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Found 37 results

  1. hi I'm off to Oz with my family in August (have visa already) and I was considering a career change. I have been having truck driving lessons in the UK and plan to have some lessons in Oz and then get my HR licence. This is probably going to be in Perth. I've read lots about truck drivers being in demand, however when I look through all the job adverts, pretty much every one asks for experience. Now I'm thinking that I might struggle to get a driving job being a Pom with no experience. Has anyone had any experience of getting a driving job? Do you think I will struggle with no experience? Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks Lee
  2. I am looking to move to Oz after christmas to work and hopefully live, Just wandering if any body had any advice on finding work and best way to go about things. I am 28 hard working and single. Cheers:cool:
  3. I'm sorry but come on, does it really matter what the taxi drivers wear, I have never once looked at what a driver may be or may be not wearing and I can't believe that a matter like this has gone to court:wub::no: A TAXI driver has been put on trial in the Adelaide Magistrates Court for allegedly wearing denim jeans on the job. Shahram Forozandeh is being prosecuted by the Transport, Energy and Infrastructure Department over an alleged breach of the state's taxi driver uniform standards. The department claims he wore blue jeans "with orange stitching" but the Passenger Transport Act requires him to wear dress pants. In another case this week, a driver was charged for allegedly obscuring his white dress shirt with a jacket. Yesterday Bill Gonis, manager of public transport for the State Government, said uniforms were an important part of driver compliance. "It's especially important at this time of year that the public has confidence that taxi drivers are properly accredited and professional in the way they present themselves," he said. "Wearing proper uniform is one way to ensure a driver is complying with the regulations." Mr Forozandeh, 44, of Brooklyn Park, has pleaded not guilty to one count of failing to wear a uniform as specified. Giving evidence yesterday, Senior Transport Compliance Safety Officer Larry Cutufia said he issued an on-the-spot fine at Victoria Square on January 20. "I knew they were jeans because of the colour, the material, the studs on the pockets and the predominately orange stitching on the seams," he said. "That's not wearing the proper uniform (of) navy blue, brown or black business-style trousers." Mr Cutufia said Mr Forozandeh claimed his work pants "had been ripped" and declined to step out of the taxi to be photographed. Mr Forozandeh, representing himself, challenged Mr Cutufia's account. "You cautioned me that morning, you did not fine me on the spot ... I did not receive the fine until May," he said. "You cautioned me, I took a fare to Darlington and you decided to fine me after I left." Outside court, Mr Gonis said compliance officers were not required to meet a fines quota. Read more: http://www.news.com.au/national/cabbie-in-court-for-wearing-denim-jeans/story-e6frfkvr-1226217443144#ixzz1fvwRvkaF
  4. Seasonal tractor drivers wanted for silage and hay making in the Pyramid Hill area, immediate start. $25/hr for the right applicant, tractor driving exp required, accommodation available. Phone Ph: 0427 275 573
  5. Hi all, Considering moving the family to Oz, The missus is a hairdresser and would probably be on her visa as plant ops dont seem to be on the skills list. We would probably be looking to move to the sunshine coast but Perth is also a possibility. Im wondering about my job prospects, I am fully CPCS certified with over 13 years of experience on a wide range of plant, I also have nvq in plant operations from the national construction college and hold a full hgv licence with over 5 years experience in heavy haulage and tipper work. Are these qualifications transferable? and if not what would be invoved in gaining the relevant quailifications in Oz, and costs? Any advice would be much apreciated. Cheers John.
  6. Guest

    Train Driver

    Any train drivers out there! My wifes two sisters have just emmigrated and we are seriously considering also.Does anyone have any info on any companies over there willing to sponsor uk drivers.Any help much appreciated.
  7. Guest

    hgv 1 driver

    looking for a job as a lorry driver, hows it looking?
  8. hi there, has anyone tried to apply for a skilled visa with this job as we cant seem to find this jobs skill??? very confused please help :confused: many thanks thestallards xx
  9. Guest

    UK Learner driver

    Hi, I have held a UK provisional licence since 2009, been having lessons for a year and just failed my second driving test - drat! We arrive in Brisbane beg of June and am struggling to rebook a test in UK. Will I have to be a learner for 12 months before taking Australian test? If so how much of an issue will it be to not drive? I have two young children and will not be working. We will live in central Brisbane for first month then look to move out to suburbs although not sure where yet. Any advice would be much appreciated Thanks
  10. Hi all Just joined so not sure exactly how this works but would really appreciate some help! My husband is a concrete mixer driver with over 8 years experience and previous to that he worked as a painter and decorator. I know HGV drivers are not one of the skills on the list but I have read somewhere that this is a skill in demand. Is this right? If so what sort of visa can we apply for? Alternatively, where do we stand in relation to the painting, this is an in demand skill but he has not worked in this occupation in the last 12 months. Can we lodge an application on previous years work? My husband is 44 so this year is make or break for us! We have travelled in Australia and are quite happy to settle anywhere!!!! Thank you so much in advance for any assistance you can give, even if the news is no good.:frown:
  11. Guest

    A Raaaaaaaaa G

    Has anyone heard or know someone who has heard..fitters or drivers for the ARG jobs? Every time the phone goes before say 1pm our time my missus an I look at each other..big gulp..then pick up the phone......hello............hello is that the vets............NOOOOOOOO! I`ve not had so long to wait, I know some of you guys have been waiting ages since interviews...... good luck all tony the cheese! :biggrin:
  12. Bit of a long shot but i'm toying with heading over too perth to see what its like, anyone know what the work ituation is like for someone with welding/labouring/forklift and general diesel fitter experience?
  13. Guest

    Bus/Coach driver enquiry??

    Hi guys My friend in the UK has been a bus driver for the past 13 years and would love to migrate over to Adelaide. Would he be able to get a visa and which would be the best one for him to apply for?? Also, could he apply for job sponsorship and if so, how would he go about that?? Many thanks:notworthy: Helen
  14. Guest

    scaffolder/HGV driver

    hi, i am a time served scaffolder and i am also a experianced hgv driver. I am trying to emmigrate myself, wife and two children to oz. i need some advice on wether i would struggle to find work with either of these trades. Scaffolding is my primary trade and i would prefer to to use this to gain employment. could anyone give me some advice on finding work with either of these 2 trades. any help wou;ld be much appreciated. many thanks
  15. Hi Anyone know if i can hire a car in Victoria, only passed UK test a month ago? am in my 30's. Kinda need it for work for one month or so Any info/suggestions welcome Thanks Happy New Year!!!
  16. Guest

    Getting Driver's Licence

    I was wondering if any of you could help. I cannot drive, having failed my UK test (after many lessons and having passed the theory) and then moving to London where driving wasn't necessary. Can I take my test in Qld without having to do the year's practice that 17 year olds have to do? I am 28 and really need to drive asap without another adult necessarily present! Thank you v much.
  17. To apply for a Queensland driver licence for the same class as your foreign driver licence, you will need to: complete the Driver Licence Application/Renewal form (F3000) show your foreign driver licence and a recognised English translation (if required) show your supporting evidence of identity including Queensland residency documents declare that you are medically fit to drive the class of motor vehicle Note: If you have a medical condition that is likely to adversely affect your ability to drive or ride safely, you are required to show a medical certificate from your doctor stating that you are medically fit to drive or ride safely. pay the licence fee. You may also be required to: pass an eyesight test pay the road rules test fee and pass the test pay the practical driving test fee and pass the test. Can anyone highlight what "Queensland residency documents" required for one who stays in hotel for few weeks or months? Thanks
  18. Hi all. Could any one give any advice for someone looking for work in the glass+glazing trade but is a non driver.The wife drives but eventually Sarn (wife) will want to work and not chauffer.I will learn to drive in Oz but this will take time. All/any advice would be great. Cheers Pez.
  19. Hi. We are in the process of obtaining an agent to help us in our application process. We are applying using OH skills for 475 visa regional family sponsored ( know it will take a long time!) Anyway, I have held a PCV (class 1 ,manual and auto) for 20 years and have been employed in the profession for the last 3 years.Went back to driving after kids grew up! Jobs advertised in Queensland state that you need to have held a Queensland driver's license for 3 years. Does the fact that I have had a uk car license for 23 years and PCV for 20 years make any difference? Is there a seperate test I have to sit to prove I am competent to drive? (p.s anyone been to Edinburgh recently will know that if you can manouvre a bus around our tram roadwork infested streets you can drive anywhere!!)
  20. Guest

    Tube/Train Driver

    Hiya. My Wife and I have qualified on a 175 visa through her being a nurse. We are hoping to finally settle in WA, Perth or perhaps Bunbury but we are equally open to looking at anywhere in Australia to live. It will just remain for me to sort out employment as I'm sure she will find work no probs. I'm honestly willing to give anything a go, but to be honest I really love my job as a train driver on the London tube and would like to stay in the industry in some capacity over in Oz. I have seen that transperth were recruiting transit officers and that sounded quite interesting. Basically, is there anyone else in a similar position who is thinking of moving or has already done so to anywhere in Oz and works in the rail industry? Driver, guard or whatever. Any info will be most appreciated. Cheers. Matt :policeman:
  21. we have heard they are desperate for crane drivers/operators in OZ but i cant find ti on the skills list. this is kind of pivotal to our going altho dh can also drive HGV1 and is a qualified slingar/signaller and appointed person. anyone got any ideas as to if this is on the list or is it tradesperson and related worker NEC? have contacted a couple of agents and no one has got back to me yet.
  22. Hi Can anyone advise me on the current situation regarding truck driving in WA. I have read many posts old and new and they all seem to conflict with each other. I have just returned from oz yesterday infact after visiting friends and checking the place out with the intention of reloacating to the perth area. If its still not possible to go as a truck driver we may have to look at my wife qualifications instead. Any helpful advice woiuld be most welcome, oh and this is my first post on here as i have just joined and i gotta say this is by far the best forum. many thanks in advance:wink:
  23. Been trying to weigh up what would be the easiest thing to retrain in and the idea truck driver sprung to mind. Spoke to a training company on the sunny coast and they do a one day course with the test at the end of the day for $850 Thats for a heavy rigid license. Is there anyone in the trade over here? is it an easy trade to get into over here?
  24. hi just wondering if any one can help im trying to get to perth as a drainer, never been to college and cant apply to tra until pathway d gets sorted,(been waiting over a year now) how is the job market for drainers as far as i can figure they need drainers but there is no college course in uk that give,s you an apprentiship and nvq is no good as has to be attained in first two years after appr but as there,s no course,s i can,t see how drainers can get in (good news as they will still be in demand) when ever i get past tra, is it easer to get in on a sponsorship visa, i also have excavator cert had for over 20 years but although this is not on the lists you can get sponsored for this, any help would be appreciated also went bankrupt in july do i have to wait till bankrupsy desolved or can i get moveing before bill:arghh:
  25. hi there im a neebie wots the chances of getting jobs as a cook and in car manufacturing or forklift driver plz