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Found 12 results

  1. Hey, I've made a new username because this is pretty hard for me to admit as it is, but I've become a victim of domestic abuse within my household with the perpetrator being my sponsor. I've been told to live by his/her rules, support him/her (I'm the only worker/earner) and they won't cancel their sponsorship i.e. I'm being deported, losing everything if I don't do what they say. I have come across the Family Violence Provision on the immi website and I've completed my statutory declaration, I have a Doctor's declaration, police report and I am just waiting for a counselling session to finalise my FVP application. I have send an email to my representative at immigration but after 4-6 weeks I've had no reply. Visa details - I'm about to move onto my bridging visa whilst waiting for my 820/801 to be approved. I'm not very far into the process because the abuse was happening way before we applied and it's yet to stop even though I am safely staying with friends. I don't want to go back to the UK yet, because I will lose $1000's and go back to nothing...is there anything else I can do. I feel absolutely hopeless.
  2. AUSTRALIANS are more concerned about the level of sex and violence on television than their English counterparts, according to a new study by the broadcasting watchdog. But the Australian Communications and Media Authority report has found excessive commercials are our biggest bugbear. The focus groups and survey of 1250 people over the first half of this year found 44 per cent of Australians had general concerns over risque television content. In a result attributed by experts to looser laws in Australia, ACMA noted the proportion was more than the 40 per cent identified by a similar British Government study. The report found 45 per cent of Australians listed excessive commercials as their biggest concern. Television violence (43 per cent) was the second biggest concern followed by too many reality programs (36 per cent).
  3. Hi all, I am an aspiring migrant waiting in the queue for external checks to complete. In the meantime, I am going out with fervor to soak up on Australian customs and values so I won't make a right fool of myself when I move over. One of the recent threads has put some questions into my head and I am hoping the forum members here can help to answer them. The main question I have is, let's say a spouse inflicts wounds on themselves and report violence to the authorities. How do they make a decision whether the person putting in the complaint is being honest or not? My knowledge of spouse relationships in Australia comes from talking with people while traveling around Sydney in buses/taxis or chatting up people while waiting around in a food court. This, by the way, happened last year. I have only been able to talk with men in this manner. And the picture they portray is truly horrific. They put themselves across as being the victims. One guy told me he has had to lose ownership of three houses to three different spouses over time. Another guy complained how his father was an alcoholic and his mother would slap the father on the face which has left him mentally scarred. And all of them strongly expressed the opinion that seeking a spouse relationship with a western person would be utter folly. I know quite some british men who have are married to japanese or filipino ladies. But I am not willing to base my opinion on just this limited world view. Could you guys add more color to my worldview here? Many thanks in advance for everybody's input!!!
  4. CockneyRebel

    No violence in Oz??

    Its a popular arguement on here not to go back to the UK because of the high levels of crime compared to Australia. http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/sydney-shooting-makes-it-10-in-two-weeks-20110905-1jstd.html I think both countries need a kick up the backside on that score. :policeman: Your nicked!
  5. Just read a disturbing story on-line about somone being glassed in the Whistleing Kite pub in Secret Harbour. Seemingly there was a big fight involving at least 20 people and someone ended up in hospital having been on the receiving end of a bottle. The comments after the story were a bit disturbing also as they are going on about how lawless WA is now and that it is not safe to go out to the pubs at night either in the city or in the suburbs - surely this can't be true as we donoe our reccie last year and we went out at night and felt fine. Has anyone felt unsafe going out at night recently?:confused:
  6. OK, contentious issue I know, and I would like to make it clear I am not a violent man, (I get someone else to do it for me,:biggrin:), BUT. Honestly here folks, do you think the threat or use of physical harm EVER solve a problem or go anywhere near solving a problem. I wholeheartedly agree that talking and communication are of paramount importance in any disagreement or argument, (I'm NOT speaking about domestic abuse here, that is a wholly different subject I hope). More at times that we may see something happening that we think we should step in, someone you know has been hurt (emotionally/physically), or you just lose the plot completely and go off on one. There are many rules governing our behaviour, and many concerning the use of physical violence, that is the way it should be. But is the use of physical violence EVER condoned or called for, do we just walk away from a fight we may see, do we walk away from a threat made against us or someone we care about, or do some of us believe that at times people have it coming,:mad::embarrassed:. What are your thoughts, as I said, a very contentious issue and one that is bound to cause a 'debate' but would be good to hear your views. Cheers Tony.
  7. White Ribbon Day on Nov 25th is part of an international campaign against violence towards women. Here's a little information from their website: One very special thing about White Ribbon Day is that it calls on men to be very heavily involved and to refuse to accept violence towards women, to speak out and to never excuse or remain silent about abuse of women. I'd like to urge all PIO members, male and female, to get behind this campaign. Why? I am going to bite the bullet and admit that I am one of those third of women who have been on the receiving end of violence. I survived the experience, many don't. I do not want that to be my family, my friends, our sisters, nieces, children, mothers, neighbours. I do not want any of the PIO family to have to pick up the pieces and it really can happen to anyone. A third is, if anything, a very conservative figure according to many working in shelters and women's support centres. There is an oath to sign, it only takes a minute or two. Thank you for reading.
  8. I know this is going to start an argument, but I think at the end I hope my point comes across. Please watch the clip below, stick with it please, I know it goes on a bit, bloody advert before it, eventually it gets there though, but it is important to see it, IMO anyway: London Regional News | London Tonight - ITV Local Now in this day and age we 'seem' to believe that violence etc is restricted to so called 'sink' estates where there is someone around every corner only to willing to stab, mug and rape you, an often misguided thought process, but one that is purported time and again. So, having watched the above clip can someone please tell me what the hell is going on here. FOUR months probation, for what was an act that could have ended in the worst possible scenario. It's often the 'chattering' classes that look at sink estates etc, and will be the first to jump on the bandwagon of discipline, revenge, common as muck, etc. But how about this one. These 'morons' have in some peoples opinion good jobs, good prospects, came from a 'balanced family, la, la, la. So instead of some of us looking at the more rougher areas of the UK how about we shut the feck up until behaviour like this is suitably punished. I have a feeling that if the turds that carried out this abhorrent attack had come from a sink estate the uproar from public and press alike would comment with such vitriol and contempt, and rightly so, but these 'people' in some peoples minds are 'middle' class. So why oh why did they ONLY get four months probation. I guess whet I am trying to say that the more fortunate among us can look 'down' etc at the more unfortunate and demand anti social behaviour be eradicated immediately. But these people are no better than scum, scum that should have known better. But it is a facet of our society that I find amazing. We are all to quick to condemn a certain sector of society, when in reality the type of violence we complain about is happening directly under our noses. Until we realise that this behaviour is abhorrent from EVERYBODY then this country will remain a country divided by wealth and privilege. I dare say the people involved will continue on with their lives, keep their jobs, and be welcomed back by their families as some kind of hero, makes me sick to the pit of my stomach at times the way WE view crime and those that do it. Edited to ad. This happened no more than a mile away from my house. Can I get a bunch of vigilantes together to give those involved a little chat please.:mad::realmad: Cheers Tony.:mad:
  9. Guest

    Need Urgent Advice

    Hi there, I am in an abusive marriage with a child under 5 and I am desperate to leave. My Father, Step Mother and her children live in WA and are aware of the situation. I want to get out there and they have agreed to help us but we are unsure of the ins and outs of whether I can, what my aggressive Husband can do to stop me going with our child, whether the Australian authorities would refuse us, etc. The situation is there are various Police reports for domestic violence as they have been called to our house on numerous occasions, as he is in the military there are also internal welfare reports on his behaviour. We have had a social worker involved and our child is in the highest category on the child protection register because of this. He verbally, emotionally and physically abuses myself, our child and our dog and constantly leaves us with no money. Thank you for you help.
  10. matto

    Violence in melbourne

    Came accross this video Let me know what you think
  11. Any PIO members either heading home to the UK,or to Australia via Bangkok should read the following. Bangkok Central now a No Go area-23 April, 2010 [quote Bangkok Central now a No Go area BANGKOK - Violence between the red shirts and those who have had enough of their protests in the Thai capital erupted overnight with at least one death being reported and scores injured Today police have also confronted the red shirts demanding they remove barricades made of bamboo and car tyres. With tourism businesses caught in the crossfire, authorities are attempting to reclaim central city traffic routes that have been blocked by protestors, leading to the closure of luxury Bangkok hotels and shopping malls. Adding to the volatile mix, a new 'multi-coloured' group is planning a demonstration of 50,000 people in Bangkok's old quarter to demand the red shirts end their rally. The US, Britain France and Australia on Thursday warned their citizens visiting Thailand to stay away from political protests in Bangkok as they could turn violent. As a result of the revised warnings, Thai Airways in Australia said it would waive cancellation and amendment fees for travellers to Bangkok departing up until April 30, 2010 The Australian foreign affairs department issued the travel warning as it confirmed that a 26-year-old Australian was hospitalised after being wounded in a grenade blast in an elevated railway station late on Thursday. Injured Melbourne man Benjamin Rowse told The Age newspaper of his shock at being caught in the Bangkok bomb blasts just hours after arriving in the Thai capital. The 26-year-old was waiting to board a train at Bangkok’s Sala Daeng skytrain station when a bomb exploded. In its advice for travellers to reconsider their need to travel, the Australian government warned, “The Thai Government may seek to disperse Red Shirt demonstrators in the “Ratchaprasong” and Silom road areas, and at other locations. “Armed force could be used to disperse demonstrators or in attempting to arrest rally leaders. There is a strong possibility that such action will be met with resistance, and violent clashes could occur.”
  12. I have a question, one of the main reasons for moving to Oz would be a better life for my kids. Dont want them getting into trouble and hanging road street corners, getting with the wrong crowd etc. Is Australia any better when it comes to Youth Crime. Do they have gangs or youths terrorising the streets and stopping local residents from leaving their homes? Dont want to move otherside of world only to find violence is actually worse over there. Any one have any ideas?:arghh: