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    Coomera waters or north west Sydney suburbs

    You don't see many mozzies in the winter but they do like new blood! Everybody is different in the way they suffer at the hands of mozzies. If you use the right protection you are fine. Definitely work plenty of vitamin B into your diet as the mozzies are supposed to take a dislike to vitamin B! My 18 year old is living the dream! If there has been anyone in the family who has benefitted the most from the move, that would be our eldest. He is simply living the dream every single day. Kids have so much more here to do. We moved for them and they will thank us in years to come. The work on the town centre has just started and the first stage is set to be finished at the end of next year. It will be amazing! Here is a link to a website that gives you more information about what will be going in there. https://www.choicehomes.com.au/marketupdates/everything-you-needed-to-know-about-the-upcoming-coomera-town-centre Hope that helps?
  2. neildon

    Coomera waters or north west Sydney suburbs

    Been in Coomera Waters for nearly 10 years and its an amazing place. Yes it does have mozzies but the advantages far outweigh the negatives. Can't imagine living anywhere else as the community makes you feel very welcome. Can't comment on NW Sydney but you won't go far wrong with CW. Plus with the added advantage of the town centre coming everything will be close by. Good luck with whatever you choose.
  3. Hi we are currently recruiting darts players to play regular social darts on a Wednesday night on the Gold Coast. If you have thrown a few 180's then get in contact urgently! Seriously if you can throw a dart and know where double 16 is and you fancy a social Wednesday night out playing in a small league then send us a PM. We are having a meet and greet night on Wednesday 8th February at the Commercial Hotel in Nerang if anyone fancies coming down and throwing a few darts. It's a great chance to meet some other players and join a team if you want to participate. For further information, please visit http://www.goldcoastdarts.com.au/players-wanted.html Thanks for reading. Donna & Neil
  4. Hi Tina, just wanted to say Hi. Where abouts on the Goldie are you? Ive got three kids 6 year old girl then 2 boys 10 and 13. Would love to meet up with you but bit difficult at the mo with kids on school holidays....always out and about doing something Will be free when they are back at school in 2 weeks could maybe meet up over coffee Let me know Donna xx
  5. We looked at this school for my son who will be going into grade 8 this year. Seems to be a really good school my only concern was it being such a new school would it have all the amenities set up that my son may need. Love the idea of only having 120 students starting this year. Schooling is difficult where we are as we seem to be out of the catchment for most high schools being where we are. Only one we were guaranteed a place at was Upper Coomera State College and that doesnt have a very good reputation I believe there is also a new high school being built this year ready for 2013 intake near Gainsborough greens Coomera We have now been offered a place at Ormeau woods which they rejected in the first instance being out of catchment but they reviewed at the end of last year so we now have the choice of two.
  6. Hi Guys we are a family of 5 living in Coomera Waters with 2 boys of 13 10 and girl of 6 always happy to meet new people or coffee when kids are back at school. Pm me if you are interested
  7. neildon

    Darts Players

    This just gets better Gareth! We live in Coomera Waters as well! We have a darts board up at home so when you are settled in come round for an initiation! I drive every Wedneday so you have no problem with a lift if you fancy a drink. My good lady also plays darts and she does my drinking for me! She is the Jockey Wilson of the family! In both drinking and darts lol
  8. neildon

    Darts Players

    We will need to sign you in first time you come down and then if you like what you see (I'm sure you will!) then you can join. Its $5 for a year. No joining fee for the darts but we pay $5 a week which goes towards our end of season darts mash up at Xmas when they hand out all the trophies. Its a great night out and you get to meet a lot of great people. Give is a shout when you move up to Coomera. Is that soon?
  9. neildon

    Darts Players

    All looking good for you mate as we live in Coomera as well so you may have a ready made lift! As long as you know where the numbers are you will be fine. There are 2 good teams (who are beatable) and the rest are of a similar standard. How about when you are ready pop along on a Wednesday night and take a look? We picked up the wooden spoon last year but 2 new teams have come in and one of these look like they will take the honour! Its just a good night to have a game and have a few beers.
  10. neildon

    Darts Players

    Hi Gareth, We play out of Helensvale Bowls Club for home games and travel to 4 other venues. There are 9 teams in our League and we play 46 weeks of the year! How does that sound?
  11. neildon

    Darts Players

    Hi we are looking for two darts players for our team that plays on a Wednesday night on the Gold Coast. If you have thrown a few 180's then get in contact urgently! Seriously if you can throw a dart and know where double 16 is and you fancy a Wednesday night out playing in a small league then send us a PM. Thanks for reading. Donna & Neil
  12. Hi, Not sure if you are on facebook but join the group Expats on the Gold Coast if you are. Friendly bunch with regular meet ups??? Where abouts r u ??? Do you have any children ??? Donna
  13. neildon

    Slimming Clubs?

    Hi, Soory Im on the Gold Coast so cant offer advice on clubs in Perth. I use Weightwatchers as its the only one that really works for me. Was just wondering if you had tried the Lite n Easy programme.....you order online and they send you your food for the week...I tried it for a few weeks and it worked, but as I say I prefer going to meetings and being weighed by someone Cheers Donna
  14. Hi jocks in oz, We are having a coffee morning at the coffee club in Helensvale town (shopping mall) on Tuesday 8th September if you are free come along. 10.30am Anyone else who fancies a catch up as well. Donna x
  15. neildon

    ever so lonely!!

    Hi All, It was good to see you all this morning at coffee. We need to make it a regular thing, maybe somewhere a bit more child friendly for those of you with little ones.... Anna, I though Finn was very well behaved. Donna