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  1. littlem

    From 475 to 887

    We've been waiting 4.5 months for our 887 so hoping it's going to be soon.
  2. littlem

    Visa number help

    Just bumping this up? Anyone got any ideas? Thanks
  3. littlem

    Visa number help

    Can anyone help me. I am trying to lodge an online visa after completing my 2 years. I have tried to input the visa grant number which is on our grant notice and the numbers on my visa label but none of them seem to be the right number gggrrrr!!! What should my visa number look like and where would i find the correct one to key in? Anyone else had this problem? Im applying for an 887 visa from a 475 many thanks for any help as its starting to get to me.......:arghh: Michelle
  4. littlem

    887 Applicants Update.....

    Hi Rebekah I am just completing our application now 475 to 887. Have you completed the medicals?? I am confused do we need to do them again? as they ask for a booking reference number? Michelle
  5. littlem

    Falcon Primary School (Mandurah)

    My kids don't go there but have a few friends kids that do and they are very happy with it. ​
  6. littlem

    475 to 887 permanent

    Afraid I don't know the answer Flowersdownunder......good luck in August, are you using an agent or going it alone?
  7. littlem

    475 to 887 permanent

    Good luck Rajne, hope it dosent take too long, keep us informed
  8. littlem

    visa subclass 887 doc help

    Westly Is it possible you can clarify something on work requirements for me, I have read the above but wondered can the 12 month full time be worked over the 2 years, ie 9 months full time in the first year and say 5 months full time in the 2nd year. Employment being continuos for the 2 years but a reduction in hours to only 30 per week in the middle? thanks Michelle
  9. littlem

    475 to 887 permanent

    Hi Lynda, looks like its just the two of us.... . Have I got the visa wrong is it a 887 or 889? we didn't arrive till the beginning of Dec, when did you arrive? Are you waiting till the two years are up to apply or getting it in beforehand? Michelle
  10. littlem

    475 to 887 permanent

    Hi, has anyone recently applied for their 887 perm visa after being on 475 provisional? Just wondered how long it took to be approved, was it straightforward and if there is anything to expect that we might not be prepared for. thanks Michelle
  11. littlem

    At last. A good Indian restaurant!!!!

    I went there last week, best curry i've had since i've been here, well recommended.
  12. Hi we're in Dudley park, mandurah if you need any help with things. As for rentals I would suggest giving yourself a month to get one, they are in demand down here and you need to wait for a viewing date, then if you apply it can take up to a week before you hear if you have it or not, not the easiest thing to secure but you will get one. Still a fantastic place to live
  13. If you go into Medicare at the forum with your passports and a copy of your 475 visa they will issue you with a temp number for medicare and then you will get a temp card sent through. So you are eligible as per reciprocal agreement. What part of mandurah are you in we are in dudley park if you ever want to meet for a coffee
  14. littlem

    Partner and I moving to Mandurah

    We have been in mandurah since Dec and absolutely love it, we thought we would spend 2 year here then go North but now we are here can't see myself living anywhere else. There is plenty to do and it's beautiful. rentals are reasonable and most areas are ok. Schools depends where you live. We tried state but didnt work for us so are now private, however private fees are managable over here. Saying that there are some good state schools just depends on your catchment area. If you need any specific info on mandurah let me know and I will try to help. Michelle
  15. littlem

    Mandurah and suburbs......

    Hi, we have been here in Mandurah 6 months now and absolutely love it. We are currently in Mariners Cove in Dudley Park which is a lovely place to live. Close to everything we need and beautiful too.