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  1. Trixie

    Manly meet up

    We're in Dee Why too and would be up for meeting some people on the 10th... what time and where is it everyone is meeting?
  2. Sorry to but in but we may be interested in the Manly meet up as we are only up the road.
  3. I live in Dee Why (just up from Manly) and work in St Leonards. Obviously depending what time you set off depends on how long it takes. The Spit as NickyNook says it's a nightmare at any time of the day let alone rush hour. I go up the Warringah Road and then turn left down Penshurst St and that takes you into St Leonards/Crows Nest a very easy route..but then you would have to put your trip from Manly on top of my timings... it takes about 10-15 mins for me to drive from DY beach to Manly Corso. Timing... I set off at 8:10am the other day and got into work at 9:20am... the Warringah Road was a nightmare but Military Road after the Spit would have been worse I think. This morning I set off at 7:30am and it took 50 mins. Just a few parts of the 'W' Road congested. On the way back (I finish at 3pm) it takes about 30 mins on a nice clear run.
  4. Trixie

    Arriving in Canberra mid Feb!!

    Hi No still doesn't feel real. We start he journey to Canberra a week today aaaahhhhh. John Mason took everything yesterday so that is one job out the way. OH finishes work tomorrow and comes back to England on Thurs (hopefully all the snow in Europe won't delay or stop him). It is all very exciting and we can't wait to get there now.... it is all so near yet so far too. Thanks SandP... good to hear you have settled so quickly. I hope we will be Ok as we have lived away from the UK for nearly 5 yrs now so at least we are used to not being so close (geographically) to friends and family. It will still be hard though I think as we can't just pop back for the weekend like we have been used to.
  5. Trixie

    Arriving in Canberra mid Feb!!

    I finally got back to the UK yesterday - and was glad to see the back of Bulgaria... Packing boxes arrived today so now the messy business of unpacking our boxes that have been in storage for 12 months and then re packing them to be collected by John Mason on 6th Feb! Still doesn't feel quite real yet though.
  6. Trixie

    Can't believe it :-))

    Excellent news!
  7. Trixie

    Britains Favourite Dish

    Mmmm a Sunday Dinner... my favourite - any meat will do.. but have to have yorkies with it regardless. Cottage pie, also an all time fav... with brown sauce on (HP only please) Where are they on the list!!! I'd pick them over a stirfry any day
  8. No fair.. I wanted to vote for... Hugh, Bradley Brad and Johnny... Johnny Depp won out though.
  9. Trixie

    How do you get uk telly in Oz

    We watch UK TV now as our local TV is in Bulgarian so we NEED it LOL. We watch it through BBC/ITV Iplayer or Skyplayer. We pay I think it is about £8 a month for a proxy server log in. This hides your real location and so BBC, ITV & Sky think you are in the UK as they are only available to people in the UK. We then have a cable that runs from the laptop to the TV and watch on the telly as normal. However Channel 4 doesn't like it at all so we can't watch that and channel 5 is hit and miss. There is a website that has older programmes on http://www.seesaw.com... no special proxy's needed there Failing that we download programmes and watch on the TV via the laptop.
  10. Trixie

    What was your first car.

    Mine was a silver 'E' reg VW Golf. Mine too was about 3rd hand or more probably... I loved that car ... I installed a new tape player - one of those one you could pull out and take with you and that flipped sides when it came to the end of the tape no less!! I thought I was dead posh LOL I ran it into the ground.... my OH at the time took it over to go to the building site with and the engine caught on fire one day on his way back from work ... at a busy set of traffic lights.
  11. Trixie

    Whats good on tv in the UK at the mo?

    Mmm things we are watching from the UK at the moment.... Sherlock. Hustle has just re started. A second for Law & Order UK.
  12. Trixie

    Surnames , ??

    When I worked at a well known insurance company many moons ago we had a Mr W. Anker. In the same company we had a customer called Mr Cock and a girl there was a bit distracted one day and wrote to him as Mr Dick.... she got into bother for that one LOL. We also decided one afternoon to see if we could find all the Mr Men out of our customer database... surprisingly we got a lot of them and some new Mr Men .... Mr Jellie. Teacher called Mr Woodcock.... he was renamed behind his back as Mr Timberdick. Nice man actually.
  13. Trixie

    Yosemite - What a beautiful place!

    Yosemite is a stunning place, I went about 10 years ago.... a must if you are in California. Lake Bled is also very beautiful too... the vintger gorge is breathtaking.
  14. Trixie

    Dropping in to say G'day!

    Hello Mark & Belinda and everyone else too. We are arriving on 16th Feb so if there are any meet ups happening after that date... we'll be there... looking forward to making some lovely new friends.
  15. Trixie

    Narrabundah.... ok place or not good

    I think as we will be renting and only 2 wks to find said home I will go with an area that has less potential issues...I know that unsavory things can happen in any area but without knowing the town or city properly I'd rather risk a traditionally ok area at first.