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  1. terry & Melanie

    Financially Trapped Desperate to go!!

    Know that feeling Bobinwa...but the good news is it does pass. I felt exactly the same when we first arrived. We all did! For the first three months we just wanted to turn heal and run back to our 'familiar' life. That terrible feeling of dread....We just couldnt shake it. We have now been here 3 years and love it. hubby doesnt even want to go back and visit! Looking back now I put it down to the trauma of all those horrible goodbyes, the enitial jetlag, so much stuff to organise on landing and not knowing what the hell you are doing....everything is so unfamiliar...even the weekly shop! And thats when you most need a hug from loved ones and to be told that everything will be ok....and they are at the otherside of the world. In those early days we got through one day at a time. We had promised ourselves before we came that even if we didnt like it we would give it a year (we know people that went straight back and ended up pingponging)....we are so glad that we did now. All I can say is things will settle...give yourself time to adjust...it does get easier.
  2. terry & Melanie

    Corned beef hash

    Now then My old pal...howz it? Love my Yorkshire corned beef ash...which is more of a cassarole and still make it here in the autumn winter months...too bloody hot in the summer to have the oven on and can't exactly make it on the old BBQ ...lol
  3. terry & Melanie

    vaccum storage bags for shipping?!

    We used them for bedding, linen, towels and clothes.......everything arrived clean and fresh, albeit a little creased!:wink: Melanie x
  4. terry & Melanie

    Thankyou PIO !!!!!

    We are actually in Thornlands ourselves now. Love this area, central for everything. Hubby travels by train every day (from Cleveland) and it takes him approx 50 mins - 1 hr, depending on whether he gets the express or not. The schools are good, both private and state. Lots for the kids to do. Small beaches at Raby Bay and Wellington Point. Close to every day shopping at Victoria Point and Cleveland, and more wider shopping at Capalaba. Great walking and cycling paths.....and just a hop, skip and a jump over the water to Stradbroke Island (one of our personal favourites!!!!) Have I missed anything? Melanie x
  5. terry & Melanie


    Hi Kathy, Hubby orders from Amazon uk all the time....they also take off VAT at the checkout which more or less covers the postage and in some catagories the postage is free if you spend over a certain amount (which hubby usually does!). The delivery times are quite good...usually about 10 days. Hes got most of the Aussies in his office ordering from them!!! lol Melanie x
  6. terry & Melanie

    Did you declare feather duvets on AQIS form?

    We did declare feather duvets, pillows and cushions, but they are made from treated feathers anyway so were no problem. As for wooden furniture we did list every item (just to be on the safe side) but again no problem. The baskets you may have a problem with as were told no wicker, so just check on that one. We also brought an antique rocking horse with real horse hair mane and tail, declared him and expected to have to pay to have him treated....but no, they let him thro! Melanie x
  7. terry & Melanie

    Just moved to Redlands

    Hi Nicola...I'm a Yorkshire lass myself......Drop me a line when you arrive in Cleveland...would love to meet for coffee. Melanie x
  8. terry & Melanie

    Just moved to Redlands

    Sorry...only just seen your reply:wacko: Can do either wed or Fri...whatever is easier for you:smile: Melanie x
  9. terry & Melanie

    Flying with kids.

    My two were 8 and 11 when we flew and we packed lots of little activities in our hand luggage that they didn't know about (puzzle books, reading books, a diary each, stickers etc and a new DS game each) everytime they were getting alittle restless we produced a new suprise for them to keep them occupied. It worked a treat! Melanie x
  10. terry & Melanie

    daughter's changed her mind 2 days before we fly

    Me too Darl....wish I could be there for you.xoxoxox
  11. terry & Melanie


    Hello Gorgeous!!!! I do hope you were not planning on leaving me out of this coffee meet!!! Would love to join you two.....Living in Thornlands...(round the corner from Debs) and my 9 year old goes to thornlands school. Melanie x
  12. terry & Melanie

    daughter's changed her mind 2 days before we fly

    Awwww Babe....:hug: You sure don't need this right now, with everything else that you are going through. If she really has made up her mind and really won't come then you have no choice but to leave without her and hope that she sees sense and follows on later. I would try and see if you can postpone her flight till a months time and see how she feels then, at least that way if she does decide to follow on you are not forking out for another flight. i really feel for you hun, can't believe she would drop this on you at such short notice when she knows what you have been through...fair enough if she changed her mind but so last minute???? Big hugs Darl.....:hug:
  13. terry & Melanie

    PR GRANTED RIGHT NOW!!! Thanks Pomsinoz

  14. terry & Melanie

    Nerves are hitting big time!

    You wouldn't be human if you didn't have doubts...this is MASSIVE!!!! My doubts started to kick in when we were ready to book the flights...we put it off and put it off....when we did finally book them it didn't get any better!:wacko: I actually had panic attacks on the flight on the way over. All the negatives like you say....we sold our family home, hubby gave up a very well paid job, took the kids away from everything they have ever known.....and came to no home, no jobs and unsettled kids....14 months in...We love it! Good luck guys....and enjoy the ride!:wink: Melanie x
  15. terry & Melanie

    Flights booked!

    Good luck Darl...its all worth it in the end.:wubclub: