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    Insurance for crowns etc doesn't seem to cover more than around $500 so combine that with the premium it doesn't save you anything really why wait in pain for 12 months and pay $1000 or more in premiums then still have to pay $2000 in treatment if it was a dental plan like UK ones yes it would be good.
  2. MazPaul


    Hi my wife just had a quote for a root removing and they say it needs a crown $2400 is there any sort of state dentists or any other options anyone has found for treatment. We live in Melbourne thanks Paul.
  3. MazPaul

    Family benefit in UK

    So if you go on holiday for a month you get your benefits stopped,thats how long we were here.You want to moan about the people who really rip off the benefits.No plans to go back to Uk so no worries there.
  4. MazPaul

    Family benefit in UK

    As soon as you leave the UK you are not allowed to claim.We got a letter from them wanting repayment of what we had been paid whilst in Oz.It got shredded and we heard nothing else from them.Hope this helps.
  5. MazPaul


    Anyone had problems with ants in there houses and and successfully got rid of them.We had them in the larder cupboard we removed everything and cleaned it out and they have stayed away from there.Now they have turned up at the other end of the house in my daughters bedroom hunting out here advent calender.I cant see where they are coming from to root out there nest so any good ways of getting shut of them most welcome. Thanks Paul:arghh:
  6. Hi peeps we are going into Melbourne and looking for somewhere to eat for my wifes birthday anybody got any good reccomendations for places to eat.Dont want anywhere to upmarket as we will have kids with us but any suggestions most welcome.
  7. MazPaul

    K-Mart, Target and Big W: Too cheap?

    We buy a lot of our clothes from next good quality decent price and fast free delivery to Australia.
  8. Hi everyone just after some info on places to get fruit and veg from.Also any places for fish too that doesnt require a bank loan to buy some.We have been upto victoria market in the city but thats too far to travel every week.Surely there must be places similar around our area.Does anyone know of any fish markets where they sell the fish off the keyside when the boats come back in.
  9. MazPaul

    Naked Broadband

    Rang up about this and they say i need to set up a landline with telstra first.Whats the point in selling broadband with no need for a home phone if you got to have a home first.
  10. MazPaul

    Naked Broadband

    Anyone got naked broadband.Been looking at different packages but wondered what people on heres opinion and experience of it is.
  11. MazPaul

    Claiming tax back

    Does anyone know how much you claim back for an internet connection for your child to use for school work.We are looking at different packages and i was wondering how much of the internet cost is claimable.
  12. MazPaul

    Cheap pre-paid mobile phone

    By one in the uk from phones4u they dont lock there handsets so will work fine over here.
  13. MazPaul

    Medical receptionist/secretary Berwick-Cranbourne

    She doesnt need any courses really she has done this work for the last 20 years its just finding where the jobs are advertised and maybe talking to some people who already work in our area in her field.
  14. My wife is looking for employment at either hospitals or doctors around Berwick/Cranbourne but doesnt seem to be able to find anything. Does anyone work in either hospitals or doctors in this area that could give some advice on where to look for vacancies. She has registered on the southern health,melbourne health and son of god for jobs.We also look on seek regularly.Are there any employment agencies that specialise in this field.All help welcome.Thanks.
  15. MazPaul

    Buying Trainers from usa

    Where is the best place to buy trainers from the usa to be shipped out to Australia.Is ebay the best place to get them to ship to oz.Any help most welcome as usual.Thanks Paul.