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Found 31 results

  1. BizLarker

    Medicare claim deadline?

    Hello does anyone know if there is a deadline by which you must submit a medicare claim? thanks
  2. I was thinking of buying a camera before I leave the UK and head to Oz hopefully in the next month or so and a friend said 'can you claim the VAT back'. It hadn't occured to me at all. I couldn't find anything obvious on here (apologies if there is). But I thought I'd share the following with everyone as it might save a few pounds. This is from the HMRC website and seems to suggest that as I'm leaving the UK for more than 12 months I can get the VAT back. Please correct me if I've misinterpreted this but it seems like this is the case. If you live in the EU If you live in the EU, you may be able to obtain a VAT refund if you are planning to leave the EU for at least 12 months. You must: leave the UK for a destination outside the EU - with the goods you have bought - by the end of the third month after the month when you bought them (for example, goods purchased on 3 February would have to be exported by 31 May) stay outside the EU for at least 12 months show customs officials the goods, your receipts for them and a completed VAT refund document when you leave the EU http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/vat/sectors/consumers/overseas-visitors.htm#1 So it looks like I might be able to claim back the VAT on my camera. Perhaps anyone else heading out can do the same on a laptop or whatever :biggrin: Eddy
  3. MazPaul

    Claiming tax back

    Does anyone know how much you claim back for an internet connection for your child to use for school work.We are looking at different packages and i was wondering how much of the internet cost is claimable.
  4. Hi, I have reached the 65 points mark using age, english language and education. I have 65 points. My question is should I go to the extra trouble and expense of obtaining the evidence to claim more points for overseas work experience? Do applications with higher points get higher priority?
  5. Guest

    Claiming Back Super

    Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me. We are about to move to Australia - me on a 457 visa, but my wife is an Australian citizen (although has never actually lived in Australia). I have just been advised (by an accountant) that when we leave Australia in 4 years time, I will be unable to claim back any super contributions because I will be classed as 'resident' for tax purposes because my wife is Australian? Can anyone tell me if this is correct?? Thanks for your help
  6. Hiya we have got all our stuff through and for the most part it was un damaged, but our chest of drawers had a handle chipped and our fridge has a small dent in the door. We have filled out the cliam form which was hard work as when you write the value of theiteam they want it in dollars when we bought this stuff a while back in pounds, so exchange rates etc become confusing. Plus we have a few iteams missing totally, weird things like knives and a plastic laudry basket. Non of our stuff was seized by customs or fumigated etc either. Has anyone managed to sucessfully get their money back from the shipping company insurance, or is it a total nightmare full of clauses etc etc ? Any stories and advice gratefully recived. cheer h
  7. Hi all, Simple one from me. I am a permenant resident, as is my husband, we both have full time jobs and are paying super annuation here. We are planning to return home in a few years (we never came here to emigrate - but we won't get into that!!) and are wondering what the deal is with claiming back superannuation? Thanks,
  8. Hi, I wondered if any had any experience / advice on super payments after leaving Australia. I had 3 years on 457 visa, then 5 months only on 857, but had to return to UK permanently due to family health reasons. Its extremely unlikely I will ever return to live in Australia, therefore I would be ineligible to claim a pension when I reach retirement age, so am wanting to claim my super payments now. I did not fullfil the required conditions of the 857 visa as i did not complete 2 years with that employer, so I am assuming my visa will be revoked / cancelled soon. All the information I can find on reclaiming super payments is related to temporary visa's, but if my permanent visa is cancelled, how could I ever return to claim a pension? Any advice would be most welcome!
  9. Guest

    Claiming UK Tax Back

    Hi, I have the form from the inland revenue to claim back any tax from the UK. I am a but stumped on the question re any rental income, we have our house up for rent, but the rent once we get it will be the same as the mortgage payments. Do we have to show this income on the form (even though we do not have a tenant)? And if we do, do we have to mention the mortgage payments as we are breaking even? Thanks Tracy
  10. leemg

    Claiming back your super fund

    My wife and I recently returned to the UK from Australia. We were on a sponsorship visa and we have a 175 application in the queue, unfortunately this has been caught up in all the recent changes and quite frankly we’re not sure if we’ll ever get our visa. While we were in Australia we were paying into our super funds, are we still eligible to claim back our super funds despite a pending visa? many thanks Lee
  11. Hello, first post I just spent 2 years in Aus on a 417 working holiday visa. Absolutely loved it, and definitely want to migrate over (as a Teacher) in a few years time. However I need to pay off an English credit card, and I have quite a bit of money saved up in 2 Superannuation funds in Aus. My question is this - will claiming back my Super now in any way effect my visa application in say, three years time? I'm guessing the answer is no - but I just want to check. I can half imagine them asking the question, well if you want to come back, why did you claim your super? Thanks in advance Phil
  12. Guest

    Claiming WHV tax back

    My daughter has just about to finish her 1st year WHV and is still in Melbourne, can anyone recommend were she can claim her tax back for working for the 6 months :cute:
  13. Guest

    Claiming back school fees

    Hi there seems to be several posts that mention that you may be able to claim back part of school fees paid while on a 457. My son and his family have just got PR and previously was on a 457 as from Jan 2008. During this time his son has been in a local Catholic school. Not 100% sure about fees etc but I know that they have had to pay. Not sure if it was a state school or a private school. Can you claim back any fees and if so how do you go about this. I know that it may not be that much but as Tesco say 'Every Little Helps.' Regards John
  14. I'm filing claim for my tax back on UK allowance as leave in next few weeks. I have some savings in UK accounts and have put some in parents names so only an ISA in my name but have other funds to store. Will HMRC find out about these accounts if I dont declare them? It seems more hassle than it's worth. Or should I just declare? Also Can I put them in off shore accounts to avoid HMRC? Additionally How will Aus find out about these accounts if I don't tell them? Advice appreciated
  15. Hi Does anybody know if its possible for me to claim back my super from working during my working holiday visa - and then return to australia on a sponsorship 457 visa. I left australia August this year and will be returning in January 2011 on a 457 visa. My recent visa expired in september so im hoping to claim back my super then use that money for my flight back in january. I'm wondering whether this would affect my 457 visa if i did this. I cannot find anything similar on the web or any forums - i called the high commision they referred me to ATO, although i cannot find an email address for them. Any help would be appreciated Thanks Adam
  16. Hello all, My civil partner is Aussie by birth and we intend on moving to Melbourne in the next year or so. He would be my sponsor for my Partner Visa. However, our self employed work as performers has almost dried up. These last 6 months has seen us work just 5 days in total. So money is very tight, and therefore we're thinking of claiming some UK benefits, such as Housing Benefit, Job Seekers and Council Tax. But reading Form 47, we need to declare if we're CURRENTLY claiming benefits. (Question 34, I think) Reading between the lines, we don't want to come across as potential high users of the Australian social security system. Neither of us have claimed benefits before and it would be just a short term claim, finishing before the visa application. We have no plans on claiming anything when we get there. The savings we have are allocated towards the costs of moving and setting up down under. Basically, should we claim to keep us afloat? Does DIAC have access to what people have claimed (NI records)?? Any help/advice regarding our dilemma would be most appreciated!! Cheers in advance;)
  17. Hi all, I am leaving the country in three weeks and am trying to figure out how to claim my super back. I understand I need to cancel my working holiday visa first. I am unsure of whether I then need to contact my super provider directly, or the tax office? Also, I plan to return to Australia in 6 months or so on a spouse visa. I picked up that claiming my super back at this stage may affect my late application? Does anyone know if there is any truth in this, or where I can find more information about it? Thanks very much for your help guys.. Liz
  18. Guest

    Claiming Tax Dilemma

    Hi all, I have been in Australia on a whv since August 2008, and have been earning consistently, paying tax and claiming the tax free threshold for around a year. I am currently in the process of applying for a partner visa. If this is granted, will I be able to claim all of my tax back as I will no longer be on the whv? As far as I know, I am an Australian resident for tax purposes, as since meeting my partner I have been working rather than travelling. Will my new visa entitle me to my tax refund? Thanks!
  19. Hi! I was wondering if anyone can help me with some advise. I have applied for a 175 visa in July 09 having 120 points in total. At the time the application was made I have submitted an IELTS assessment ( I am not an English native speaker so I had to do the test) for which I claimed 15 points as I scored 6.5 at the reading test and above 7 at the other 3 modules. As my occupation ( social worker) is not on the CSL or even MODL list I have applied for a state sponsorship with Victoria, however, after waiting more than 3 months I was told that in order to have my application processed I needed to provide an IELTS assessment with at least 7 at each module. So I have redone the IELTS and have managed to score 7 and above at each module. My concern is that if I do not get the state sponsorship and if in the future the min eligible points for a 175 will be raised I will no longer be eligibile for any visa. My question is -can I send DIAC my new IELTS assessment and claim 10 extra points, bearing in mind that no CO has been allocated to deal with my 175 visa application and I do not endeavour having a CO before 2012 or even later. Thanks
  20. Just sold my house using one of the parasitic Oz real estate agents. Not moaning, as they're about on par with the ones in the UK. Apart from the crazy astronomical charges here, wondered why there are so many. Enough said! Can I claim back the 10% GST charged on the transaction, as I am soon returning to sunny Manchester? Cheers John
  21. noel2538

    Claiming Tax on Shares ?

    Hi All We emigrated to Melbourne in May this year, when I left UK I completed P85 and the tax I paid in tax year 09/10 was refunded back to me...I worked for Tesco's and had shares which had to be sold when I left and I paid basic rate tax on the proceeds. I contacted HM Revenue, they advised me to complete an R40 but this form state 'if you are not a UK resident do not use this form'..so Im bit confused...if I leave it will it automaticly be refunded at the end of tax year 09/10?....ideas please:notworthy: Another thing is we still have money in our bank accounts in the UK...about £7,000...left it there because we're visiting family next year in UK and the exchange rate is cr*p at the moment. We havent registered these account for gross interest but what is the Australia tax position on these accounts? We both have pension too and understand they can be transferred to Oz fund tax free within 6 months, as longs on the QROPS list.....people are advising us to leave it in the UK because of how the 'supers' are doing over here, so thats another issue!!! Any pointers are appreciated....the right direction is all I need..lol thanks all:hug:
  22. Hello, My partner is an IT manager (occupation which is in the SOL list) and I would like to claim points for his skills in my application. Does he need to have his skills assessed by the ACS, even though he is not the main applicant? By what I read it seems he does but I would like to confirm... Because it looks like a lot of work and money to get just 5 extra points! :confused: If that is the case, it would be more advantageous to study harder for the IELTS test instead and get 10 extra points for free! :smile: Any thoughts welcome... Thanks, Luis
  23. I bet people have asked this loads But I have moved to Australia. I want to claim back my tax from the UK. I have printed off the forms from the TAXBACK.COM website. Can anyone let me know.... Has anyone done this with them? How long it takes? Which passport is better to send if you have two (husband has both Australian and Britsh) How much do they take from it? Can they give me the money in $$$$ Any help would be grand Thank you all in advance :notworthy:
  24. Hello All, We are moving/flying in TWELVE DAYS! to Brisbane/Gold Coast.:jiggy: Can anyone please tell me the site that you can claim back your tax from the Uk with your P45? Also has anybody done this and got some money back?:idea: Thanks xx
  25. Guest

    help with claiming tax back

    Hi All Anyone help with this question..:yes:.I here you can claim some tax back when we leave the uk...for oz..has anyone done this and can you help with what we hace too do..Or is it a case of just popping an email to our tax office ?But the info would be great from those of you thats done it. Cheers Trace:spinny: