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Guest SarahandStu

Working with Animals...and teachers advice...

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    Guest SarahandStu

    Hi - A real long shot but does anyone know what work with animals is like out there, pref Perth? I'm going to be doing a course for a year to further my knowledge and wanted to know if there are many jobs?


    Also if anyone knows any teaching job websites for Stu that would be great. Thanks


    Sarah x

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        There seem to be a number of teachers on the forum at the moment so I thought I'd set up an area where we can all share our experiences and ideas, ways to find jobs, where we're settling and what subjects!! Who knows - maybe we can help each other out when we're there!!
        Any info, questions etc are welcome about teaching!!
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        Hi Guys,
        I have a PGCEI, from the University of Sunderland, which was basically the same as a regular a PGCE course but the  12 week teaching practice was not done in UK, hence was not given QTS.
        I'm considering migrating to Australia and was wondering whether, PGCEI is recognised by AITSL? even though it doesn't have QTS status, its contend is the same and has more than 45 days of supervised teaching.
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        Hi, my names Arron, 27. Moving to Melbourne at the end of October with my partner and our dog on a de-facto partner visa so luckily don't need to worry about work visas as such. 
        I've worked for British Gas for the past 9 years as a gas engineer- servicing and repairs. Just hoping for a little advice/guidance from someone who has already been through the process of getting skills assessed and finding gas work in Australia. How was it/ what are the differences/ any tips please?!
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