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Found 18 results

  1. Hi everyone! SCENARIO: - My friend has been granted permanent residency through partner visa subclass 309/100 last May 2015. - Her partner cheated and she broke up with him mid last year. - She's nearly eligible for citizenship (few months) but with the new migration laws this year... At this stage, is there any way her permanent status be cancelled? She's deeply worried so please comment on this! Thanks so much in advance!
  2. Hello guys, I'm curious if anyone is in the same situation as I where my partner (the main visa holder) has recently been made redundant, we were both geologists but I was made redundant last year and I haven't found any skilled work since . Anyway I'm curious if anyone is in the same situation and has managed to work whilst their partner (the main visa holder) can't even though the visa may cancel in 90days since notice was given??? We're currently trying to get PR in the way of state sponsorship but until then would like to get some money coming in doing whatever, as I think I have full working rights but unsure if it becomes void now we have no sponsor?:err: Any thoughts?
  3. Hi folks, I was just wondering whether the citizenship can be expired or canceled under certain conditions? For example if you've been granted a citizenship and the day after you decide to leave OZ for indefinite time period, will the citizenship be active\valid forever? Thanks, Eugene
  4. Im 5 months in and I need to leave the job. Im not sleeping and am very stressed due to the bullying nature of my boss. What is ahead of me if I give my notice? Should I tell DIAC? Someone advise me please :cry:
  5. Guest

    PR cancellation for Crime

    Hi guys, I came across a website saying the following : Cancellation under s.501 Section 501 of the Migration Act contains grounds for the cancellation of a visa where the Department of Immigration is satisfied that the visa holder: Would be likely to engage in criminal conduct in Australia Would vilify a section of the Australian community Represents a danger to the Australian community Would incite discord in Australia Is 'not of good character' I am not a criminal and I have not committed a crime but what exactly is that section 501 suppose to mean ? In Australia many things are "crime" its an offense to be drunk in public, walk on the right side of the footpath,acting in a disordering behavior (which could be...anything ?) and many more where probably the majority is not even aware of. The question that came into my mind is are there PR cancellations happening and for what type of offense ? Murderer,manslaughter, possession of child pornography, having a smoke in a nightclub, stealing a bottle of rum, having declared one pen to many on the last tax declaration, trying to get into the county without knowing you had tiny particles of dirt on your shoes and quarantine charges you... the list goes on. Just would be nice to know. Source : http://www.beyderwellen.com/immigration-practice-areas/cancellations.htm
  6. Dear friends, need an advise on the following matter. I am a nurse, and was recently given with an offer and subsequently an employer nomination. Employer told me to apply for 121 PR visa. I did the same and in the meanwhile I got a mail from the nominating employer that due to a business crisis they are not employing any more people and hence withdrawing their offer and subsequently the nomination. What happens to my 121 PR visa application. Do I need to close the application or DIAC will automatically do it? I can get another job easily, its just matter of some time. Any advise on this will be highly appreciated BMEL
  7. Guest

    PR Application Cancellation

    Hello, I had lodged my PR application (online)under State Sponsorship and I had confirmed in advance over the phone that I can go ahead and lodge the PR application. However now the DIAC is asking me to redo the ACS assessment. My ACS code was ACS-2231-79(nec) Firewall and Network Security Specialist. My IELTS is also expiring soon, If I reapply for ACS, it will take another 3 months, then they might ask me to do the state sponsorship again. I do not have time and exhausted. I have decided to give up. How can I cancel the PR application and are they going to return the application fee?
  8. I'm currently in a very stressful situation with my Vietnamese girlfriend. We have been together for 3 years and have recently used ASA Migration to help us put together a de facto visa application. My g/f has been studying for the last few years at a university which the last semester her studies became too hard and she failed a few units and was required by the uni to lodge an appeal for good standing or she would be reported to DIAC. WE have lodged the appeal so she can start a new Tafe course and awaiting reply. ASA took this into account and assured us that if we can get our application in before the Uni reports her, the automatic bridging visa will keep her in the country until the decision for de facto visa has been made. However I have been getting conflicting reports from other sources that state if a student visa is cancelled, all other visas are also cancelled and she would need to leave Australia. I love her to death and it makes me sick to think she would have to leave even after all the money we've just saved up and spent for the application.
  9. Guest

    student visa cancellation.

    Hi, Last year i enrolled in a 2 year masters programe in a uni and after completing the first year i thought of apply for my PR. However since I havnt got my skill assessment back from ACS i had to apply for a 485 graduate visa and i was granted a BV A which allows me to work full time . At the time I ask the immigration office in brisbane who process my 485 visa, they told me my current student visa will expire on 2011 as it should be no drama. At this time I have allready got my course complectgion letter too. However last week the immigrations Student monitoring unit called me and ask me "why havnt I enroled in a course yet?" So I told them the story. Now they want to meet me on next week and discuss it. As i heard if we cancel a student visa u go to a BV E which has No work or travel right its a one way back to home. I dont want that and im freaking out at the moment. What im afraid is that can they override my BV A to BV E if so that's very bad.
  10. Penfold

    457 Cancellation? Apply for PR?

    Hi all After working for a cabinetmaking company in Queensland on a WHM visa in 2007, I applied (from the UK) for sponsorship on a 457 visa towards the end of 2008 and this was granted in May 2009. By the time the visa was granted my sponsor had already been in touch to say the reccession was affecting them quite badly and they did not have enough work to employ me. We agreed not to cancel the visa in case things picked up. Things did pick up and I was supposed to start work in January 2010, but then my Mother became ill and I was forced to pospone the date again. I am now looking to start work with them in October. However Immigration have been on to them and me saying that they will be cancelling the visa as it is "dragging on". Can they do this??!! I was under the impression that the visa was valid for 4 years. There has never been any "this visa must be used within 12 months of it being issued" spiel on the 'paperwork'. Multiple entries for 4 years is all it says. So what are they playing at? What can I do to get them off my back? (apart from bomb to Oz and start work) I really wish I had never gone for the 457 option anyway. I wish I had just applied for PR one way or another. 175 is it? But that seemed expensive and long-winded compared to the 457. I'm toying with the idea of cancelling the 457 myself and re-applying for a 175. Would there be a black mark against my name for wasting the 457 visa?? Also, what would my chances be of being granted outright PR? I'm 28, years of experience in joinery/cabinetmaking but with no certificates or qualifications in it, BA(hons) degree Film & Video, currently working as Physics Technician in a sixth form college. No wife or kids. Girlfriend is a hairdresser (8 years, qualified) but I have only been with her a few months. She was going to come with me on a 417 WHMV. Any advice, options, similar experiences etc would be greatly appreciated. I feel like I'm in a bit of a pickle. Should I just scrap this plan and start again? Ideal scenario: both get PR in Oz Thanks :biggrin: Joe
  11. Hi Everybody! I'd like to lodge my application for skilled migration (176). And I started to read the questions, and I have a problem with this one: Have you or any person included in this application ever had a visa cancelled? I was in Australia a few years ago with a student visa for two years, but I left the counrty after 6 months. I don't know what has happened with my visa after. Is this means that my visa was cancelled? Thanks for the answers! Annamaria
  12. This is interesting in light of the current debate about such things as student visas. 6000 student visas restored after legal glitch | The Australian If anyone is interested the text of the Federal Court ruling is here:- http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/cases/cth/FCA/2010/162.html
  13. Guys, first time of ever doing this! I am flying from brum to brisbane (via dubai) and I am concerened about the weather. I dont fly till the 22nd of jan so hopefully it will be okay! However, if it is delayed, what happens to the connection in dubai? Also, if it is cancelled, what happens then?? Cheers!
  14. Guest

    vias cancellation

    hi there i had my 457 visa cancelled as the company i was sponsored by changed there trading name. i am now back in the uk and applying for a fiance visa. has anyone else had there visa cancelled and applied for a new visa? if so what answers did you put for q 80 on the 47sp ? :confused:
  15. Guest

    cancellation of PR application

    is that possible? i applied around march via online. (sponsored by relative) and i'm thinking of giving it up as no news has come up while i have things to do back home. so cancellation might be an alternative; an open possibility. i'm still not sure nevertheless. i feel like i need to know the procedure and so on. anyone can help me in this? and will i get some of my fee returned or what? thx in advance
  16. tuckerfa

    457 to PR. Cancellation of 457

    We are in the very final process of geting out PR visa. Just waiting for them to tell us to leave Australia infact. We are here on a 457 and as I've said, in the final throws of the PR. When the say they want us to leave the country to make the decision, what if they say no? Do they also cancel your 457 or let you come back on it? We both have jobs, school house etc. What happens? Do they let you back in to clear your affairs then kick you out, or does the terms of you 457 just continue as normal. I'm really starting to get worried now. Thanks Frank
  17. Guest

    Cancellation fee $1494.72

    Cancellation $1494.72 Non direct debit surcharge $2.50 Service and equipment $80.39 This is from a well known tinter net firm. We were with them for 3 weeks ,waiting for a modem ,that didnt turn up ,so they said we could go else where ,free of charge. But look what i got in the post today :shocked: eddie Tim can i name them please:idea:
  18. We have just had a last minute cancellation so we have a fully furnished brand new property available immediatly for the next six weeks at a very discounted rate. email me at corbiere@westnet.com.au to enquire about booking or call 61 8 93047772 (we are 7 hours ahead of UK). Property is 3 minutes walk to Clarkson Train Station which is 30 minutes north of city and five minutes to beach.