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From Adelaide to Queensland

Guest MovingOnUp

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Guest MovingOnUp

Hi All,


Am new to this forum but not to Australia. Have been living in Adelaide for 5+yrs now and have decided to up sticks and move once again.


We had planned to move at the end of the year once our eldest has finished year 7. However, everything doesn't always go as planned and out of the blue my husband was offered a job in Brisbane so he moved up there 2 weeks ago.


So now he's up there when he has any spare time I send him out on fact finding missions for the ideal place for us to settle and with good schools.


I did quite fancy The Gap and have heard excellent things about their high school however Gavin has heard that this was one of the areas affected by the floods??


I also like the Ferny Grove/Hills and Samford areas and have heard great things about Ferny Grove high school too. We like the fact that it is quite hilly and a bit out in the country as this is what we are used to.


So does anyone on the forum live in these areas or have any knowledge of them.


I will be making a trip up with the kids nearer the end of the year but just want to try and narrow it down a bit before then.


Many thanks


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We looked at the Samford area and it is lovely out there. You get the space and semi rural feel but are still within easy reach of the city. I only briefly looked into schools but the surronding schools seemed ok to me and dont seem to have bad reputations.


As for The Gap being affected by the floods, alot of suburbs were affected but thankfully for half of them it was just one or 2 streets and when you look at some of the streets that were affected you can see they are very low lying, i guess im trying to say dont rule a suburb out because of the floods until you have been and seen it.

Good Luck with everything

Cal x

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Guest J-inOz

Hi, can't help you with suburbs in Brisbane as we made the move from Adelaide to Gold Coast. You may find that your child will go into year 8 when you move. Both my sons jumped a year when we came up here. One went from year 7 primary straight into year 8 and my other jumped from year 5 to year 6. It was a bit of a shock for them at first but now they have settle nicely.

There will be so much more for you to do here than Adelaide.


Good luck.

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