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Found 30 results

  1. Hi, We are offering our flat to rent due to a moving overseas (we are breaking our lease). It's a big duplex located near to tram and buses (the city is 15 min away) and Glenelg Jetty road (lots of shops and supermarket). In the first floor you'll find the living room, dining room, kitchen and the laundry (with a second toilet). Upstairs you'll find 2 bedrooms with built-in-robe and the bathroom. One of the bedroom is very spacious (you can easily fit 2 king size bed) and the second one is slightly smaller (you can fit a queen size bed and still have space). In the bathroom there is shower, a bathtub, toilet, and a sink with a large cupboard (lot of storage). The flat can be furnished (we are selling our furnitures). It will be available the 2nd of april for a 6 or 12 months lease with Mc Cammon real estate agency. If you are interested and want to visit it feel free to contact us on 0439 901 976 ! ps : we are also selling all our furnitures
  2. Can anyone please send me some links for local estate agents for Henderson area or suburbs nearby as we are looking for 1 bedroom flat for beginning of September 2013 Thanks guys
  3. suchater

    all about Granny Flat

    My old folks finally decided to live with us under one strict condition: they should have a separate space in our property meaning a granny flat. Building a granny flat isn’t really a big problem for my wife and I. We’ve already set aside a budget for this project and we would like to be educated on a few things before we get started. So, first things first: - what are the initial requirements to have a granny flat built on our backyard? -how much would it cost for a 2 bedroom single-storey unit? -how much would I have to spend for water and electricity installation
  4. Hi all, Travelling alone - I'll be in the Gold Coast from late June staying with family, then flying down to Melbourne some time before the 8th July when I start a new job. I was planning to arrive in Melbourne around 4 or 5 days before (around the 3rd July) and stay in a backpackers for a couple of days while I look for a short term let. I was thinking about renting short term, in a fully furnished place, with bills included for up to 3 months until I settled down a little. I will be bringing 2 suitcases with me - that's it! I've seen some pretty good studio flats in between the $350 - $400 range. I've been looking around the St Kilda area, as that's quite close to South Melbourne - where my new job is. Are there any 'gotchas' that I should look out for? What should I bring out with me to secure a let? (I have my last 2 renting references) I assume I can move in pretty quick (like a couple of days) from when I've seen the property? Do these places have Internet access generally? Does this sound like a good plan?! Many thanks in advance!
  5. Help my family and I are arriving in Melbourne on the 26th of January on Australia Day. The accommodation that we had planned has just fallen through. We are a family of 3 and in desperate need to find a roof over our heads. At the moment neither my wife and I have jobs and we are travelling with a 15 month son. Does anyone know of a two bed property for rent either at the end of this month or next??? Or does anyone know of a decent serviced apartment on the cheap that they can recommend???? Thank you in advance for your help!!!!!!!!!:unsure:
  6. Hi, My Family are coming over for a month at christmas to visit me. I am looking for an apartment for them to stay in between the dates 13th December to 8 January. A 2 bedroom flat/apartment would be suitable for my parents and two young sisters. If anyone in Melbourne is going away over chrismas, maybe back to the UK etc and would be willing to rent out their place for a while please PM me. Thanks, Ryan
  7. The cheapest property to sell in Cairns for a while was a studio for $25,000 this is ok but the bodycorp on these properties are ridiculous. What's the cheapest property near you at the minute?
  8. Lurkio

    Feeling Flat

    You know what? I've just realised that I'm feeling flat!. After all this time of anxiously logging on every morning - waiting for the almightly visa to be granted. We've just finished tarting up the house (why is it that you only fix the leaky taps when you are trying to sell?) we've redecorated, laid new floors, hung new curtains etc.... Tomorrow I intend to phone four agents and get them round for valuations. Then house on the market - sell - move!!!!! I don't know... I've got sooooo much to do - arranging to move two labs, booking a container - booking air freight for Himself's tools ... but can't get on with it until we actually get a buyer on the hook... Chuffing kids are full of attitude (2 boys aged 16 and 14) ........ Families weeping and wailing cos they don't want us to go ....... Still living in Limbo!!!!!!!! Blerghhhh! Sorry folks - just venting!! f
  9. We are about to move into our new flat and I am confused as to which power & gas company to use (I am in Victoria). I compared prices with a little help of the internet and read a couple of customer reviews about certain companies. The thing is I know that most often only those people write reviews about products or services who want to complain about something. So the reviews I found were not very reassuring. The Direct Connect people who are on some contract with our estate agent only offer AGL power&gas which is not the cheapiest supplier so I thought I'll have a look if there are any other good companies with better prices. Well, yes, there are other companies for Victoria but maybe they are not good in other aspects??? (I did some research about Australian Power and Gas, Red Energy and Origin, and all of them seem to suffer from bad customer service.) Now, maybe some of you guys have more experience as to what (not) to believe. Has anyone recommendations? Any advice would be much appreciated.:wubclub:
  10. Just wanted to say we arrived two weeks ago and already found a flat. We went out for the first time for an inspection on Saturday (so two days ago), applied via email yesterday and already got the confirmation today. Unbelievable!:shocked: I thought it would be like in London where you go flat hunting for two to three months every day until you find something decent. That looks like a good start.
  11. hi my names teri and im new to all this, hoping to move to perth this year or early next year, with my hubby dave and our son brad whos 13, looking for somewhere furnished to stay for about a month.
  12. Hi guys, I am moving out to Sydney on the 17th of Jan and need to send stuff with me. I currently live with my folks so I don't have furniture. I work however as a Wedding photographer so the main things I will be taking are computers, camera gear, electronics and clothes. I reckon I can get it into about 6 Tea carton boxes plus a case for my TV. Seven Seas seem to be pretty reasonably priced, is there anything I might be missing in the small print with them? Any other companies that are worth checking? I have a long list here but most of them don't provide instant online quotes. Also what fees will I have to pay once my stuff arrives and any idea of how much it would be for that number of boxes? Thanks guys SUSHI
  13. Hi all, I'll be moving to Sydney on a 457 visa in a few weeks. I have a place to stay sorted for 1 month, and am starting to look for longer term rented accommodation. I'll be working in the CBD (Sussex Street) and would like to live somewhere within a 30 minute commute maximum (either by public transport of by car if the accommodation allows for one). My budget is around $200 - $400 pw; ideally I'd like a 1 bed flat but I'd happily consider a flat share. I've started to look around on sites like www.domain.com.au and www.realestate.com.au. There's plenty of choice, but I don't know much about the different areas, commute times etc... so I'm having trouble narrowing down my options. What are the best areas to live for easy access to the CDB? Which areas are more rough and worth avoiding? Cheers, -R
  14. Hi there Moving to Melbourne in Novemebr hopefully and wanted to put a heads up note looking for a room for myself. 50y male, married moving ahead of the family who will follow after O-levels are over in July. Non smoker , comapny director of a major retailer. Anyone hearing of anything please drop me a note. Have company offer of hotel or flat, but would prefer to have people around me, rather than sitting like "Billy no-mates" in my hotel. Office is near the zoo if that helps, but happy to do a reasonable commute as apparently against the traffic from CBD etc. Granny flat or similar would be great, ideally with parking available for car/motorcycle. Thanks in advance. Nigel
  15. Guest

    Flat screen TV?

    Quick query about taking out television. We have a newish (year old) 37" flat screen TV, HD, freeview built in etc. Firstly, will it work OK in Australia or are we better off selling it and buying new when we get there. And secondly, do they have anything akin to our freeview, or is it all satellite based? Oh, and whilst I'm on the subject, will out Wii and XBox 360 work? Ta xxx
  16. Hi all, We are packing up in 3 weeks and putting our stuff into storage with Pickfords before we sort our visa's to move. I have had several shippers in to quote for removals and they all seem to have said various different things that I'm finding confusing. For example, Pickfords told us not to bother taking the fridge and freezer as they wont get cold enough over there. I have insisted that they take the fridge though they didnt quote for our small freezer. Is this true or an Urban legend? Also, for some bizzare reason, they have insisted to ship our huge IKEA bookcase assembled (and empty) rather than flat packing it to create more space?! Are we able to tell the packers on the day that we want it flat packed or just do it ourselves in advance? Surely they wont make us re-assemble it? My husband is taking his snap on tool box and Pickfords have said that they will remove all his tools and pack them in seperate boxes as the toolbox will be too heavy fully laiden? Some other shippers have said that sending it complete is acceptable? Why are they saying different things? To be honest, I think hubby will be happier with it all in the toolbox. Finally, did anyone vac pack their clothing and bedding to take over in the container? We were told that it is not advisable due to condensation or some other random fact? We have loads of clothing and I cant understand why vac packing is not recommended, esp as all the air is sucked out so there is no air to cause mold anyway? I do feel that the shippers are not really interested in space saving at all!!!
  17. Guest

    Council flat?

    As a returnee, what would be my standing as an single Age Pensioner in getting a council flat or even a house? Of course it depends on the area but in general what are the criteria?. I would be interested in getting away from the cities.
  18. RobDav

    Flat swapping

    We're off to Oz soon (457 visa dependent) anyone had any experience re flat swapping? We have a two bed flat in London and are wondering about possibility of swapping for same in Sydney North shore. Anyone got any advice or recommended sites etc? Cheers Rob
  19. RobDav

    London for Sydney flat swap

    We're off to Oz soon (457 visa dependent) anyone had any experience re flat swapping? We have a two bed flat in London and are wondering about possibility of swapping for same in Sydney North shore. Anyone got any advice or recommended sites etc? Cheers Rob
  20. JVC 32 inch / 81cm Widescreen (16:9) pure flat screen TV. Comes with stand and Audiosonic digital set top box with remotes for both units included. Dolby Digital stereo speakers with Sub woofer and Fastext / Teletext. Excellent working condition. $250
  21. HUNDREDS of new high-rise apartments on the upper north shore have stood empty for months due to a lack of demand, casting doubt on the State Government's strategy of opening up the region for high-density development. Developers have resorted to offering thousands of dollars worth of free furniture in an effort to sell apartments in the shiny new five-storey blocks that have sprung up from Wahroonga to Roseville. I do not recall ever seeing a real estate story in newspapers admitting that first they have empty flats, and secondly cannot sell them?
  22. Guest

    Flat rental on a share basis

    We need to validate my 176 visa in Jan 2010. Even though we are on WA SS, we are having alternate plan to visit melbourne for validation trip.In this regard, i'd like to know about the flats on rentals on share basis just for a week . I'd prefer staying with an Indian Family. Will anyone here in the forum help me to know, which area of Melbourne has more of Indian Community. For Example like in London " Wembley"& "Southhall". Is there any areas out in Melbourne which has more number of Indians residing.:biggrin:
  23. Hi, I will be going to Oz for a validation trip for my 176 visa. Just need a share flat for a week or so. Can any one suggest which sub-urbs in perth I can avail it. I prefer staying with an Indian family. Any idea where does the Indian community stay in Perth.:biggrin:
  24. Guest

    Flat roofing in australia

    Hi, can anyone give any advice on what flat roofing systems are used in australia please?
  25. Hi Everyone, Will be leaving Australia due to work reasons - desperately need someone to take over my lease for 3+ months. I have 3 months left on it - the land lord will accept longer tenants. Please find the details below. Thanks Hamz Beautiful fully furnished 1 bedroom flat 10 minutes walk from Clovelly and Coogee beach. Situated in a peaceful tree lined surrounding close to shops and supermarkets. Gas, water, and electricity included in the rent. Furnishings include: TV and DVD player Washing machine Fridge freezer Tables, chairs, and coffee table Cutlery, plates, glasses Bed and mattress Hoover Nice rear garden. Available from 20/4/2009 Please visit the following link for images Flat Available for rent in Clovelly! - Sydney - House Rental - Apartment Rental - Gumtree Sydney Free Classifieds