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Visa Question

Guest Jeff Broome

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Guest Jeff Broome

Myself and my partner Jo have just been granted a prospective marriage visa. In an ideal world we would have gotten a de-facto visa but because we only had proof that we had lived together for 7 months and couldn't get a bridging visa for the remaining 5 months.

We will get married if it is the only way of being together, however does anyone know if you can change from one visa to another, or if for example we don't quite feel ready to marry after 9 months if you can get an extension on the prospective marriage visa?

This whole process has caused so many problems between us and I feel the relationship has taken a few steps back as we haven't seen each other for 5 months, it would be nice to have a reassurance that we are not 100% tied down to this 9 month rule as that in itself causes undue pressure.

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