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  1. Helz980

    To all those who returned home for good....

    I’ve been back since April 2015. I remember posting in here about so unhappy in Oz. I remember getting on that plane with my 3 year old daughter, I had 2 bags & no money but the sense of relief was immense. When I landed at Newcastle my mam & dad were there & as we travelled back to the hills of Northumberland I knew I’d made the right decision. 4 years on I’m now divorced (ex still lives in oz) sold my old house & live in a lush cottage which looks out onto the hills, I’ve got a fantastic job & my daughter is doing well at school. I run ultra marathons now & am always outside doing something. I don’t ever have regrets for moving to Oz in the first place but I don’t regret leaving either.
  2. Helz980

    What's it like living around gosford?

    I lived in Woy Woy for a few years & the prices have gone mental. It has its good parts & bad parts like any place! But close to the beach, the shore, train station, Sydney, Newcastle. It's a decent place but I wouldn't live in gosford!
  3. Helz980

    Young family Terrigal area

    Hi i lived in Woy Woy for 4 years & had moved there with a young baby. The central coast is an amazing place & great for families. I had many Aussie friends who I'd met through baby club, swimming lessons & even just chatting to mums in the park....basically friends for life! TBH any place is great, it's what you make of it I guess!
  4. Helz980

    Here again!

    my goodness I don't recognise the lass who's wrote that!!
  5. Helz980

    Here again!

    Hello lovelies!!! It would only be for a 2 week holiday not a large trip. It's about making peace with oz mainly
  6. Helz980

    Here again!

    Its been a very long time since I posted anything in PIO so I'm assuming nobody will remember me! Anyhoo I moved back to the UK April 2015 after 4 years of heartache in Oz. I left my OH & we have since then reconciled although he remains in Oz. BUT he is still asking me for a decision about Oz, now 90% of me is happy here & as I left Oz under a dark cloud of depression & anxiety I feel I need to go back for a trip so I can make peace with myself & oz. Anyone else felt like this before?
  7. Helz980


    I know I don't honestly know what's going to happen with him! He either needs to man up & come back but on the other hand do I want someone here who is miserable?
  8. Helz980


    Well hello strangers!! It's been a while! Think it was August when I last posted! Where am I? Still in the uk & coming up to a year. My job is going well & Olivia has been accepted into the village school. I'm still running & I've got Edinburgh marathon coming up soon! Which in my mind shows how far I have come in having confidence in myself. Relationship.....I seperated from hubby sept & he came over for a 2 month holiday over Xmas. Now we talked & in the end decided to make a go of it with the proviso that he returns to the uk end of july. Anyway he's now trying to persuade me to go back to oz for 12 months....he has an amazing job that he doesn't want to give up (blah blah) & I don't live in the real world...the same stuff he used to say to me before I left. Now I'm wondering why the hell I decided to give it another go. So apart from that life is pretty good!
  9. Helz980

    Child visa 802

    Hi sea breeze, no we couldn't, we kept the receipts & I think we claimed back
  10. Helz980


    Hi everyone its been 3 months since I left so due an update! I'm so happy being home I've probably done more in the past 12 weeks than the last 6 months I spent in oz. I started my job, completed a foundation diploma with a distinction, been competitively running, Olivia has been going to nursery & has been to lots of parties! I've been visiting friends all over the UK. In a word I feel free!! Yes I'm still living with my folks but I'm quite happy & not ready to move into the house I own. Hope everyone is ok xx
  11. Helz980

    Quick update!!

    There are some elements of oz that I do miss such as my friends & things that i used to do with Olivia but tbh nothing that I can't do here! Even when it's been raining we've been out more!!
  12. Helz980

    Quick update!!

    Would you believe this! I rang up this week an old place I used to work when I finished uni to see if they had anything pt time (just crappy packing homemade artists pastels but good money & good craic!) I thought I need something small to kick start after not working & I'm not bothered what it is. They didn't have anything but the owner phones me before & has a job for me doing account management of the customers!!! Part time & it's only 5mins from my folks & 15mins from Olivia's nursery!!! Start date mid-end June. The words were I think you will be perfect for the job!!!!!!!!!!! Still putting my app in for the police force
  13. Helz980

    Quick update!!

    Well hello everyone!! we made it back to blighty 27th April & honestly it's the best thing I've done!! When I got onto the plane & cried & cried tears of relief that I was heading home. Olivia was an absolute dream on the plane & to see her face when she saw her nana & granda at the other side was priceless. I've settled up at the farm with my parents whilst I sort out our house to get ready for renting again as I can't afford to live there. I'm not getting any help from my oh. My mam bought me a car so I have freedom & I've given myself 6 months to get back on my feet. Biggest thing is I feel free, yes I've not got much but I'm happy. Olivia has started nursery & I'm looking for jobs...loving the countryside & even heading into the shops where there's so much choice is great! & my sister is flying me down to London to stay with her, taking me for food at tom kerridges place & then to see fleetwood mac!! So excited. Sorry its a short update xx
  14. Helz980

    Never been so glad we MBTTUK

    Aww bless you Hun, hope you are all ok xx
  15. Helz980

    Decision made but .....

    Lovely to hear your update I've often wondered how you were doing. You actually sound so much stronger Hun. Keep it up xx