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  1. mw291073

    $1.60 to the £1

    Snap! I have exactly the same as you to transfer nd have a job to arrive to. I was maybe just going to transfer a couple of grand just to see me through. There's always the UK credit card though I suppose...
  2. mw291073

    Living in Australia - What you need to know

    Yeah, I know about this. I work in IT networking, which predominantly uses, yes you've guessed it - routers! I move to Australia in a few weeks and have been pronouncing it the Australian way recently in work, just to get into the habit (much to my colleagues annoyance).
  3. mw291073

    Noob questions

    Do the same rules/rates apply transferring monies from MoneyCorp into any Aus bank? I have an old ANZ account and am looking into re-enabling that again to transfer into?
  4. What about using MoneyCorp etc for transferring into ANZ. Is it the same deal? I'm looking into re-opening my old ANZ bank account. Edit: not to worry. Just called ANZ, I'd have to open up a new account as my old one is dormant anyway
  5. mw291073

    The IT field Thread

    Managed to secure a Cisco CCNP network role based in Melbourne from the UK - I am an NZ passport holder. Start in July. Various forums mention how tough it is out there, but I guess it depends what IT area you work in, your skills and visa situation?
  6. mw291073

    Renting Short Term - Some Questions

    Many thanks guys. PM'd you both
  7. Hi all, Travelling alone - I'll be in the Gold Coast from late June staying with family, then flying down to Melbourne some time before the 8th July when I start a new job. I was planning to arrive in Melbourne around 4 or 5 days before (around the 3rd July) and stay in a backpackers for a couple of days while I look for a short term let. I was thinking about renting short term, in a fully furnished place, with bills included for up to 3 months until I settled down a little. I will be bringing 2 suitcases with me - that's it! I've seen some pretty good studio flats in between the $350 - $400 range. I've been looking around the St Kilda area, as that's quite close to South Melbourne - where my new job is. Are there any 'gotchas' that I should look out for? What should I bring out with me to secure a let? (I have my last 2 renting references) I assume I can move in pretty quick (like a couple of days) from when I've seen the property? Do these places have Internet access generally? Does this sound like a good plan?! Many thanks in advance!
  8. mw291073

    Moving alone and making friends

    Try meetup.com Lots of different social groups. A lot of the people in these groups will likely be in the same boat you're in and should be friendly, and open to making new friends
  9. Thank you and Bookmarked! I'm looking to get out to Australia very soon - I'm on a 4 week notice period with current employers. I'm a Cisco CCNP Network Analyst/Engineer. Long shot - but do you know of any roles that may be suitable for me?
  10. I was led to believe that as the financial year began, companies budgets would be renewed and more roles would be available for a period of time. Perhaps I've been misinformed?
  11. In general, what are the best months to arrive and land some work? I am hearing reports that July & August are best because the tax year starts on 1st July - is this true? I'm specifically looking for IT work, personally. Thanks in Advance!
  12. mw291073

    Any IP Network Engineer who migrated recently

    Thanks Dave, Do I just send to the contact email on the website, FAO Tom?
  13. mw291073

    Any IP Network Engineer who migrated recently

    I'm like you bugskaran30, an IP Network Engineer, looking to move to Australia in the very near future. Looking forward to seeing the responses
  14. mw291073

    Computer Network Professionals (ANZSCO 2631)

    I'd say you were a Network Analyst. network & Systems engineer indicates someone who gets involved with servers as well as network, rather than a Network Analyst, who is more specialised in networking.