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Hellp Bus Driver with no idea.. Hellp

Guest perky

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hi i have been a bus driver for 6 years now and want to go and live in AUS, my mum step father and sisters have lived ther now for 8 years, my father lives in the UK but i havent seen him for 25 years. so i dont no what visa to go for as i dont think bus drivers come under the skiled visa, and i dont have famly in UK apart from him so can i apply for remaining relativ,,


thanks ..

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Guest bob and ginnie

I'm no expert on immigration enquiries, but from what I've picked up, you need your skill to be listed on their short-list of skills needed in the State you wish to go to, so unless a State needs busdrivers, you may not get in on a skilled work visa.

You can apply as a sole remaining relative left in Britain under the Family Re-Union visa, I believe, but your dad still being there may cause problems.

British citizens between 18 and 30 can get a year's Young Person's Working Visa, with the possibility of extending it to two years.

Check out the website for bus companies in the Capital cities of Australia to check on need of bus drivers around the metro areas.

As a truck driver for the Post Office myself, I know there's a shortage of bus drivers in Adelaide.

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