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  1. Bordy

    Mornington muddle!

    Good post by Blade 17. Tanti was maybe undesirable years ago but its ok now. I live just on "wrong" side of the highway in Mornington, moved here 4 years ago from Knox & is best move we ever made. Mornington. Mt Martha & Mt Eliza all great areas.
  2. Bordy

    Britvics no more ???

    Hi all, I had very little to do with Britvics in the end & when asked if I would give the domain over I was more than happy, unfortunately I paid for two years of the domain address & it had run out by a few days. I asked if I could buy it back but as was said some numpty had bought it. It was a great site in the days before Facebook but was pretty quiet in the end. The life in victoria site is just as good if not better. Glad Ive not been forgotten though
  3. Bordy

    Mornington Meet up.

    Hi Frank, was good to meet you & see so many at the meet. Hopefully a few get some good info & maybe some new friendships out of it.
  4. Bordy

    Melbourne Beach Box sells for $275,000

    Did I pay to much???
  5. Bordy

    Mornington Meet up.

    30 Degrees on Sunday, make sure you bring your sunscreen. Looking forward to meeting everyone.
  6. Bordy

    Mornington Meet up.

    Yes Jo as long as they are on a leash they are welcome.
  7. Bordy

    Mornington Meet up.

    Now the warmer weather is here its time to arrange another Ex Pats meet in Mornington park on Sunday 25th November. All Ex Pats welcome to come along especially those new to Melbourne. I will be there from around 12.30pm so come along, bring a picnic and look for the Scottish flag. Meet other Ex pats new & old who have been through the same experience.
  8. Bordy

    Masters in Mornington

    Yes, last thing we need is more tagging & Graffiti around the area. Hopefully staff were all friendly, we had plenty of training.
  9. Bordy

    Masters in Mornington

    Unfortunetly Mcdonalds pulled the plug at last minute, all the plumbing has been down to support a small cafe, we still hope to have one at some point. As for jobs, go onto the Masters website & apply through there.
  10. Bordy

    Masters in Mornington

    New store is open to the public from 7am Monday 7th May, feel free to come in & say hi to a couple of us from PIO that work there.
  11. Bordy

    Anyone out there on the Mornington Peninsula?

    Thats ok, I'm very old too.
  12. Bordy

    Anyone out there on the Mornington Peninsula?

    I will give you a toot on the horn on my way to work at Masters.
  13. If you get the job all well & good but make sure you have PR first so you don't tie yourself to the hospital through sponsorship, that way you can move on if it doesn't suit. My wife recently left public nursing to go into private but hated it & is now back at her old public hospital even though its an hours drive from where we now live.
  14. Hope it goes well, I won't make it this time as I'm bowling in Koo Wee Rup on Saturday.
  15. Bordy

    "Masters" Mornington

    Anyone applied for a job at the new "Masters" in Mornington?