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WA Skills in Demand

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Hello all


Here's an interesting one. I will be doing my qualifications assessment through IE Australia shortly but need a bit of advise.

I will qualify as a Civil Engineering Technitian (2128-11) but am doing a CDR to try bump it up to Civil Engineering Proffesional (2124-11).


So far so good. If I do not get this upgrade I will not be able to go for General Skilled migration (or any other visa) as 2128-11 is not on the MODL.


I have seen that the WA Government have Civil Engineering Design Draughtsperson (3122-11) on the Skills in Demand list.

This is the same code as Civil Engineering Assossiate given in the ASCO list. This is regarded as below 2128-11 which I qualify for through the Sydney Accord according to IE Australia.


My problem lies with the fact that the WA Government does not have 2128-11 on the Skills in Demand list so do I ask IE Australia to say in my appraisal that I automatically recieve the 3122-11 if I get either the 2128-11 or the 2124-11.

Or do I go to the WA Government with my dilema first ?


Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have been trying for the last 4 years to get into Ozz.



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