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Any jobs for Residential Support Workersin WA?????

Guest mantha

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I am new to all this. We have got our 457 visa etc etc and are off to Perth 22 January. My partners a sparks and has work lined up, but I am a support worker to adults with learning disabilities - anyone know if there is much call for this sort of work????? :!:

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hopefully this time next year but got to get through the medical yet (i have a liver disease),we knew from the start i may get knocked back but no-one seemed to know for sure ,so we just decided to go for it ,but i must admit i would be gutted now ,our advantage is we are going on my partners occupation and im not over the health spend limit but no one knows if i may need a transplant 20yrs down the line,,we are crossing our fingers and legs and anything else we can.it will be a better life for the children in oz and hopefuuly less stressful for us , we are looking at brisbane and the surronding areas ,i have never been but gary travelled around for year (albeit 18yrs ago ) and said brisbane or perth would be best suited to us and after alot of reading and research i do fancy brisbane,but have some distant family in perth ,i dont know ,,there is so much to think about ,so i guess we go were the jobs are ,keep me informed as to how you get on with the jobs ,have you any qualifications behind you?i did nvq2 a few months ago and really want to get No3 before i go,im rambling again so im going

take care

good luck

cal x

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Hi Cal

I have been on the website you suggested and it was very useful - thank you.

We will keep our fingers etc crossed for you - don't give up we have been trying for 2 years and thought that we wouldn't get through. Becuase my partner is over 45yrs we needed a work sponsor (then to sponsor for residency once we are there), we had so many knock backs but now we are finally off - so don't give up!!!


And if you decide to go to Perth instead of Brisbane you will have to look us up.

Take Care


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