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Found 67 results

  1. We are looking at buying a caravan in UK so we have somewhere to go as we spend more and more time there ( cheaper than a home). Has anyone done this if so where and what were the ongoing costs involved ???? Looking at yorkshire. Thank you for any adivce/stories Wishful :yes:
  2. Hi can anyone offer any advice on where to live?? We are hoping to be moving to Sydney in October. My husband is an electican and I have to children aged 5 and 2. I have lived in Sydney about 10 years ago stayed in Manly which was lovely but very exspensive. My husband seems to think Cronulla would be a great place but that seems very exspensive as well. We have friends that live in the west who say it's very cheap to live but my husband say's it's quite far from the city and dosen't want to be out in the sticks. Can anyone shed some light on where might be good for families and afordable, not to far from the city. Many thanks Maddy.
  3. Oh My God!!! I have just had the best idea in the world (and I am sure no one has ever though of it before ever). I think all of us POI'ers who are in the UK should have a night out!!! Yes that's right a night out!! I think we should make arrangements in somewhere like say Newcastle (cos it's kind of central) and all have a bevvy!! Any thoughts?? FYI, I have arranged nights out where no one has turned up and I have gone psycho because of it:twitcy: so be warned:policeman: Perhaps we should do regular ones. Obviously I am not yet in the UK and seen as it is all about me, we will have to wait til I get back........... or............. people could start doing it before I get back. Obviously it won't be the same without me but chin up. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze like I say I think this is the best idea in the world. Maybe we could have Scottish nights out, Welsh, Irish and English nights out (did I miss anyone?) Like once a quarter ore something.
  4. http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/research-fellow-argues-auction-system-would-better-address-skills-gaps/story-fn59niix-1226140356950
  5. samk6

    Need help please

    Hi Dear all Anybody knows about this web site.... https://spreadsheets.google.com/spreadsheet/pub?hl=en&hl=en&key=0AmMHTHNzXsXNdG1leVliMHFTWDkxcUlxY204N0ZXTEE&output=html how can we enter our data into this??... :idea: thanks samk6
  6. AnxiousMum

    New idea???

    Well we have decided we are going to wait for the kids to finish school or be a year away and then apply, husband will still just be in the age limit to get some points, should have more work experience and, could in that time get a qualification maybe? Also our mortgage will be paid off by then (hopefully) so all good. Roll on 5-6 years lol.:wink:
  7. Guest


    I have an idea after my mind has started to go numb looking at removal companies and shipping cars etc.. I'm going to sell up everything other than my classic motorbike which I still may ship but not sure yet. Myself and girlfriend will take a trunk each and nothing else. We will move into a furnished 1 bed apartment and start again from their whilst earning in AUS. All our money etc... were just going to leave in the Uk as a sort of investment and when the UK picks up we will sell if we feel like it. An adventure like when you were 18 getting a new place and having no worldly assets (other than my motorbike :biggrin:). I was less stressed when i was younger and feel the more stuff you have the more stress you have trying to look after it..... why not get rid and see how it feels. I'm aware of how expensive it is but when i was younger I didnt need a dishwasher and a big house and was happy then as I am now (if not more). Is this a good idea? or will I come to senses and end up in debt for ages after buying all and sundry again.
  8. moko2011

    Is this a good idea.

    Hi me and my partner are looking to move to qld bt we were looking at doing a temp yr visa first then getting a job and seen abt sponsorship that way?? is it a gd idea?
  9. jgt

    new idea

    Right everyone let me know your thoughts ,it appears that in oz their is a problem with housing or that they are too cold in winter and too hot in summer,eswpecially older ones, i have come up with a system that is already in use in the uk which not only gets rid of nasty brickwork but insulates the whole house externally preventing heat loss and cold ingress, What are your thoughts, I am a plasterer but feel that their are work problems so have come up with an idea which i think will be really useful for oz living, also the government are mad on energy conservation, so any advice is great.:unsure:jules
  10. Householders to be given new rights to defend themselves against intruders 'Have-a-go' heroes to get protection, but police warn of dangers of new rights.<SCRIPT type=text/javascript src="http://static.ak.fbcdn.net/connect.php/js/FB.Share"></SCRIPT> Mark Townsend, home affairs editor The Observer, <TIME pubdate datetime="2010-06-06">Sunday 6 June 2010</TIME> The justice secretary, Ken Clarke, is examining the idea of increased legal protection for people who use force to fight off intruders. Photograph: Stefan Rousseau/PA Householders who confront burglars are to be given greater rights to defend their families and homes. The justice secretary, Kenneth Clarke, is looking at increasing legal protection for people who use force to fight off intruders. The government is eager to "ensure that people have the protection they need when they defend themselves against intruders", a ministry of justice source told the Observer. Clarke will also examine the idea of increased legal protection for have-a-go heroes and passersby willing to "apprehend criminals". The move follows high-profile cases in which householders were given jail sentences after attacking burglars. Last year Munir Hussain was jailed for using a cricket bat to beat a man who had broken into his home and threatened his family with a knife. Hussain was jailed for two and a half years for causing grievous bodily harm with intent, but was released after a public outcry. The plan has brought warnings from senior police officers, however, who believe a change in the law could promote vigilantism and could also be exploited to provide excuses for those involved in assault cases.
  11. Hi, I'm sure I've seen an answer to this question somewhere - either on this forum or another - but I can't remember the details... Basically, what i would like to know is whether there is rough guide/suggestion as to what percentage of your total earnings you should spend on rent to ensure a comfortable lifestyle? I know this is a very "woolly" question, but having never rented before we have no idea. Basically, we're looking at spending approx. $500/wk, which equates to $24k/yr. Our joint earnings should be in the region of $150k (I am earning roughly two thirds of that and my wife I likely to earn something similar), so this sounds quite manageable to me. However, after tax, utility bills, commuting to work, etc, I don't really know what to expect to be left with. We're obviously looking for as good a life as possible, but don't want to apply the same pressures that we had in the UK by taking on an overly expensive rental agreement. Talking about utility bills, can anyone give any idea as to what we can expect to pay for those? There's just the two of us and we're currently looking at 2x1 apartments and 3&4x2 houses. Thanks.
  12. Hi all, I have a police certificate from last year which has cam back as showing "No Live Trace" from what I understand this means that they do have some sort of information on you however it has been spent, Now, I hav absolutely no idea what it could be but would like to be able to explain it. Thanks
  13. mr luvpants

    Salary packaging:a good idea?

    Has anybody taken out the salary packaging that is offered by the Queensland government departments? Someone told me that if you sacrifice your super contributions, you don't get the additional payment from the government? Also I am seriously interested in the novated lease scheme and wod be interested in any ones thought on whether they thought it was a good or a bad idea? John
  14. Which of you (if a couple) was the driving force behind your decision to move? Did that person remain the driving force throughout the whole visa process? If you are now out in Oz, is it the same person who is still 'for' the emigration / has it evened out and you are both very happy about making the move / is the one who was less keen now the most keen? My hubby won't be persuaded on making the move to Oz, despite having been granted visas, and I am really interested in hearing if anyone else is the same position as me or has been in the same position before emigrating. Kari :wubclub:
  15. Guest

    Rough Idea?

    Hello all, Its a bit early for me to get a quote from one of the recommended companies as we wont be moving until next summer. However, I would like an idea of the rough cost it would be to ship goods to WA. We have a two bedroom house so only the normal bedroom furniture (King, Single, chest of drawers, cabinet), we have a two seater sofa, arm chair and a sofa bed, cabinet, dining table and chairs downstairs. Plus the normal kitchen bits and bobs and some boxes in the loft thats really it! I read somewhere that the cost of moving a two bedroom property is about £2500? Is this well off the mark? About right? Too expensive?:confused: It will be great to have some figure to work with and try and budget costs around so any of your wonderful advice would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks Nicky x
  16. :biggrin:Hi friends Given that GSM visa holders cannot access all social security benefits until they have been permanent residents in Australia for a period of two years, what would they do and how would they cope if they do not secure employment immediately? Best Regards Mohammad Reza Roozbahani
  17. Any body has called at DIAC for CO allocation for SA applicants ? or any idea when they will start?:mad:
  18. ausdreamer

    What gave you the idea?

    This is where it has to start with everyone, with an idea. That idea is simply “I think I’d like to move to Australia”. We first went to Aus in 2001 to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. The only reason my husband and I first visited Aus was because my husband's father won the tickets in a competition. Unfortunately for him, he gave the tickets to us to go in his place as he was diagnosed with cancer. To jump forward a few chapters, he is a survivor (twice) and now celebrates his 76th birthday. So we went and we fell in love with Australia instantly and there started the idea. But it was just an idea, so we went back a second, third and fourth time, it then became 'the dream', which then became reality...our flights are booked and we leave ole blighty on April 30th 2011 with permanent resident visas. From start to finish it has gone on for ten years. But we are practical people who have built a comfortable life in the uk and are worried about making such a big move....I have read posts on pio and there are some people who are going to aus who have not even visited and there are those that have and what about those who are already there! So where did your idea start?
  19. Guest

    Poppy Appeal, Brilliant Idea.

    Hi All. I know some get fed up with people banging on about remembrance Sunday, but to me there is no more a noble cause. Lets not forget the ONLY reason we are living the lives we are today is because of the sacrifice of millions before us.:notworthy::notworthy: Anyway, the Royal British Legion have come up with a fantastic idea in the hope of raising untold thousands/millions, they have released a single, it is two minutes of absolute silence, see the link below: Silent Single To some this may seem daft, but (and I hate this expression) whoever came up with it has thought well and truly 'Outside The Box' :mad:). Lets face it, there is no better way of giving ourselves some time and reflectiveness to remember those that fell and gave the ultimate sacrifice for us ALL over generations, and will continue to do so.:notworthy::notworthy: How you can tell if you have downloaded it, I don't know, :goofy::biglaugh:, but it does state that download is complete and there are a few 'stars' that will appear in the download to confirm that this is the case. I think their main aim is to get the number one slot this coming remembrance day, fingers crossed they will succeed. So come on, lets keep the latest bunch of pop 'idols', 'icons' off the top slot and make this a year to remember. The download costs a quid, not a lot in the grand scheme of things when you consider what the money can be used for. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  20. Guest

    Really Need some Info

    Hi all, With the new changes that have come into effect and all the stuff going on with the election does anyone have a rough estimate when my visa could be granted? I applied for a 175 Skilled migration as a 1st class welder in May last year. I have had no contact from the departed and no word from a Case officer. Is this normal and am I panicking? Should I have heard something by now? and when should a case officer get involved? I know Welder is on the news skills list but I think I am processing level 3 does that mean that all employer sponsorship visa and state sponsorship that apply now go ahead of me even though I have already waited a year? As you can see from this me and my wife are pretty confused!!!!!! We would be extremely grateful for any info. Thanks all Sanks
  21. theowens

    No idea anymore!

    Hi, I've not been on this forum for a long time, neither have I looked at my application but today I thought I'd just check to see if anything had changed.....er just a bit I'm completely confused there has been so many changes since I applied back in August 2008. I have no idea what priority I am, whether my ACS assessment is valid anymore or do I need to re-apply and I don't know if I can be bothered with it anymore. If anyone is in a similar situation and knows what's going on, any info would be appreciated. I applied in Aug 2008 as 175 visa with ACS assessment of System Manager, looking at my online status it has never changed from the day I applied. Thanks in advance Rob
  22. Hello All Ok so we have decided to put our house out for rent so we can head off. We have only been on the market a few months and have had interest but the two "serious" viewers couldn't get a mortgage ( nothing to do with the house employment history / deposit issues). There are now so many houses for sale in our area that we are honestly thinking in this climate it is the wrong time to sell. We are lucky in that any rent we will get will cover the mortgage, we have enough funds to get us over and see us through a couple of months. We wouldn't be buying in Oz for a couple of years anyway so figure why not rent, pay another few thousand off the mortgage and see if the economy and housing market is better in a couple of years ( not to mention the exchange rate!) I know renting can be a nightmare so we are planning on using a fully managed letting agent ) our Estate Agent actually who we like very much and has send she can still put the feelers out for a sale whilst we are renting). Now the decision is made we feel OK about it but I only ever seem to read horror stories, has this been a good decision for anyone here :err: Thanks Jen xx
  23. The orginal seemed pretty good, there are members living in all the main centers so swapping houses would be a good way for some here to visit other parts of Australia. So my thought is similar, how about inviting people to stay. I can't get away myself as I have a bussiness which I can't close down but I could have someone here to stay. As I live on my own (with dogs) I wouldn't want a couple (threes a crowd) or family, (house not suitable) but if there is anyone who wants a few days away on their own and don't mind somewhere quiet PM me. Its a 3-4 hour drive from Melbourne, or I can pick you up from Albury airport, or there is a train/bus service from Melbourne. As I said its quite but if you don't mind dog walks, and pub lunches it would make a change from the trafic and noise of the city ... PS: No axe murderers please ..........
  24. Hi We emigrated nearly three years ago and are up on the Sunshine Coast. My husband is an Electrician and he is now really struggling for work. He is happy to work on a FIFO project anywhere, does anyone have any fingers in pies (so to speak) contacts etc he has an A Grade licence and just applied for a WA licence (4 weeks processing time). He worked on the Clem 7 until completion and has a number of cert to his name, he is also in the process of starting a PV licence but so skint cant afford the book required.....oh well Anyway i thought i would ask the question, if anyone has any ideas or contacts we would greatly appreciate it........desperate times desperate measures...... Sara
  25. All, My first post in PIO but I'm a silent follower of every post for quite some time. Please view this link http://www.comlaw.gov.au/ComLaw/Legislation/LegislativeInstrument1.nsf/0/EAC98C683DDD004BCA25774A0017BD72/$file/10025LI.pdf This applies to people who applied before 8 February, 2010 and who's application hasn't been finalized yet. But that's ok, not pointing out that. As a IT guy ( with +ve 2231-79 Unix ) I was ( I know lots of like me are out there too ) interested to know how 2231-79 is mapped to ANZSCO. May be ( I'm not too sure and hence seeking experts advise ) this document gives an idea ???? Seems like for people who applied before 8th Feb ASCO 2231-79 is mapped to ANZSCO 261399. I wonder whether this mapping would be the final one. If so, all 2231-79 will be on Schedule 4. Comments ??? thanks tarini