't rest on your laurels and really push them for written letters for either the payment requests or a statement that you'll not be expected to pay for the electricity (if they still stall perhaps send them a letter saying 'further to your verbal request blah, blah, blah unless we have a letter by (eg two weeks) we will consider the matter closed and that we are not liable for payments for electric' etc by 'recorded' post). For two reasons; firstly don't give them time to regroup find a way to squeeze the claim through and second to ensure you are not caught out with the agents withholding your bond at the end of the tenancy.. I hope that helps. 4lan
  2. 4lan

    moving to darwin

    Hi Linz, I'm not sure as to the exact figures but my wife and I moved here last year and spent roughly what you have saved. Our expenses went on temporary accommodation while we found a rental, a small car (second hand cars are expensive but we decided given the total cost of ownership a new small car was the best choice) several pieces of furniture, living costs for a three or four weeks until I was paid, connections charges/utilities/bills and the tenancy bond to name but a few. Incidentally you should perhaps contact some rental agencies and confirm what you'll need to provide to ensure you'll pass muster when applying to rent a property, which even then doesn't mean you will be accepted (see below comment about scarcity). There are a few used car dealers, independent and those associated with dealerships, I've heard various stories but in the main my advice would be 'buyer beware'. I'm not sure if there are any second hand furniture places to be honest, the information online about local businesses can be 'hit and miss' to say the least so of limited help I'm afraid. That said furniture here new is VERY expensive so I expect used items to reflect this as well, so if you can to ship as much as you can in a container . Even with a wage over 70k (basic house, car, social, entertainment etc.) then you'll be struggling; the cost of living here is VERY high (avg rent 400-700 (dependent on suburb) per week for a 3/4 bed house) and will make a serious dent in your pay every two weeks (rent is particularly high and properties rare, which is only inflating the cost). You'll likely find the cheaper rents will be in suburbs with older housing and possibly less desirable to raise children in. Even if you qualified for family credits which isn't certain (given that there are perquisites such as residency time and visa type not to mention means testing) you could still be pushing it. You've said you're coming over with 3 children but do not mention a partner at all, is it just the 4 of you? If so I would strongly suggest you assess your financials and put serious thought into ensuring you have planned for even the worst contingency, bear in mind that if you have difficulties you are a LONG way from your support network! You may wish to speak to CentreLink as soon as you arrive if not before to see if you qualify for any assistance or find out whether your employer will subsidise your rent (many families can only afford to live here because there rent is paid e.g. Defense Force and Police). It would also mean having to sort everything yourself including bank accounts, renting, car, shopping, schools and buy the furniture/equipment needed for your home. When my wife and I planned our visa application part of the requirements was ensuring we could support ourselves for two years without income after we arrived; the NT government advised that we should have 35k to fund our initial settling and relocation (not including the two years worth of income).. Apologies if I appear to be bombarding you with negatives that is not my intention. I am merely attempting to provide a small example of the reality you will face once you arrive. Darwin and the area is fantastic and we believe it is great for raising kids (although schools have had mixed reviews). Of course everything should work out alright with the right planning, attitude and savings so no dramas ;¬D I hope that helps. 4lan
  3. Hi Jeffner, Like others replying to this thread we've used an agent to let our property so this is not exactly an answer to your question. However I would like to support the idea of using an agent; the tenant would not be disadvantaged (more likely better protected) and your property would be looked after and managed locally. While you may save money by not paying commission or fees you could be seriously affected if anything needs attention such as a broken washing machine (or other utility), maintenance, gas and electrical certifications or even chasing the tenant for rent.. My wife and I have a great relationship with our agent (a family recommendation) and trust them to manage the property and tenant in our absence. Should the worst happen (which is quite unlikely with good agents selecting appropriate long term tenants with appropriate reference etc.) would you be able to chase a tenant for missed rent and/or damage to the property or indeed theft if they decide they like the look of your boiler.. Extreme examples certainly but they are possible and having the security of a local and trusted agent to manage these things is certain worth the commission each month and occasional fees. Lastly using an agent will ensure the checking potential tenants is done by someone experienced and not just making a 'best guess'. You may have 3 years without problem, change tenants twice without problem. The third could then be the biggest nightmare from start to finish. Or the first could make your time freshly arrived in Perth to be a miserable time instead of the new and fun experience it should be. I suppose my meandering point is that can you afford to take a risk? I hope that helps. 4lan
  4. I'm going to assume you're making this remark with your tongue firmly in your cheek. Here's a link that should offer some guidance for the original poster. http://www.ato.gov.au/individuals/default.aspx Leading into my own first tax return in Aus I'll probably be obtaining some professional advice along the way. 4lan
  5. 4lan

    Who made God?

    Suffice to say that this apparent 'bait' tactic is rather poor form. Obviously you cannot justify your previously posted position and thus resort to picking on my spelling. Fare well. 4lan
  6. 4lan

    Who made God?

    TBH with you, I think your tone here is a bit nasty. That is disappointing; you can construe my intentions however you choose to but it does not equate to what I wrote or how it was intended. Do not put meanings or words into my 'mouth' please. Actually you have not answered it at all. You have made some spurios ad-homine remarks that I can only equate to an attempt to confuse the issue. So you were deliberately obscure when asked a direct question? Seriously, if you think that gives you 'points' I would suggest you reconsider your attitude. If you are going to express your self on a public forum with words and phrases that are clearly referenced in dictionaries and scientific literature then be prepared to be called out on them. If you want these things to be kept private then keep it to your self! But if you wish to enlighten yourself with debate and rational discourse then I hope you'll post it where I can be included; if not then I politely request that you 'keep it to yourself' and NOT post your irrational 'beliefs'. Regards, 4lan
  7. 4lan

    The Australian economy to collapse.

    This appears to be a dispassionate and balanced review however I'd appreciate some substaniating evidence please? Also for the sake of 'clarity' or 'pedantism' 'Northern Rock' is not and never was a 'bank'. It was certainly reckless and irresponsible but calling a tiger a leopard is not cricket.. (;¬P) I'll try to shut up now.. 4lan
  8. 4lan

    Who made God?

    Your argument ignores that 'Perth', 'Oz' or 'Uk' are places that we can all know and interact with and therefore make our own decision based on repeatable, verifiable evidence. Personal belief I have no problem with; posting on an internet forum isn't 'personal'. 4lan PS - for the record asserting something also carries the burden of proof.
  9. 4lan

    Who made God?

    Whether 'you' define your attitude 'this' way or 'that' is irrelevant. You are by the accepted and agreed definition an atheist. I based my question on the post I quoted. If you had stated previously the same then I apologise but you appeared not to be clear on your defined attitude given that post. I think Fish.01 'caught' my point.. What irks my curiosity is why you 'worry' so much about being 'labelled' an atheist? 4lan
  10. 4lan

    Australian dollar update 24/04/2012

    Then I apologise completely, the details/facts agree with your summation. To avoid confusion in future may I suggest pertinent links be included in any 'statements of fact' you make? Thanks, 4lan
  11. 4lan

    Australian dollar update 24/04/2012

    Would you please provide the corresponding internet link please? 4lan
  12. 4lan

    Australian dollar update 24/04/2012

    lol - and that's what you took from my post? Let me clarify; I think it is ethically wrong to use a word that clearly does not fit the facts. Had you solely used the phrase 'struggling to gain any momentum' I could agree but using 'recession' is clearly exaggerating. To clarify; unless there is a sustained negative growth for at least two quarters the term 'recession' does NOT apply. 4lan
  13. 4lan

    Australian dollar update 24/04/2012

    Seriously, scaremongering isn't constructive or helpful. And could even be argued the cause of the first UK if not European recession.. http://oxforddictionaries.com/definition/recession?q=recession http://www.itv.com/news/update/2012-04-24/uk-economic-growth-from-2010/ Always good to check your facts. 4lan
  14. 4lan

    2.5x salary...?

    No, while I'm not certain I beleive you are still expected to make some contribution. Either way I would rather you check and confirm me wrong than assume and prove me right! Edit - it appears there is a 'Voluntary' contribution scheme which isn't voluntary.. It certainly merits further inquiry. 4lan
  15. 4lan

    The Australian economy to collapse.

    Like that is 'recent' news. I left the UK nearly 12 months ago and this was a generally accepted fact for a year or more then.. 4lan