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Vettesse papers nearly done

Guest Midlanders

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Guest Midlanders


Hi All


Finally getting everything together after the calls to clients for work completed ref, supplier ref, receipts, employers etc as going on 175 visa...


Just waiting for the pictures from him indoors Darren the chippy (action shots at work) which has caused great amusement from his fellow workers on site as he has had to get them to take them.


So far they are all rubbish, as they are either have him pulling faces and mucking around or they are just shots of his legs or bum and even wall and doors he has fitted Obviously great amusment has been had by all .


Will kill him if he comes back empty handed today.


Me on the otherhand just wants to throttle him !!!!!! something simple are turned into a several long weeks.


Men are always just little boys......



For us .....partner or wifes left doing everything - god give us strenght.



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Guest juliemtaylor

Yes I know it took us weeks to get the references for the ACS skills assessment, then we posted it to Oz and that took ages! Now still waiting for the ok from them and now its nearly their shutdown for holidays!


It should be together soon, so keep your pecker up!


Julie (IT WAG)

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