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Cars in South Australia

Guest scuffy

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We are all set to go to Adelaide just wait ing for the house to go through, can someone explain the car situation i.e Car tax, Car insurance. I have been told in South Australia you do not need a mot is this true.

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thats true no MOT but have to pay Rego which is yearly insurance and registration(Tax) about $400-$500. I think you have to some form of MOT when you buy or sell a car but not 100% on that

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Guest ABCDiamond

Also, for South Australia,

No Theory Test is now required when you change your driving licence over.


"As of the 31st October 2005, The holder of a full current overseas Driver's Licence and from certain recognised countries do not have to now undertake a theory test, The UK is one of these countries."







Compulsory Third Party (CTP, Greenslip) is a compulsory insurance to cover Injury to Third Parties, that must be taken out when registering a motor vehicle. It covers the owner or driver of the motor vehicle in the event of an accident against any legal liability or obligation that they may have to anyone that they injure, it only covers personal injury and NOT damage to other property cars etc.


Comprehensive Insurance is an optional insurance cover that covers damage to your car, and or other vehicles that may be damaged in an accident.


Many Insurers will accept your word that you have proof of No Claims Discount from the UK, but in the event of an accident, it is highly likely that they will want to see the proof prior to paying out the claim. My advise is to send a copy of it to the Insurer, so they have it on file.



Annual Roadworthy Certification (MOT) info by State:

QLD - No annual Test required. Roadworthy certificates are required in certain cases.


NSW - Light vehicles, unless exempt, require an annual inspection. Normally called a Pink Slip


WA - Buses, taxis and left hand drive vehicles require an annual roadworthy test, but most private cars do not.


SA - No reference found requiring an annual safety inspection. ?


VIC - In Victoria a Certificate of Roadworthiness is generally required when a vehicle is sold or if a used vehicle is to be re-registered.


TAS - Vehicles require inspection on various occasions including when the registration has expired for more than 3 months, and vehicles previously registered interstate/overseas.

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Road worth inspections are normally needed when you sell a vehicle - just as well as some of the old clunkers you see on the roads in Oz are frightening. It is the only place where I have seen cars and trucks crabbing along (ie front and back wheels not in line). If you have an accident and your vehicle is not roadworthy then there is trouble.


Keeping the vehicle well maintained, wheels tracked and balanced etc should keep you out of trouble

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Guest bob and ginnie

There's no MoT in South Australia.

You have to put a vehicle over the pits at the vehicle registration depot only when buying or bringing a vehicle from another State in Australia.

The inspectors basically give it quick look over to certify it's roadworthy for S.A. roads. . . lights work, brakes work, tyres got at least 2mm tread on, etc. . . . and then check engine numbers and chassis numbers to make sure it's not a stolen vehicle and/or engine from Sydney, etc. trying to get into South Australia as a "clean" vehicle.

My son got his old V8 Holden defected . . . suspension too low and silencer too loud (typical 19 year old!!) . . . and had to get it checked by the vehicle inspectors after he'd rectified the offending problems.

The police can do spot vehicle checks in S.A.

My son drove into a shopping centre and was checked, along with everyone else leaving. He was defected.

If it's only a minor problem and the vehicle still driveable, you have three days to fix it whilst still driving around with the defect sticker in the middle of your windscreen.

If you remove the defect sticker . . . BIG fine!

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