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  1. joetrac

    Anyone gone back to UK and hated it?

    Thought the need to post a reply beause I can remember that feeling and I feel so sorry for you.I lived in OZ for 2 years and have been back in bonny scotland for 12 months now.Without a doubt the worst day was my first christmas...we were only in the country for 6 weeks and had a 19 month little girl and I hated what she was missing out on.To be honest things never really got better ...sure life went on and I made the most of it...beaches parks you name it...made great friends (Who I miss) and didn't winge BUT is it a better life for your kids....nope ...just different...there is nothing I did in OZ that I cant do here at home.And I said this to some one last week...nothing in OZ can compare to the relationship my daughter (Now 4) has with her granparents...I believe I have given her a gift by bringing her back and letting them be part of her life ...If you ever seen her with them you would understand. Anyway for us as a family its been the best thing we ever did...sold our 4 bed house in Oz and bought a 4 bed house in UK(Little help from the credit crunch) ...got jobs in Finance and construction(Very luck)...nice car....family days out ...babysitters!!!!! but most important FAMILY ..have 12 over for dinner tomorrow a proper fairy tale white christmas day...thinking back to that first christmas I had I feel so awful for you. I know this isn't really advice I just wanted to let you know that of you do decide too come home at one point there can be life after OZ and for us its a bloody good one.(PS Icing on the cake number 2 due April 2010)xx
  2. joetrac

    So who HAS returned to the UK & been happy?

    Im one of those who returned to the UK and know it is 100% right for me and my family. I gave Australia 2 years but I knew from day 1 that it wasn't for me.I still threw myself into my new life,met some wonderful people ,built a house and seen some wonderful sights but it was never "home " for me. We have been back in UK .... well Scotland ....for 10 months now and I have never been happier.Despite the recession we both landed jobs and bought a house that was out of our price range before our Oz travels.My daughter is happy with her extended family round her and her days are busy with government funded nursery place/swimming/Dancing/Softplay area/day trips/days in the park....well all the things she did in Oz really. I must admit I do miss my trips to the beach but not enough to come back and I just fill my days with the hundreds other activities that scotland has to offer. So we came back to a better house.Better lifestyle and family and friends...It can be the right move for some.
  3. joetrac

    SO fed up.....

    As these people were ment to be her friends Im sure she was friendly to them. Not everyone regrets returning to the Uk...after 2 years in Brisbane ..and being back for 6 months I can say its the best thing we ever did as a family. I dont think I have ever seen my daughter happier with her family close by. We also have kids running in and out of the back garden every day ...something that never happened in Oz. Both me and my hubby got jobs in building trade and Finance...so I know we are lucky...but if you can get a job its a really good time to return.House prices are cheaper,more pounds for your dollars,Mortgage rates are very low. The most important thing is for people to be happy and being back in scotland has made that possible for my wee family. No regrets here !!!!!
  4. We used Whites and had no problems with them.Quote was resonable and the service was good. However if I was to do it all over again I would not take there insurance ....try Letton Percival for container insurance, we used them coming back from Oz and they saved us a small fortune.
  5. joetrac

    Is this unsettled feeling normal??

    Hi Susie you sound just like I did when I was in OZ. I didn't HATE it but it just never felt right..I think 8 months is a great try and if you packed up and went home nobody would blame you. We stayed the 2 years but I knew from day one I wouldn't be there forever...I asked myself this question...morbide I know but it worked for me....If my other half died would I want to stay in Oz on my own... the big flashing NO in my head was the wake up call for me and since moving back to scotland I have never been happier.
  6. joetrac

    global recession

    Hi we left in November to move back to the UK and at that time We didn't see any evidence of a recession in Australia.However now we are home I have heard from friends that its starting to bite...how bad im unsure I guess I will leave that to the people who live there to fill you in. I will say however that worring about your kids affording housing will not be eliminated by moving to OZ.... we had to increase our mortgage to afford something decent I was really shocked by house prices over there ....add to that a higher intest rate and monthly charges and I was worried about my kids ever affording housing in the future.
  7. joetrac


    Hi We travelled to redcliffe most weekends its really a beautiful place ...especially for familys...I would say that for a young couple with no kids it might be a little quiet. It will of course all depend on your intrests...but If I was 26 and living in brisbane I would tend to stay closer to the city.Thats where you will find the decent bars and restaurants.Also the shopping in redcliffe isnt great BUT your not to far from Chermside which is Fab.
  8. joetrac

    regrets when you get home?

    Mark and Sharon all I can say is thats its a very personal journey. We arrived back in the UK in November after spending 2 years in brisbane and for us as a family its the best move we have ever made. My Hubby secured a job ...even though part of the building trade ...before he came home.This is evidence that contacts in the time of recession helps. Im also due to start work again....in retail banking even though there is a recruitment ban....again a case of who you know helps. We sold our 4 bed house in Brisbane and bought a 4 bed house In Scotland(Again with a little help from recession) but its the family life that has improved tenfold. Having Grandparents,Aunties,Uncles,Cousins ect on the doorstep has been so benefical to my 3 year old...it melts my heart to see her so happy and loved...beats any day we spent in the beautiful sunshine coast.At the end of the day there is nothing that can be done in australia that cant be done in the UK.Ok the weather might not suit everyone but I got soooo fed up with the constant sunshine especially round christmas so in the end I couldn't wait to get back to cold frosty mornings.And I have to say a sunny day in scotland feels really magical. Anyway I just wanted to say its all down to the individual but for my family there is no looking back. Good luck with your choice.
  9. joetrac

    Credit Check / History

    A sweeping statement that is not the case for everyone.... much the same as the uk you will be assesed on an individual basis...we secured a mortgage and were offered a10k credit card limit within 6 weeks of arriving. Things that will go in your favour is if you have a deposit for a house and savings /shares on top of your deposit.Also if you have an australian bank account and a history with the lender it will be beneficial.
  10. joetrac

    Tax Bonus

    For all those that have recently returned...if you were resident in OZ for tax purposes in 2007/2008 you may be eligible for a tax bonus even though you no longer live in the country. Check out Australian Taxation Office Homepage for details.
  11. We moved back to Uk in November...to be honest Australia wasn't for us...as a family our standard of living was not better so didn't justify us being away from our extended family an d friends. We got PR straight away so I cant help with the visa process sorry. I hope brisbane is for you ... and your husband enjoys working for energex more than mine did... in the end he HATED his job and in the 19 years he has been jointing he said that had never been the case before. Goodluck.
  12. he has been offered a Job with Energex who pay for all your flights aswell and put you up in accommodation when you arrive for 2 weeks but am afraid its in Brisbane,this seems to be the only company that has a lot of work on and to make a lot of money!!! Hi Zoe. We lived in Oz for 2 years and my Husband was a HV jointer working for Energex.I have to say that although its a great way into OZ by no means will you earn a lot of money. Although it was a 9 day fortnight my Husband had to work overtime for us to get by ....he is still in contact with his friends from Oz and they say that overtime is being cut and work at the moment is very quiet.Im sure that this is in line with the rest of the world due to global recession and should pick up in the near future.
  13. joetrac

    Its really happening.

    Good Luck Hope its all you ever wanted.:smile:
  14. joetrac

    moving home costs

    We moved back in Nov and received 3 Quotes cheapest being $7500 to most expensive $10500.We used Oceansky ,goods arrived on time and no damage but 2 days before we flew we got stung for another $1700 because poor exchange rate so beware. Regards Insurance....all the companys quoted us 3% ...but we used a Uk company Letton Percival...the charged us 1.6% and all forms completed over the internet... saved a small fortune. IMO if you have furniture in good condition I would ship back...we had to buy a new suit for our living room and for anything decent looking at 1000 pounds upwards. Good luck with the move back...hope you love being back as much as we do.
  15. joetrac

    Karen and Matt's departure!

    Good Luck with the move back. Im sure you will Love it :wubclub: