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Guest Missiemo



Yes it can be your bank manager, or bank offical, they have to have been in the role for five years or more.


Good Luck



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Guest Littlenick

:D Hi All


My husband is in the Royal Navy and due to finish his service end of the year. We really want to move to oz and reading about getting documents certified I was wondering if any one new if he could get them done by an officer in the navy? We have been told we cannot start the visa application until 7 months before his due date out because he's in the services.


I can't wait to get started. My boys aged 11 and 14 can't wait as we went on holiday to perth and they loved it.


Thanks for any help


Nicky :P

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Guest lholmes

Hi Nicky


Navy officers, post officers etc. can not certify documents for migration purposes, unless of course they are a registered Justice of the Peace.


Only a practicing Solicitor, Justice of the Peace, Notary of the Public etc. can certify documents for Australian Immigration purposes.


If you do not intend on applying for another 7 months I would hold off on getting any documents certified this early in the game.


Just because your husband is in the Navy doesn’t mean you can not begin the process before he is discharged. If you can obtain a 'pending' letter of good conduct from his commanding officer it is possible to make an application for your skilled visa (if this is the way you intend on migrating to Australia). It will just prolong things a little until he is officially out of the Navy.


This is a complex way of applying though so if you intend on applying prior to your husbands discharge date, chat to a MARA registered agent for advice.


Good luck to the both of you!

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