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  1. Lady Tottington

    Thinking of moving back to Uk

    Hi Fergie, I know where you are coming from, we lived on the Gold Coast for near 10 years, loved so much of the place, our daughter was 13 when we arrived, during our time there we added two boys to the family, I didnt start feeling home sick for the first 6 years it was after our first trip home. Then in 2018 we moved back to the UK. I missed my mum so much (we were very close, we used to send her a ticket for Oz every year to come over to us for a couple of months) as time went on I too suffered terribly with anxiety, palpitations, tears upon tears, felt like I didn't want to be there. So we moved back to UK leaving my daughter over in Oz at Uni, with her friends, boyfriend, she too didn't want to return. I arrived back with a hole in my heart, missing my daughter so much, its made me ill, in a way I feel like we made the right decision at the time, I managed to spend a quality couple of years with my mum, we crammed so many memories into a short space of time, but April last year she contracted Covid 19, unfortunately claiming her life. I feel very blessed that I could be with her right at the end, to tell her our goodbyes, and how much she was loved, I would never of had that had I been in Oz. but now I just want to get back to Australia, I don't feel settled here at all, I miss my baby girl too much, so do her brothers. Facetime, phone calls and WhatsApp is just not enough I just end up in tears when I hang up, so we are returning summer this year flights pending (fingers crossed). So yes I understand you dilemma but for me, its not worked out, so I'm heading back, Good luck to you x
  2. Lady Tottington

    How best to get test??

    Thank you x
  3. Lady Tottington

    How best to get test??

    Oh no. and it seemed so positive, fingers crossed you all get off on the 8th x
  4. Lady Tottington

    How best to get test??

    We are returning to Oz permanently, I returned back of 2017 to UK because I really was home sick for my mum mainly, but in April 2020 my mum contracted Covid and died 6 days later so I have no ties here and my daughter is still in Australia.
  5. Lady Tottington

    How best to get test??

    Good Luck, hope everything goes ahead, I'm returning at some point this year, still looking at flights, Singapore said they are not flying from Manchester so looking at Qatar or Emirates, its so disheartening with all the cancellations. Keeping my fingers crossed for you all x
  6. Lady Tottington

    Kids Passports

    No my post was about my kids passports being expired, and the main reason I posted was to see if they could enter on an visitor visa in a UK passport as UK passport are half the price, but apparently not, so I guess its a trip to London and a Aussie passport renewal. Quarantine will be what ever it is, but its 6 months away, so no worries mate, thanks for helping
  7. Lady Tottington

    Kids Passports

    And??? if thats the case 14 days quarantine it is, honestly like I said no a problem Of course im aware, its not a problem? No worries mate
  8. Lady Tottington

    Kids Passports

    Thats not a problem at all, we are going on a one way ticket, no intention of coming back to UK
  9. Lady Tottington

    Kids Passports

    Quarantine this applies to everyone, paying for what? sorry Im not sure what you mean?
  10. Lady Tottington

    Considering making the big move

    Hi, Thats exactly what we did. 9 years in QLD, felt home sick, missed my mum so much, worried about her, missed my friends, history etc etc, we have been back 3 years this November, we have holidayed the UK 5 times a year in the first 2 years back, caught up with our friends and our children have bonded with the grandparents. Unfortunately my mum contracted Covid19 in April and passed away, she was the main reason for my longing to return and right now I feel empty, I managed to cram so many memories with her whilst back which Im greatful for, but IMO UK has changed so much in the time we was away and we are in the process of returning to QLD in January, good luck, and if you have citizenship, you can always return. x
  11. Lady Tottington

    Kids Passports

    Yeah, we have done the applications, its just the tax/fees they charge cause your out of the country grrrrr. Max Speilmans do the photos to the correct size. thanks though
  12. Lady Tottington

    Kids Passports

    We are planning on going in January, i'm just a bit pee'd that they charge a tax for doing it in the UK, so I thought that if we apply for UK one (which my kids don't hold).
  13. Lady Tottington

    Kids Passports

    Hi Guys, just a quicky, our kids Australian passports expire this month, we were getting them British ones anyway, but was wondering if we don't renew the Aussie ones in the UK (cost is a rip off) could we re- enter the kids into Aus on UK passports (EVisitor ViSA) with the expired passports as proof of citizenship?? Don't want to travel to London with the Covid situation, thanks in advance.
  14. Lady Tottington


    Hi guys, hope everyone is safe and well, just wondering if any of you fellow Poms can advise me? Is it possible to get an Aussie Mortgage to purchase a house in Oz whilst still residing UK?? Thanks Sam
  15. Lady Tottington

    Returning to Blighty after nearly 8 years in Queensland!!

    I too entered on an Expired UK passport 8 months ago, still expired today lol as for my kids (3&5) they are here on their Aussie passports not even applied for UK ones, don't see the point in applying or renewing till we book an overseas holiday [emoji16]