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Found 26 results

  1. Hi, is it valid to have my ACS school document requirements (Diploma, Transcript of records) certified by the University/university registrar? Will ACS accept certification from the school?
  2. tomski1982

    certification of documents

    hi there, me and my girlfriend are in process of preparing our partner visa application and i have a question regrading certification of documents that we need to send off with the rest of the visa stuff. according to what i found on aus embassy in the uk website, a document can be certified in the uk by a solicitor , notary public a justice of peace etc. basically, i want to find out the cheapest way of doing it. contacted a few notaries and they all seem to charge big bucks for their services. i need to provide translated copies of certain documents also as they are in polish. do they need to be certified too or the actual translation by a registered translator would do? do you think that solicitors stamp on a document is enough as a certification ? any other suggestions? how much did you fork out for that service? thank you for any help. tom
  3. stockersmc

    ADC Certification

    Hi all. My partner and i are looking to migrate to oz, fingers crossed everything will go to plan. I am currently pulling together all documents for the ADC certification to get signed by a notary, i have all of the relevant documents but my only confusion is the 'employment history' section, do any UK dentists (or people in the know) know what tax documents need to be supplied? the guidance note states "Certified copy of apporopriate evidence of self employment eg tax documents". Thanks a bunch :wacko:
  4. Thanks for clicking on my topic. :-) I am new in exploring ways to go to Australia as a skilled immigrant. Please have a look at my 2 basic general questions: 1. I see sometimes ANZSCO codes in longer and sometimes in shorter format. For example: 261311 and 2613. Is the shorter format intentionally used in order to become less specific so that multiple ANZSCO codes can be referred to? 2. We know, paper copies of original documents should be made and then those copies should be certified, scanned, and uploaded to SkillSelect for submitting an EOI. Regarding copies, what should be the best of the 3 ways we can make a copy BEFORE we get it certified, as listed below? option-1: Scan the original copy and then print the file generated by the scanner on a color printer. option-2: Make a color photocopy of an original document. option-3: Make a black-white photocopy of an original document. Thank you.
  5. I have read a lot of posts about how to certify, but seeking advice on whether copies of cards sent to each other or to both of us need to be certified? Are these considered a document? We have certified our bills, identity documents etc... but are unclear about whether we need the JP to certify copies of engagement cards, birthday cards and letters to us. Also, emails can't really be certified right? As they are printed from a computer? Anyone submitted and successful that can comment here?
  6. Hi All Hoping for some input!! I moved to victoria last week from the UK & have started my job hunt!! I used to be a property manager in the uk & to do that job here in Victoria you need an agents representative certificate!! I can undertake this on a week long course at a cost via the real estate institute of Victoria. Has anyone done this already? Or think I should? Let me know your thoughts Thanks Em 
  7. Is TRA the assessing authority for hairdressing? What are the requirements to pass? If an AQF certificate 3 is necessary do I need to go to Australia to obtain it? How many years of experience is needed? Is that in addition to the certificate and does that include years spent in school?
  8. Guest

    document certification?

    Right, we have our application ready to go back to the agent tomorrow but I have just come back from an unhelpful meeting with the local police. The agent said that I could get a police officer to certify my documents, the local police say they wont do that........Any ideas please?? Also, I have to include 4 photos with the visa application, do these have to be signed individually, or can I just get one signed?? Have I missed anything out, I have copies of all birth certificates (full), copies of passports, copies of trade qualifications, copies of trade membership certificates and 4 photos per family member (there's 7 of us eek!) and the visa is a RSMS subclass 119. Sorry to be asking questions, but I think I am going a little crazy today!! thanks in advance
  9. I, as everyone, need a fair few docs certified prior to sending my visa app off, I have seen threads on this before and prople trying to find out how much it costs to get each doc certified... So, As I am selling my flat I thought I would ask my solicitor to see how much it would cost, knowing full well he is charging me £700 +VAT I hoped he would be nice, and I got an email today saying there would be no charge, this = a result. Now I know not everone is selling now as they will be waiting till their vias is granted, but If you contact a solicitor and agree to pay for the certification now, but if you use him (or her!) when you come to sell you property then they could, should knock it off the total, well thats the theory, if you dont ask you will never know!! and you have nothing to lose. could save you a few quid. :chatterbox:
  10. johnosmad

    Document Certification in Brisbane

    Hi all, Does anyone know of a cheap way to certify documents in Australia, I am currently in Brisbane on a WHV and need to get quite a lot of docs certified for my 176 application but the majority of places including the Government seem to be charging $20 per sheet, Thanks
  11. Hello everyone I was wondering whether anyone knows of any Australian Registered Training Organisation in England or Australia (I'm thinking to fly to OZ for assessment if there is any in England) who could help with undertaking the skill assessment for an AQF III in chef occupation?:err: Many thanks
  12. Hi, I need to apply for ACS and I need to have my documents certified as true copy from USA. I have been to Citibank and one other bank where I hold my account and there they were doing the following -Asking me to certify that this document is true copy of original and my signature on that. -On this they were writing theor name,address,signature and mentioning sworn before Notary. I want to know if this is sufficient for ACS. If not what I can do for this from US. Cheers Srini
  13. Hi all, long shot this because most of the posters here are from the UK I take? I'd like to know if a California Notary Public is good enough for certifying copied documents for visa app? It's just one of those strange things - all of the lawyershere I called said they don't offer a certification service (stupid really, all they need to do is put their name on it). And in California, it seems the only place is Notary Public (they don't have a Justice of Peace here either). Also how do I go about to make a statutory declaration (for a de facto partnership)? CHeers
  14. Does anyone know how you go about getting your evidence documents certified if you are applying on line for a visa? We have copies of the orginals certified but they are on the back of the documents; do you just scan both sides?? Am I being really stupid???:err:
  15. Hi All, We pretty much have everything to send to TRA for our assessment and was going to get our family friend who is a Qualified Accountant to certify our docs as he did this for our passports. I have looked on the immi website (got mega confused and lost!!!) and cannot find clarification who can do it. I know most pay a solicitor but if we can save money then great. We have our accountant friend or a friend who is a Bank Manager would they be able to do it? Thanks Hydie :notworthy:
  16. Guest


    Hi,im new to this site but have been reading threads and they have been very helpful.I have been reading tra assessment guidelines and am unsure on a few things.I am a plasterer but do not have certs am in the process of getting nvqs and also there is a company in the u.k. offering the australian equivillent just wondering wether it would be beneficial to me to gain that qualification? ,also on the information sheet it says all docs have to be certified who will they have to be certified by? cheers,chris
  17. Guest

    ACS document certification help

    Hi, we have nearly got all the references for the ACS application and were going to use our friend who is a Police Officer to certify the docs. However our agent in Oz thinks we need a Solicitor, Justice of Peace or Notary Public (?) has to sign this as the ACS may be picky. Has anyone used someone not in his list to certify the documents and passed their ACS skills assessment? Thanks Julie :wacko:
  18. Hi I was wondering if there any any nurses out there that could help me with my dilemma. I am about to apply to the ANMC for the skills assessment certificate but I am unsure of who in the UK can certifiy my photocopied documents and passport photo, as they seem really strict and people who can certify passports over here are unable to certify these documents. Can anyone help? What type of professional person did u use to certify yours?? Thanks.
  19. Guest

    Certification Tip!

    Bit obvious, but top tip for today is to make sure that whoever certifies your docs does it exactly as required by the appropriate body and not as they think it should be done. The magistrate that did mine said it did not matter that she did not put her name (stamp, signature, contacts etc all there). The authorities in Australia disagreed! Complete pain in the bottom. Sorted out over email, but still a faff.
  20. Hi, OH and I aren't married but have been living together just over 2 yrs. As part of our visa app (skilled family sponsored 138) we have to write a stat dec as to the state of our relationship etc. Does this have to be certified or can I send a print out from my comp? Also we have to produce a family tree diagram showing OH's relationship to his uncle in oz, does this need photocopying and certifying too? We have copied and certified all the official birth/marriage certificates showing family link. Thanks for any help! Rachel
  21. Hi Please could someone clarify who exactly can certify documents for visa applications. When I had a Working Holiday visa my boss who is a head teacher did it no probs. Now its kind of the real thing for skilled sponsored visa subclass 138 does it have to be a solicitor or could my boss certify docs? I did take my skills assessment docs to a solicitor which was pretty expensive. Thanks :? a confused dugong :?
  22. Guest

    Certification of doc's

    Hello all, just a bit good of news when we are all spending like mad to make our dreams happen. A solicitor we have seen this week has said that they are willing to certify any docs we need for our skills Assessment/Visa, for free if we use them to sell our house when we move. I had seen on one website (can't remember which) that this has happened to others so I thought I would mention it to them and it has saved us a few quid. The price for selling is no different to any other solicitor in the area but the are willing to provide all certified docs for free. We have had to get 30 pieces of info certified for a skills assessment which will go off this week and had one quote of £5 each (£150!!). We can pop in anytime with anything extra as and when we need it. All we have had to do is to open a file with them for as and when we sell, even though it could be a fair few months. If anyone is in the same position, then ask them if they are prepared to do the same as it could save a few pounds. If you dont ask, you don't get. Might save yourself a few pounds. Regards Karen
  23. KazzE

    certification of doc's

    Hi, I read somewhere that somebody had their documents certified by a friend or relative by putting stickers on the copies with the relevant wording and then the person signed the sticker. Do you think this would be acceptable to TRA and/or the visa people? Has anyone actually done this and had documents go through the process I am just about ready to send every thing off for TRA and thought this was a really good idea as I have a relative who is a magistrate and has agreed to sign loads of pages for me But I am now having doubts as to whether the stickers would be acceptable. the stickers say I, Jane Blogs, xxxx magistrate, 123 Pudding Lane, London, certifiy that this is a true copy of the orginal there is space left for her to sign, which she is going to do next weekend for me Panic is starting to set in I really need to send this off, really worried that something stupid will be missing or cause the application to be rejected Karen
  24. Guest

    document certification

    Hi all, I have had all my documents certified by a solicitor this week, signed, dated and stamped etc. (it cost a fortune!) Anyway I am now just about to send off my skills assessment to the Australian Nursing Council (ANMC). This will hopefully take a couple of months to get back, I was just wanting to check that the certified documents will still be valid in a few months when I lodge the visa application? Thanks, emma.
  25. :shock: Hi have just had all my documents certified ,and i am just sending my transcript of training off, not sure if the anmc need the original or a certified copy, dont want to waste time if i send the wrong one . :? Thanks. Beckyx