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  1. wicksy84

    Driving instructor: skills assessment

    Its vetasses who do the driving instructor job.They took over 4 months to do an assesment. its all. on their web pages.
  2. wicksy84

    Driving instructor: skills assessment

    Well its on the SMP list for WA now and yes its on the main list as a group D occupation. Just try looking
  3. Do it all yourself its quite simple. dont use an agent unless your really stuck. the whole process should be no more than 2000
  4. wicksy84

    WA SS how does 2-year commitment start?

    Update 2 years in perth and 1 survey. i can now move anywhere in oz. probably just do 2 more then passport and back to uk. yippee
  5. By the sounds of it you have a better case than my ex who has accused me of DV for the sole purpose of getting her PR visa. She had no police reports and nothing but her lies i believe she has gone through seeing councellors and they must have believed her. I hope you get your visa as it is there for people who are abused not for someone to abuse the visa. All the best and you should easily get it.
  6. wicksy84

    be careful what you wish for

    Thanks. All good.
  7. wicksy84

    be careful what you wish for

    I'm all good just really want people who having a tough time to just look forward and move on quickly its the only way to do it. Good riddence to the thing I married.
  8. wicksy84

    be careful what you wish for

    I sponsored and married my partner from uk along with her two children. After 4 weeks of her being in oz she became violent even in front of the children. Like she was possessed she would goad, ridicule, a nasty horrendous personality disorder. Alongside this was her secret alcohol problem. Well we have split, so I should have withdrawn my sponsorship. She has to my knowledge gone via a solicitor and claimed domestic violence so she can stay in oz. I can do nothing about this, no redress just a record with diac. I'm glad its all over now I start living the dream in Australia.
  9. wicksy84

    Friends in Perth

    Like moving your stuff when it arrives or just hitting the pubs please just ask. Id be happy to help. Paul Ps I'm north near wanneroo.
  10. wicksy84

    WA SS how does 2-year commitment start?

    well i recieved my first survey after 3 months and since then ive heard nothing and i even rang them asking about it and still nothing after 20 months so ive just given up on it.
  11. wicksy84

    Major issue re; 176 (need fellow ex military help!!!)

    Hi i was ex army. All they require is your discharge papers they could not give a toss what it says on it. the only restriction that applies to a visa application is if you have spent more than a year in prison for certain offenses. just go ahead with the application dont worry about what the military thought of your conduct. Good luck
  12. wicksy84

    defacto offshore temp or permanent?

    When you apply for an offshore temp visa 309 you also are applying for a perm visa 100. Diac will ask you for proof of 3 years then you will get a permanent visa . The process wont take any longer 5 to 6 months.
  13. wicksy84

    Toolmaker/metal machinist

    i guarantee you metal machinist will be on there list. ie tool maker
  14. Oh forgot they said it would be a waste of money to get them to do my TRA as id be fine on my own. **** hot Girls