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Regarding cancellation of Nomination

Guest bmel

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Guest bmel

Dear friends,

need an advise on the following matter.

I am a nurse, and was recently given with an offer and subsequently an employer nomination. Employer told me to apply for 121 PR visa. I did the same and in the meanwhile I got a mail from the nominating employer that due to a business crisis they are not employing any more people and hence withdrawing their offer and subsequently the nomination. What happens to my 121 PR visa application. Do I need to close the application or DIAC will automatically do it?

I can get another job easily, its just matter of some time.


Any advise on this will be highly appreciated



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Guest siamsusie

Hi Bmel,


Welcome to Poms In Oz,


I cant answer your questions for you I am afraid, if you dont receive much joy, why not try the Migration thread.


I hope you enjoy our forum.


Best wishes


Susie x

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