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Any Quantity Surveyors in OZ

Guest sunblops

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Guest sunblops

Currently a Quantity Surveyor back in the UK, is the QS work in OZ similar to that practiced back home? Is there much of a difference in private practice?


Is there measured term surveying works in OZ (using schedules of rates like the PSA schedule of rates for building as used back home)?


Is it an advantage being Chartered as a Quantity Survey in OZ?


thanks in advance

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Guest The Ropey HOFF

Hi and welcome to PIO


I don't know the answer to this, but i have replied to put it to the front, so hopefully someone will reply.


All the best.

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I know it is probably a bit late. My OH is a Senior PQS and is in the process of hunting down jobs. We've had one offer but I don't think the money is enough.


He is chartered and says it has helped get noticed, and he is working towards his RICS Fellowship. He is Leed accredited to the 2nd level (not sure of correct terminology) which apparently they are into in a big way and helped secure this job.


His other advantage though is that he has a close friend who is Australian who works in the same industry so he has been able to get introductions via him.


Ok... just got a short reply from him via skype as he's in Vienna airport -


Being MRICS is a big advantage.

PSA - dunno

Go to AIQS website - info and jobs I think there.

Private practice same as UK really.


Contractors talk of Cost Planners or Estimators, or Commercial managers when post contract.


Good luck

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