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  1. Hi, I'm looking for a place to rent in Manly on behalf of a friend. A flat share for around $250 would be ideal. Please pm me if you know of anywhere. Many Thanks David
  2. Thanks for the advice. Do you know if 457 visa holders still have no need to change licence to an Aussie licence?
  3. Hi, Is there still no requirement to change from a UK driving licence to an Aussie licence while on a 457 temporary residence visa. I've been here a couple of years on a 457 visa and over that time applied for an Aussie licence. Unfortunately I have racked up a number of demerit points which means I'm likely to have it suspended which is very problematic, particularly with work. I know there was no requirement to convert while on a 457 visa a couple of years but wondered whether that was still the case, and whether I could still drive on a UK licence during the 3 month suspension of the Aussie licence. Has anyone had any experience of this? I also intend to apply for PR, if I get PR is there still a 4 month grace period to change over? Thanks David
  4. David W

    Decent and cheap! firms to transport small boxes

    Thanks guys will give them a go. Cheers.
  5. Hi, Just wondering if anyone can recommend some good firms for sending over a few bits and pieces to Sydney. A couple of small boxes of stuff - nothing urgent. Don't mind shipping them over even if it takes a few weeks. Need to do it as cheap as possible as well - but will pay for reliability. Does anyone know how much this might cost as well? Many Thanks David