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To Let n rent or Sell n Buy

Guest Tom n Amber

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Guest Tom n Amber

Hi Folks,


Im hopfully moving to Brisbane in August/ September 2006 on a 3 year secondment with my company who have offices in Oz and the UK who will sponser me.


I will be there for the full 3 years and will decide then if im staying or coming back to the UK - I dont itend to think to much about that, just to enjoy my time in Oz with the Wife & start a Family there.


so........ I dont know wether to let my house out to rent in the uk and rent in Oz, or to just sell up and buy something in Oz. I intend to rent in Oz for the first 6 months regardless, and so letting my home in the seams the obviouse choice and i also understand that buying in Oz will not be easy as we will be non resident.


But to be honest, i dont fancy the hassel of letting me house out.


Can any one give me any advice on this??


I suppose house price rises can also be a factor - are Brisbane properties still rising or has that settled down now?

That said, the excahnge rate seams to be falling (raising..) all the time also increasing the relative value of Oz houses...

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Guest stuckinblighty

Ditto.I'm in the same boat but i havent even started the visa application performance yet :shock: .I am lending towards renting out here and in Aus at the moment but its early days yet. If you are concerned about the agro of being a landlord you could always try using a letting agency ??!??

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Come on guys you HAVE got to sell ,them first few years will be so difficult knowing and full of teething problems you will probably want to return and knowing you have somewhere to return to may make the difference between make or break,,,ring them agents tomorrow


Cal x

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Guest scoop

Hi Hun


I rented out my house first time I went through an agent. They never looked after the property and I wish I had sold as I would never have come back!! That was five years ago and still trying to get back..


Go for it mate. You will not want to come back when you get there.


Good luck whatever decision you make.




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Guest ABCDiamond

Temporary Residents can buy new property without restriction or an established property provided it is your residence and it is sold when your visa expires. Consent of the FIRB is normally required. http://www.firb.gov.au/


Brisbane house prices have generally stalled. Interest rates has just risen 0.25% today, which will in theory hold prices from rising. Many houses in my area have been up for sale but are taken of the market as they do not get the higher prices that sellers want, and have been led to believe they can get by the agents. Although genuine sellers are accepting best offers. I had one up at $310k, but accepted $270k.


Renting is very cost effective at the moment. If I was considering moving I would sell up first, rent for 6-12 months while looking for a bargain ideal property, and then buy.


Do you sell in UK or rent it out ? We have had 6 rental tenants, 3 bad and 3 good, and being a landlord has been a big pain in the backside.


We have one investment property left to sell, (Sydney West) and then I never really want to see a tenant again !!


If it was me, I would sell, you can always buy again IF you go back to the UK.


Cal's comment is VERY valid.

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