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  1. Dawn75

    Adelaide or Perth?

    Hi thanks for sharing your experience , I'm so glad it worked out well for you. It's very hard to make a decision on where to live even without factoring in mines etc. Once you arrive you can get a feel for the place. We lived in the northern suburbs Perth, then thought south looked better and spent 18 mths there , then realised we didn't like it at all and ended up back north where we started !
  2. Dawn75

    Settlement survey

    Yes I've been here three years and never had one

    <p>Hello! Hows things with you, be great to hear from you</p>

    <p>We are (finally) making the move in November!</p>

    <p>Kelly :0)</p>


  4. Dawn75

    Help from Tradies please ~ Worried

    Hi Kelly ! My OH is a carpenter so outside most of the time- he found it tiring to start with but after a few weeks got used to the heat- just have to drink loads and loads of water- u can buy big insulated drink containers here from Coles supermarket etc , wear sunscreen and hat and sunnies and he will be fine. :cool:Sept good time to come as will get used to the heat by Jan/Feb when it got even hotter ( which I didnt think possible ) :laugh: Take care Dawn xx
  5. Dawn75

    need help with suburbs SOR please !

    Thank you so much, thats very helpful info. We will look at the other suburbs u mentioned too.
  6. Dawn75

    need help with suburbs SOR please !

    Hi Jodie ! Ive just emailed you
  7. Hi , I live NOR at the moment, we first lived in Butler and then moved to Two Rocks as its so lovely but now my hubbys carpentry work seems to be all in the south ! So after much consideration we are moving SOR but not too far from city so commuting easier whichever direction we need to go. After some internet research and knowledge from being here Ive got a "shortlist" of suburbs :v_SPIN: We are planning on a drive-about soon to have a good look around and get feel of each place, but can anyone give me any advice/experience that may help us please ? We have 2 young kids so schools an important factor and parks etc. Thank you ! Shortlist- Willetton, Rossmoyne, Kalamunda, Leeming, High Wycombe, Bateman, Bull Creek, Bibra Lake, Parkwood, Canning Vale. Not that short a list actually !! :laugh: Any advice appreciated , thanks Dawn
  8. Dawn75

    Official nurses thread!

    Hi Gill, yes it costs a bit here to study unfortunately but if u manage it there is so many job opportunities within nursing. You study 4 units per semester if u full time, Im part time so only do 2 units per semester. Each unit costs between $500 and $600 dollars. So say 4 x $500 costs $2000 dollars per semester and there are 2 semesters in a year. If you come over on permanent residency you get what they call commonwealth assistance where the government pay towards the cost so if your daughter is on a temp visa she will pay much more Im afraid but not sure what those costs are. Once you get Oz citizenship you can apply for Hecs-Help which is a student loan basically and you can also choosed to defer paying for your units upfront ( although you only pay a semester at a time anyway) . I wont be a citizen for 3 yrs yet so am starting now anyway as already a mature student and dont want to wait !! I think the training here is very good from what Ive seen and the uni s are well equipped. So if your daughter wanted to work and study part time to spread the costs , its fairly easy to fit it all in as for each units you get a selection of times to pick from so u create your own timetable. Its very flexible. If I can help at all with any more info please feel free to inbox/message me. Dawn x
  9. Dawn75

    Official nurses thread!

    Hi Simone- Im just starting my training to be a nurse also but at uni here in Perth. We came out on a skilled visa as my husband is a chippie. We have friends here in the police force and he is ex-met . He got here on a visa by applying to the WA police. Sorry if you have already looked into this but I have seen several adverts recently as they are recruiting again. Maybe look into it again now to see if your husband would be eligible ? Ill ask my mate when I see him later this week if they are recruiting from UK etc and find out whats going on. :smile: Keep smiling Dawn x

    <p>Hi Kelly ! Great to hear from you ! Alot will depend on where work is as we have found the suburbs further apart than we realised ! We lived in Butler when we arrived which is very nice but they call it Little England as full of English ! Now up at Two Rocks its more Oz than english but its what u prefer ! </p>

    <p>Clarkson and Quinns have had some trouble, Carramar, Tapping, Sinagra, are new areas and nice,Hillarys, Currambine and Connolly nice areas. Edgewater lovely but bit pricey.</p>

    <p>My hubby is fed up driving from where we are as a lot of his tradie work is around city centre and south of river . We may move south to a rural area later so we can build and have bigger plot of land. The new housing here is nice but gardens are small ! </p>

    <p>When are u coming over to visit ? Its lovely here, scary when you first arrive but once u make friends and settle down its fantastic. Best thing we ever did !! </p>

    <p>If I can be of any more help please ask. </p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>Take care</p>

    <p>Dawn xx</p>



    <p>Hiya...We are working out where to have a look round on our reccie, I know its indivdual taste, so you cant really go by what others think of places. But do you have any advice?</p>

    <p>Kelly :0)</p>


  12. Dawn75

    Rental agents Perth

    Ive found the above link the best as well, www.realestate.com.au , I found both my rentals on there. There is another one called reiwa.com.au but they dont seem to show as many. Good luck !
  13. yeah, we had a jungle jim apparently but it got closed for refurb then they decided they needed a new site for it with better parking etc, but still not found one. Think I will go with the park , BBQ and some entertainment. Thanks everyone. :smile:
  14. Hi, I live in Butler and my son will be 6 yrs old next month. I dont really want a party at our house so was considering BBQ in the park and looked into hiring a fire engine, face painting etc. Some companies are bit expensive though. Anyone got any good suggestions as we new to Perth so recommendations for good kids entertainment or what kids do here for parties would be great ?! Thanks Dawn :smile: