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I always book direct. Fly BA/Qantas code share or Singapore Airlines. All via Singapore airport which is just about the best airport to spend a few hours in if you have to.


Have a read of the sticky threads at the top of the Transport and Shipping section. All in the top part, sticky threads. Lots of info about the airlines and airports they fly though.




That is your best place to start as plenty of people have posted to those already.





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This time we've booked with an agent - Trailfinders (brilliant service), I needed someone else to do the searching and hunting! I can't reccomend them highly enough, particularly if you're a nervous flyer or travelling with kids or any special requests :)

As for airlines, I've only travelled on a few - I love Emirates and Singapore, Cathay was fine (not brilliant, but perfectly acceptable). they're the only ones we've travelled with so far.


Etihad are meant to be good - hope so, hubby is booked with them this time around - if you can wait till mid November we'll be able to give you the verdict then! They are a good price with good connections...


Good luck :)

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