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Found 44 results

  1. The Pom Queen

    Australian Jobs in Demand

    Looking for a job? If you're a cabinet maker or a kitchen hand, you might be in luck. Research from employment website SEEK shows that carpentry was the job that showed the fastest increase in demand in July, with job ads up 54 per cent. The second fastest moving job ads were for kitchen and sandwich hands, up 35 per cent, followed by air conditioning and refrigerator mechanics (up 31 per cent), financial planners (up 30 per cent) and superannuation consultants (up 29 per cent). The research comes ahead of official unemployment figures to be released today. Economists expect a rise of 10,000 in total employment for July and that unemployment will rise to 5.3 per cent, from 5.2 per cent in June. SEEK trade marketing manager Peter Osborne said July is an interesting time of the year because a lot of businesses get new budgets and projects. “It’s a really good indicator of whether their industry is going to move ahead or not so it’s usually a good sign when job ads are up,” Mr Osborne said. The fastest increasing ads were starkly different in each state, with power generation and distribution trades the fastest mover in New South Wales, up 182 per cent, compared to Victoria where ads for bakers and pastry chefs were up 111 per cent. Queensland’s fastest moving job was financial analyst, up 100 per cent, compared to South Australia where ads for plant and machinery operators were up 75 per cent and Western Australia where ads for construction quality assurance controllers were up 128 per cent. SEEK tracks job growth across 28 industries and around 400 job types. Fastest Movers – New South Wales Mining, resources and energy - power generation and distribution trades people, up 182 per cent Insurance and superannuation – managers, up 113 per cent Construction - plant and machinery operators, up 97 per cent Trades and services - carpenters and cabinet makers, up 93 per cent Insurance and superannuation – actuaries, up 91 per cent Fastest Movers – Victoria Trades and services – bakers and pastry chefs, up 111 per cent Mining, resources and energy - health, safety and environment advisors, up 109 per cent Science and technology - food technologists and safety advisors, up 95 per cent Education and training - student services officers, up 80 per cent Trades and services - printers and publishers, up 69 per cent Fastest Movers – Queensland Banking and financial services – analysts, up 100 per cent Hospitality and tourism – airline personnel, up 80 per cent Hospitality and tourism - kitchen and sandwich hands, up 80 per cent Manufacturing, transport and logistics – managers, up 69 per cent Retail and consumer products – merchandisers, up 65 per cent Fastest Movers – South Australia Construction - plant and machinery operators, up 75 per cent Legal - legal secretaries, up 73 per cent Healthcare and medical – aged care nurses, up 68 per cent Information and communication technology - help desk & IT personnel, up 58 per cent Government and defence – local government officers, up 50 per cent Fastest Movers – Western Australia Construction - quality assurance controller, up 128 per cent Community services and development - community development officers, up 121 per cent Community services and development - employment service officers, up 100 per cent Healthcare and medical – managers, up 83 per cent Human resources and recruitment – internal managers, up 72 per cent
  2. The occupations currently experiencing shortages of skilled labour are listed below: Mechanical and Fabrication Engineering Tradespersons (112.2 in the Sep qtr; 108.9 in the Jun qtr); Chefs (107.8 in the Sep qtr; 105.3 in the Jun qtr); Automotive Tradespersons (103.7 in the Sep qtr; 103.8 in the Jun qtr); Hairdressers (101.8 in the Sep qtr; 101.1 in the Jun qtr); Food Tradespersons (101.1 in the Sep qtr; 101.8 in the Jun qtr); Computing Professionals (100.4 in the Sep qtr; 100.5 in the Jun qtr); and Wood Tradespersons (100.3 in the Sep qtr; 102.6 in the Jun qtr). Further details click here: Australian Skills Shortages Demand 2011 Clarius Skills Index Major employment sectors to be hit by skills shortfalls.
  3. The Pom Queen

    High Demand for Australian Tourism Visas

    According to figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) released on October 6, demand for Australian tourist visas is riding high despite the global economic downturn due to a growing interest from Asia. The ABS report showed that the number of overall short-term visitors to the country increases by 3.4% in August 2011, compared with August 2010. The Australian Government pronounced the figures as encouraging considering the global economic downturn and show that the increase in demand for Australian tourist visas is mostly accounted for by the Asian market. "The tourism industry is expanding beyond traditional markets to include new ones in Asia, which continue to grow strongly," said Tourism Minister Martin Ferguson in a joint statement with the Minister Assisting on Tourism Nick Sherry. He also stated that the figures bring optimism about the tourism industry's future, which is considered to be not looking so bright because of recent reform to Australia's immigration regulations. The figures are a further reminder about the potential tourists from Asia, including China and Australia's neighbours in South-East Asia such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. The report indicates that Indonesian visitors applying for Australian visa doubled, arrivals from Malaysia were up by 34%, and arrivals from China rose by 21%. Meanwhile, the number of Europeans wishing to come to Australia is down by 3.9% and arrivals from the United States and Canada decreased by 4.4% and 5.0% respectively. The ministerial statement said this decrease in demand can be attributed to the "weak economic conditions" currently being suffered in these traditional markets. Senator Sherry - who is Minister for Small Business in the current Government - also said the expected continuing rise of Asian demand for travel to Australia will have implications for the tourism industry in terms of employment. He said "By 2015, our tourism industry may need as many as 56,000 extra workers, making the labour market even tighter," and stated that offering employees career-development paths was one of the best ways for employers to hold onto existing staff and attract recruits. "The Labour and Skills Working Group add value to that task," added he.
  4. Hi, as all of my children are now of school age I will be pretty much redundant in OZ! Does anyone know if Childminders are in demand? I was a registered-Childminder in the UK for 4 years and before that I was a PA for 15 years. I do not really want to return to office work as my family are my first priority. Thanks for any advice. Caroline.
  5. Good Evening all... After trawling through posts on here, much of the construction discussions relate to trades, i.e brickies etc looking to move over, and not much on site managers or project managers. After spending many hours looking through many job sites it appears there are a few positions available, (as long as your not fussy on location) is this actually the case and would there be demand from overseas in theese areas, and would my quilifications count or equate to anything in Oz, I am a site manager with a degree in construction management, and hold all relevant tickets, such as SMSTS an CSCS cards etc Secondly my partner is ozzy, and so i believe i can able for a de facto visa, has any one had experience of this? Looking forward to hearing from You. Thanks
  6. Hi all I've just come across this article.... http://www.minister.immi.gov.au/media/cb/2011/cb165283.htm
  7. Guest

    High Demand for Rentals?

    Hi Everyone We are moving to Sydney in early March and have started to narrow down our search at areas to live. We were drawn to The Hills area which is meant to be good for families, schooling and you seem to get more for your money being a little further out. We are now looking very closely at Castle Hill and Kellyville. The question I have is around the demand for rentals. I have always read about properties being snapped up, the market being very competitive for prospective tenants, but as we have been following the sites like realestate.com.au we noticed that a number of very nice looking properties have been listed for weeks, one in particular we have had our eye on has inspections this week for the 3rd consecutive Saturday. Just wondering what people's views are on the market in Sydney and specifically in The Hills area. Could it be that the properties have been let but the status has not been updated on the website, or are properties really hanging around, in which case is it worth making lower offers? Or is it that The Hills is quite some way out from the city and so there is lower demand for properties? Just seemed strange given the numerous threads where tenants are having to offer more rent upfront, make the application stand out etc. that properties seems to be around for longer than expected. Many thanks!
  8. Guest

    Will my Skill Set be in demand

    Hello and happy new year to all, I'm just trying to find out some info regarding my skill set. I am a City & Guilds qualified bathroom fitter with a basic city and guilds plumbing qualification. I have been doing this job working for myself for 6 years now, and although not qualified, can wall and floor tile to an excellent standard and plaster. I trying to find out if there would be a demand for this skill set in Oz. We were hoping to move to Perth if there was an opportunity. If anyone could point me in the right direction or has answer my question i would be very greatful. Thanks in advance :biggrin:
  9. tonyman

    Foxtel on Demand

    after watching one of the many games in the prem , an advert came on , saying subscribe now for foxtel on demand for the EPL , all 9 months of it , .......have they catched on and instead of giving us the option of watching any game we like are they going to choose a couple that they know we would pay for ....like they did in the uk .......me , i will scrap it and watch on the pc ......they get enough out of my as it is ........
  10. Hi All I will really appreciate if some one can paste the Most Recent Skill in Demand list of ACT which was in use just before the closure of SS. Actually i want to check for the presence of few ASCO codes in that SDL .. Thanking you in Advance Cheers
  11. Nearly crashed my car this morning when I heard a report on my local radio station. Apparently, the Australian Government are launching a new campaign today as they are in desparate need of UK workers. Jobs in demand included Beer Tasters and Koala Catchers. Maybe its Category 1 for those occupations! Well I'm pretty skilled in the first one, so who do I call to get my visa? Michael. :wink:
  12. Guest

    South Australia IT demand

    Dear friends! Just wanna know whether there's an actual demand for IT (programming) jobs in South Australia. Just saw the attached list and realized government predict about a demand for the old SOL category 2231-79 in April 2010. But when you take a look at seek.com mostly you get very less number of ads for specializations such as J2EE, .NET etc. What could be the reason for this difference On the other hand If you check for these specializations in NSW or VIC you get loads of vacancies. But NSW new SMP includes only 3 new ANZSCO codes those are not even specialized codes!!! Am I day dreaming :goofy:
  13. The Australian Government is hosting an employment expo in London during September to help employers find skilled workers from the UK, a Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) spokesman said today. “Are you skilled in engineering, medical services, or trades? If so, Australia needs you,” the spokesman said. “There is still a critical need for skilled workers across a range of Australian industries. The Skills Australia Needs Expo in London will target the industries most in need of skilled workers, such as the mining, health and construction industries.” “The expo will play host to representatives from major Australian employers and governments from all Australian states and territories. Participants will be able to find out more about possible career pathways down under.” Since the expo program started in 2005, some 23 expos have been staged in Australia and overseas, with eight in the United Kingdom. The last UK expo was in 2009 and featured 38 exhibitors including Australian employers, government organisations and relocation service providers. More than 1800 people from the UK who had skills in high demand in Australia also attended. “The last expo was a big success for both industry representatives and people attending: 90 per cent of participants said they would recommend future expos to friends, while 80 per cent thought they might have met a suitable sponsor for migration to Australia as a result of the expo,” a DIAC spokesman said. The Skills Australia Needs expo will be staged in London on September 11 and 12. For more information or to register interest in attending, please go to www.immi.gov.au/skillexpos/overs [YOUTUBE]ng9oZdyjWlY[/YOUTUBE] This event will provide an opportunity for skilled workers to meet with Australian employers and state and territory governments to discuss employment opportunities in Australia and opportunities to be sponsored for an Australian working visa. Participants will also have the opportunity to hear directly from the department about skilled visa options for Australia. Assessing authorities will also be in attendance to discuss skills assessments for Australian visas. Attendance at this event is free of charge and by invitation only. Who should apply to attend this event? Skilled workers who: are under 45 years of age have good English language skills are interested in living and working in Australia have qualifications and/or work experience in an occupation in demand in Australia and skills needed by a participating employer or state and territory governments are residing within reasonable proximity to the location of the expo.
  14. Hi, Does anyone have visibility to top IT skills in demand in Australia. If there is an independent search done by govt bodies or recruitment agencies it would help if you could point me to such a report. Thanks
  15. Hi. We are looking at coming over in January 2011 ad I am going to do the student visa. So basically I have a blank canvass to re-train in a skill that is in need in Australia. With all the changes that keep happening with the SOL etc its such a lottery as to whatever course I do that it being on the list in 2 years time. I have looked at many corses and obviously I want to do one which I am interested in and that I think is a skill that is going to be in need in a couple of years and can make a reasonable living from when qualified. So in your opinion is there still a need for Floor/Wall tilers in Perth? or is there any other skill required that you could recommend? Kind regards Lee
  16. Petals

    Demand a test

    Yesterday I was reading the Daily Mail and the cases of three different children who had died of brain cancer. This is close to my heart as my daughter has it and she was 24 when it was diagnosed. I am so very thankful that they did a cat scan as soon as she had her seizure and found it, it was not so large and could be removed and treated and she is now 6 years free but because of the type of cancer she will never be in remission. These three children had symptoms and were being treat for different things and the cancer was not discovered until it was too late to do something about it. The reason I am posting this is because my daughter had no symptoms, no headaches nothing, just had a seizure one day. Never ever had one before. They operated on her two days later. The docs in emergency firstly thought my daughter had fainted but her boss had been a paramedic and when I phoned him he said go and tell them she had a seizure that is when they did the scan and found the shadow that night. Its so so important to have brain cancer diagnosed early so please be vigilant and go with the mum knows something is not right scenario and demand a test, I know the tests have high radiation but its far better to be that nasty mum and find out in time than that nice patient one who believes everything is ok. Check up what the symptoms are can be a change of taste, nasty taste in the mouth other things. One's like my daughter with no symptoms just keep getting bigger and we cannot find those but often there are symptoms.
  17. Graemsay

    Demand for IT skills?

    I was awarded a 175 visa a few weeks ago, and I've suddenly found myself out of work. What's the situation like for software engineers in Australia? I specialise in Java / J2EE, and have been moving into iPhone and Flex development over the last twelve months. Outside of the financial sector, there's not a huge amount of demand for IT skills in the UK. And getting into banking is a catch-22, in that you generally need prior experience of it in order to land a job. So it's tempting to relocate a bit sooner than I planned.
  18. Hi all, Can anyone help me...my step brother and sister in law are thinking of emigrating. She is an ODP (operating Dept technician) similar to a scrub nurse and he is a qualified gas fitter. What are their emigration options??? Any advice welcome, I've been asked to put out some feelers for them. They want to move to Perth or Adelaide preferably. many thanks... Fiona :cute:
  19. Guest

    Demand for builders

  20. kellyjamie

    Date for new in demand list?

    Hi everyone, Just wondered if there was any word on the grapevine of when DIAC are releasing the new wanted list? MODL, FSL, ABC or whatever. I know December had been mentioned? Cheers
  21. Chefs and hairdressers will top the list of most sought-after jobs as Australia emerges from the wake of the global financial crisis. It is thought that the highly transient nature of these jobs, with a high turnover and burnout rate, contributes to the skills shortage in these areas and the inability of supply to meet demand.
  22. Does anyone have any inside knowledge as to whether trades will be taken off the skills in demand list or when do they update the list again, I know the last time was January but was just wondering if they would do it again in July. Just afraid of the goalposts moving again:wacko:
  23. Not sure if you already know this. Just been sent this by my agent: On 30 June 2009 the 2008/09 ACT Skills in Demand list will close. Applications for ACT Government sponsorship of occupations on this list will not be processed after this date. Applications received after 30 June 2009 will be held over and assessed against the new 2009/10 ACT Skills in Demand list and sponsorship criteria to be published in August 2009. I'm rushing like mad to get my forms in on time just in case they take my skill off. Good luck, Mike.
  24. Just wondering if anyone thinks that States will cut Skilled Trades from there In demand lists come July. They seem to be inundated with applications and from what ive read there are very few jobs for Trades people. Im worried we are going to do alot of work and then have the rug pulled out from under us :no:
  25. I am Vetasses passed brikclayer and I have already submited my 175 visa aplication on October 2009. Now, I want to change my visa class 175 in 176. For that I am looking for state and teritory sponcership. I would like to inquired about BRICKLAYERS" DEMAND IN Different states. MY prefrences are First SA, SECOND WA and at last NT. Please, guide me about Bricklayer demend and Best state to get sponcership. thanks to all.