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    Applied online for mine (and family) on 11/9/16 After few weeks got the test dates - oldest son 22/12/16 - myself 3/1/17 - wife 4/1/17 All applications were send the same day AND specifically asked to do everything together as a family. Five minutes ago got an email from Dept.... : "We regret to inform you that your previous citizenship appointment has been cancelled, due to staff availability. We have rescheduled your appointment on:WHEN: 28/02/2017" Can they just do this? I was so looking forward to becoming a citizen, but it's starting to taste bittersweet ;-( My oldest one is in uni and as long as he isn't a citizen he can't apply for a hex loan
  2. OzWa

    Settlement survey

    Hi, anyone else also waiting for the WA settlement survey? one of the conditions of my 475visa was to fill in this survey every 6 months, but after one year I still didn't receive anything.. I've contacted WAgov and they told me to be patient :-) don't want to compromise my conditions if I would like to apply for a permanent visa next year Thanks for the replies cheers
  3. G'day folks, In Sept. we'll be relocating to (probably) Mandurah (or surroundings). Our 2 boys are 12 & 14 yrs old, they are really smart (every parent will tell this ;-)) and we are looking for a good school for them to start their new lives downunder. So if anyone has some tips for good schools to start, plz let me know. Is it true that your school depends on the location/street you live in ? We were thinking of letting to start with school in Oct ... so they can get a hang of Aussie education (English is not their native language - it's Dutch). Looking forward to hear your ideas. Cheers
  4. OzWa

    Shipping your own container

    By any chance selling a car in September ? ;-) Perth is our destination.... probably heading south towards Mandurah. And if you should know someone having a house to rent in that area, plz feel free to PM me
  5. OzWa

    Shipping your own container

    That is the best tip ;-) At which part of OZ do you live ?
  6. OzWa

    Shipping your own container

    Hi, i was wondering how your shipping story ended. Did you do it by yourself ? I can get hire a 20ft container too ... to WA.. but I'll have to fill in all paperwork. Working with the "classic" Crowns etc is much more expensive. So, if you tips to do or not do this, plz let me know. Cheers
  7. Hi, My family & I (4 persons) are looking for a short term furnished rental. We will be in WA from Sept 14th... for +/- 5 or 6 weeks (till our seacontainer arrives ;-)) and are looking for a nice and budget accommodation ....if possible Mandurah region, but not necessary. Of course . .we are decent, tidy etc folks. After the short term rental, we are also looking for a unfurnished house for longer a term... ;-) We are ready to relocate ... for any housing tips pls PM me Regards,
  8. Which one is preferable?? Or not so different ? Looking forward to see some idea's ;-) grtz
  9. Hi, Our application was on fast track -Good luck; don't give up .. it is all worth it .. ;-) Thanks for the link - 7 /10: applcation state sponsorship WA - 10 /10 : postive reply WA - 16/10: Diac application visum 475 - 28/10: CO - 9 /11: medicals en x-rays- 21 dec: medicals OK - 9 jan 2012: visa subclass 475 granted !
  10. Thx for the tips... I have read somewhere that Mandurah has lots of mosquito's ... but that makes it more tropical though, I guess ;-) Will check out these area's (thanks to www & google street view ;-)).
  11. Hi, In September my family and I will be relocating to WA ;-) finally ;-) this with a 475 visum , so Perth & surroundings are no option for us. Right now we are focussed on Bunbury and Mandurah (and surroundings). Is it cheap to live there, work possibilities, good schools ??? Will it be good idea to focus on these area's ? Our boys are 14 & 12 yrs old, I am a production manager graphic industry & designer. But as this is a new life downunder I am willing to do any kind of job ... I'm open for opportunities ;-) This is the moment to make that careerswitch we all dream off :-) Also if anyone has tips for our first months ? The plan is after arrival to stay a few days in Perth to chill and then heading South. Is it easy to find a furnished app or small house for a month ? Also we have to keep the WAgovernment informed of our contact details after arrival - do we have to do this immediately ? Our details will change after the first days and after a month (with the arrival of our container). Lots of questions, and getting a bit "blury" :-) 193 days to go .. So many things to do Sharing your thoughs & tips will be appreciated. Regards,:biggrin:
  12. OzWa

    Case Officer gone on leave!!

    I hate waiting :-( Medicals have been finalized the 21st of Dec, but our CO is on a deployment untill the 23rd of Jan .. Do we really have to wait that long? If I email his collegues (with the email-address provided by the CO), they do not respond ;-( Just need that GRANTED word ... ;-)
  13. OzWa

    Case Officer gone on leave!!

    same here :-( My CO is going on a deployment with this department. Hope someone at their department can mail me that "granted"christmasgift :-)
  14. OzWa

    Medicals stress

    aarrggghhhhh .. stress stress.... got this email from HOC " I have contacted our mail room who have no records of receiving a parcel under the tracking number provided. Please note this may be in transit still. If you require further information please contact the allocated case officer or relevant visa business section." My parcel left Belgium on the 18th of November ..... where is Santa when you need him? ;-)
  15. OzWa

    WA State Sponsorship

    We applied friday 7th of Oct and got a positive reply mondaymorning 10th ;-)