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Guest Vanessa.M

Trying to sell house. and moving to brisbane

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    Guest Vanessa.M

    Hi I am Vanessa and am hoping to move this year to Brisbane with the family, which is proving harder than expected, due to the house not selling. We were hoping to get the children into St Pauls school and quite liked the look of Chermside, Albany Creek. What do others think of the area, or the schools?.

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    Guest hoolys9

    Hi Vanessa,


    We moved over to Brisbane this year in March and had a rightr hassle selling our house in the UK.


    The first buyers dropped out the same day that our furniture was shipped which was great....


    We had to move back into the empty house and lived with nothing for 6 monts before we had sold again.... it was a complete nightmare!


    Sorry but I dont know the area that you are moving to, we are living in Capalaba which is about 22k south east of Brisbane, its a great place as its easy to get into the City if you want too and near Wellington Point and Cleveland which is good for the coast.


    We have 2 boys aged 7 & 8 who go to the local school and its great although I have heard that Capalaba high is not up to much although there is Ormiston Collage not far from here which we will end up sending them to I think.


    Has your application all gone thought now? why did you choose Chirmside/Albany Creek?


    Mark & Andrea

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    Guest homesellers

    As your looking to sell your home and concern about your children. You can get best advise from realtor's . I got an site which can help you regarding this which I got online while I was selling my home.



    Home Sellers Needed.com

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    Guest michael_byriel

    I am not sure if you are aware of this but if you currently have a contract on your property in the UK why not offer a subject to completion offer/contract on a property you are looking at down here? If you currently do not have a contract on your property in the UK but have it listed for sale then why not try offering a 'subject to sale' contract/offer on a property in Australia. This may get you a foot in the door.

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    Guest cashforhouses

    As you are looking to move to Brisbane and thinking of children you can contact realtor who will have an idea when it will be sold and according to that you can plan



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    Guest eileendevillers
    Hi I am Vanessa and am hoping to move this year to Brisbane with the family, which is proving harder than expected, due to the house not selling. We were hoping to get the children into St Pauls school and quite liked the look of Chermside, Albany Creek. What do others think of the area, or the schools?.

    I lived in this area for 4 years. My children went to a private school in North Lakes area and Grace Lutheran at High School age. Saint Paul's is a good school with a solid reputation but as with any school...you get good teachers and poor ones. It is hit and miss. Grace is a cheaper option and it is a great school. I have never heard anything but compliments. Both are good options in the area. I am a teacher myself so have an inside view as well as being a parent. If you really do want more info then let me know. There are some lovely areas...a lot of Brits go to North Lakes as it has everything but it is very artificial and houses are built so close to each other that you can hear each other think. I have just recently moved to Auckland and am thinking of putting my house on the market. It is in Petrie on Pine which is a great place. It is between Strathpine and North Lakes and a direct line to Brisbane as the train stop is 2 minutes away. There are some great places around but you really have to do your homework. Chermside would not be good in my opinion.

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    Guest Guest31881

    I have closed this thread, it has been 6 years since the thread started and 3 years since the last questions were asked, I presume by now they have sorted things out.:biggrin:

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      • By caroline Selwood
        Can anyone tell me how long you are allowed from the grant of your visa to when you have to be permanently living in Oz. I lodged my visa in 2010 and queue numbers seem to be moving now.
      • By Sarah76
        When I was asked why I loved Australia, my mind instantly thought of the weather, the glorious sun shining for most of the year and the golden sandy beaches. But Australia has become so much more than that to me, it’s become my home and the people here have become my community.
        Don't mistake me for saying the coastline isn’t one of the most glorious things I have ever seen, especially at sunset but there is so much more here to see!

        When I moved to Australia seven years ago I thought I’d be here for a year or two, earn some good money and go home again. But here I am after all this time settled into a beautiful home and engaged to an Australian!
        My experiences in this beautiful country have taken me all over the state of NSW, up to the scorching Gold Coast and Brisbane, down to the creative and artsy Melbourne and to the nation’s capital on a regular basis, even smaller coastal towns such as Coffs harbour

        The drive to Canberra is one of the best ways to see a bit of everything!
        Starting in Sydney you see the hustle and bustle of the city life, the long stretching highways, the build up of traffic, the different cultures through the western suburbs of Sydney, and then suddenly the long highway takes you into the wide open air!

        You are cruising along at 110km looking at beautiful bush land, wide open fields with kangaroos bouncing around and suddenly you feel like you’re so far away from the city! When arriving in Canberra it’s like being in a small coastal town with no coast! The people here are so friendly and relaxed, willing to help you with directions or a flat tyre or anything you may need!
        Below is a picture I took on my most recent visit to Canberra from my hotel room.

        I also have a silly picture of my first journey to Canberra in 2011 when I first arrived in Australia and this is taken at The Great Dry Lake George. Which is exactly what it sounds like, a big lake that is no more and now lays a sometimes rain filled sometimes dry for the kangaroos to lay around on!

        Speaking of kangaroos, all those little grey specs are kangaroos!

        The people are one of the biggest reasons I stayed here, as well as job opportunities!
        The people of Queensland that I encountered were so relaxed it was like they were on permanent holidays, the shops were wonderfully quiet and the tourist attractions were what we expected! The theme parks on the Gold Coast are a must visit for anyone travelling to this part of Australia!
        Young and Old will enjoy their time here with plenty of shops and attractions as well as rides for thrill seekers. Below is a picture from my most recent visit to the Gold Coast in the evening

        I have also a picture of the tropical hotel I stayed in

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        The place is beautiful with art everywhere, interesting places to visit and of course a beautiful coastline as well! I didn't have much time to take pictures of all the wonderful art while in Melbourne as I was too distracted with the sights to get out my phone but I have two pictures one from the Aquarium we visited and one from the river bank we ate our lunch on.

        Where I live in Sydney is very multi cultural, it’s very diverse in shopping and eating facilities and this acceptance of everyone’s cultures is what makes it home to me now!
        Here is a photo from my balcony

        The other reason I stayed as mentioned before is the job opportunities. Here in Australia you can be whatever you dream of being, from a teacher to a builder, from a nurse to a road worker, every single field you can dream of has an entry level position where if you work hard and succeed you have so many opportunities to climb the ladder and grow as an employee. The government here also helps greatly with training and development options.
        Or if you already have the qualifications they are recognized here and you can go into a position higher than entry level. All the jobs I have had here in Sydney have paid me well, and rewarded me for my hard work. If you have the right attitude towards work then Australians respect that.
        I haven’t been “home” to New Zealand in a very long time and as I look into the future the reasons to go back dwindle, as each day I build my life here with more confidence and love for everything I’ve come to know here in Australia. And yes the sunshine is wonderful but the people and opportunities are more wonderful!
      • By Tomsawyer
        Hi all
        We are looking to see what options are available for short-term accomodation (up to 6 weeks) until we find a rental property. Looked on the likes of WOTif etc and AirB&B, Stayz but looking to see if any other options are out there.
        A family of 2 adults, 1 toddler, 2 cats.
        I will be looking for work in / around Brisbane CBD so most be able to commute. We are thinking about renting longer term Karana Downs area.
        Thoughts or Suggestions?
        Thank You
      • By TheWayOfThePony
        I know there are a  few threads on the subject, just thought my own experience might help. I know I trawled the internet looking for reviews!
        The choice: MoveCube or packing company?
        I found the prospect of self-packing and loading quite daunting (I was on my own and had some pretty heavy stuff to move). So for peace of mind I went for Anglo Pacific (which had been recommended by two friends who had moved to Australia) over MoveCube.
        Preparing the move: getting a quote, an estimate, a date 
        - Quote: I had a phone call to AP during which I was asked to roughly estimate how much stuff I would be shipping to Oz so they could give me a provisional quote. No fret if it's a bit off the mark or if you can't think of everything, they want a rough idea and if on moving day it turns out you are bringing more (or less) than estimated, the quote will be adjusted. Just don't forget to mention the piano or any Big Thing that doesn't lead itself to improvised packing  Moving day was confirmed over email.
        - Making a list of my belongings: it helped for getting an accurate insurance quote, but also for flagging any problematic stuff that customs might object to (organic material, tools, etc...), and which will have to be declared on the customs form.
        - Insurance: AP offered insurance, but following the general wisdom I went with a third party (Letton Percival). In the end I had no claim to push so I can't tell you how Letton Percival are in a time of crisis! All I can say is that I found them very efficient and professional in our communications.
        - Arranging parking space for the truck: I had off-street parking so that was never an issue, but this is definitely something they will ask you about.
        Moving day
        Miscommunication between the office and the packers meant the truck was 5 hours late... so that wasn't great.
        But I have to say that once there the packers worked with incredible speed. In less than an hour they had packed and loaded about 25 boxes. Which was a good dozen more than estimated (I had way more books than I thought during that first conversation with AP!) but that wasn't a problem: the packers are prepared for that turn of event and always bring extra boxes.
        The quote was re-adjusted accordingly, but I thought the final quote was fair. The packers bring their experience of shipping goods to Australia and can advise you on some items you're not sure about (I thought about bringing sand and seashells from the motherland but they advised against it, so I left it behind). They also put all the potentially problematic stuff (I had objects made out of wood) together and labelled the boxes accordingly - that way if Customs wanted to check all the wooden objects they could go straight for those boxes instead of opening them all.
        All in all, knowing my belongings were packed in accordance to customs requirements justified the extra amount, I thought. Not breaking my back trying to load a dozen box of books into a cube is also pretty neat.
        Row, Row, Row Your Boat
        The container took a couple of months to arrive in Australia, which was the estimate I had been given. AP kept me up to date with the shipping status over email and gave me a tracking number as well.
        Christmas Delivery Day 
        Once in Australia, Allied Pickfords took over for delivery. Once again, the office and truck didn't seem to communicate that well as my delivery didn't arrive on the agreed day, so I had to call again and rearrange the delivery. 
        All boxes were accounted for, HOWEVER a couple were bashed in... one of them pretty seriously - though thankfully the content was unaffected, so I didn't have to investigate any further. But there is no telling when that occurred: on the truck? on the ship? in customs?  It's not like anyone left a note saying hey, sorry we handled this one a bit roughly...
        The boxes containing my wooden objects looked like they had indeed been opened by customs. Nothing was removed/destroyed.
        In the end my belongings arrived pretty much in the state I had left them, save for a few books which ended up with crumpled pages, and a couple of tins which suffered some bumps. Pretty sure this occurred during packing, as the packers probably wanted to make up for their late arrival and just crammed things into boxes. But this is very minor stuff, and there's not telling I'd have done any better! And on the other side, all my fragile objects (vases, frames etc) were completely fine.
        So there you go! Not perfect, but nothing is, and overall I'm pretty satisfied . Should I ever need to move back to Europe(God forbid) I'd probably use the same companies.
      • By Siobhan_x
        Hey.. so I'm 27 year old female have 4 years in recruitment - engineering and trades, which I don't really want to do, and have 8 years in administration. I have never been to the sunny coast and heard it's not so good for white collar roles 😔 I am going to do more research and try asking more agencies but I generally get the same answer back "you need to be here" or ignored. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Ps .. I have no idea where I will be living yet! I'm not moving until May 2018 but I generally will go where the work is