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Guest maccy

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We're in a dilemma :!: :!: . We don't know wether it's worth shipping our own furniture from the UK.

We only have some leather and pine furniture (no beds or fridges etc) and about twenty boxes.

Can anybody share their experiences with shipping firms in terms of costs and reliability,


Many thanks Glen.

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Guest JohnKelly

Glen, I belong to other UK/Irish/Australia Websites, that have been established for those who are in the process of moving to Australia.


The general opinion of those who have just arrived in Australia from the UK is;


Take everything with you, including garden tools, lawn mower, wheel barrow etc. because not only is it more economical, it is also important during the settling in period to have familar things around you.


There are other Threads on this Topic within this Site. Type in 'furniture' in the Search Box and it will list those Topics.


Best wishes.

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Guest drawlings7

We are in the really early stages at the moment but we have just come back from perth (really lovely) and my brother-in-law who has been there for 2 years went without taking any furniture or appliances has just bought a basic dishwasher for £1,000.00 also washing machines tumble driers are really expensive. So basically you either buy here or take your own as it will be cheaoer to ship across rather than buying there.

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