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Found 22 results

  1. Hi everybody, I am lodging my offshore partner visa 309 at the end of this month. I just wanted to triple check my checklist of documents I have physically in the envelope and have a few questions .. Checklist : Form 47sp filled Form 47 filled Certified copies of passports for both of us Certified copies of birth certificate for both of us 4 passports photos for both of us 4 forms 888 by australians friends and australian family on my partners side, signed and certified by a third person French police clearance Uk police clearance PAPERS FROM THE SPONSOR : Certified copy of birth certificate Paper showing employments EVIDENCES : Electricity bills with both our names on it -Flat rental with both our names on it Flat contract with both our names on it Wedding invitation with both our names on it Deposits with with both our names on it 2 Gym contract of the same Gym Some photos of us in France, Uk, Prague, with my family 1 letter from sponsor to express love 1 letter from me Is this all and enough ? I can't seem to find something missing. These are my few questions : 1 - Does the love letter have to be certified or something ? Or just on a piece of paper with our name and signature ? 2 - When are they going to contact me for the health check ? Are they going to book an appointment for me in my nearest hospital ? How does it work ? 3 - When you give the evidences, for example a renting flat contract, do you print the whole contract ? Or just the first page and the last page with signature ?
  2. aussiechick2006

    Military service records/discharge papers

    Hi everyone, On my husbands Spouse Visa app it's asking for proof of Military Service records/Discharge papers. The thing is he doesn't actually have a copy of Service records and as he's still officially working he doesn't have discharge papers. So what have others used as proof? Would his ID and a few pay slips be enough? Many thanks AC
  3. I have been self employed for 16 years as a painter. I am excellent at my trade, but I dont have any papers. I understand that I need to prove myself to get a visa. I think the 475 skilled migrant visa is the one for my needs, as its very tough to get sponsored by a company from here for the 457 sponsorship visa. I think that I should be able to accumulate the points necessary with state sponsorship, though I am not sure of the exact procedure for my case. If anybody is going through, or has gone through this process, I would love to hear how they are getting on, or I am open to correctiion if anything here is incorrect.... I think the process I need to go through is as follows 1. Apply for trade assessment. Is this necessary for an uncertified painter to get a 475 visa, as I can prove that I have been in the business for years? What type of assessment is it? Who does the correct assessments? How much do they cost? 2. Apply for State sponsorship. How long does this take? 3. Send application for visa and await approval. How long should visa approval take? I want to make the application myself, as I just dont have the cash to take on a visa specialist company, but as I go through the process, I will let you know how things are going. I will be delighted to benefit from your experiences, and share mine with you all! Mark.
  4. Trying to organise pack up for move to the UK. Our household stuff will be in storage for a few months, so I wondered if anyone had any tips for what paperwork I might need for the set up prior to our container arriving. Obviously personal id papers, certificates etc I will carry with me, but did you need recent cc statements, utility bills or anything else? Thinking of when I need to register with UK companies, banks, rental etc. Many thanks for any input.
  5. Hello Everyone Brand new to this so question may been a little silly. My OH and I hope to move to OZ on the 176 State sponsored visa. We don’t really mind were we start out, we just want out of Britain. My OH is a Vehicle Spray painter (on SOL of many states) with 16 year experience and has just passed his Automotive Technician Accreditation certificate (ATA pass 125) He doesn’t however have any trade papers. At the end off his apprenticship the Garage he worked in went bust so things were never completed so to speak. I have spoken to an agent who says TRA wont even look at him as he has no papers. They no longer take experience in to consideration. They recommended he look in to an Australian qualification AQS level 3. With this passed the TRA would accept him. Has anyone been in the same boat?? It seams silly to me that they would look more favourably on some one with papers and only 3 years experience than someone with 16 years experience but no papers. My OH can have his work checked with his current and former employers. Would it be worth chancing it with TRA. We would like to try and do the process ourselves to save some money so want to check we are going the right direction. Thanks Peeps
  6. Hi, I recently posted on another thread about this topic saying that we have had our first hearing with regards to taking my OH's daughter to Oz. We have just received our second date along with orders by the court. It says...... ' The applicant shall file and serve statements of evidence relied upon in respect of the application to remove the child permanently from the jurisdiction by............' Could anyone please tell me what this means in plain English ? I do know of others experience on PIO were they have had to provide a fact finding report on schooling, job prospects, finances etc..... does it mean this ????? Thanks in advance Gary
  7. Hi All, not posted for a long time. Have been reading lots of posts on here about wait times / numbers and thought people would be interested in what the Ozzie papers are saying. This one is from The Australian Sponsored skilled migrants face visa wait | The Australian Gives a high level view with some political insight driving the decision making process at the moment. It does look like the process is undergoing some much needed reform, it's just unfortunate that it's happening as people have already invested money and time into getting a visa. Clearly elections don't help as politicians just make throw away comments and use cheap digs to get re-elected. I am interested in what other articles are out there, and if we can draw any insight from them. It will certainly affect my decision on what strategy I employ to get into Oz. Pomtobe
  8. Hi, Does anyone know how long its likely to take to get my visa once my medical papers arrive in Sydney? All my other items are "MET". Does Sydney notify my Case Officer automatically once they're checked? If anyone has any recent experience it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Michael. :biggrin:
  9. Boesman

    Cost of certifying TRA papers

    Hi, was just wondering how much does it cost roughly to certify all your papers before sending it off to TRA for assessment? Do I copy the papers for certifying and save money or will the solicitor copy them? DO they charge a lumpsum or pay by page? I just want an idea. Boesman:confused:
  10. from Engineers Australia? My papers were received (and stamped) on the 16th of Feb, but my credit card didnt work so I had to send them another one. when do you reckon I get the results? is it gona take longer than 16 weeks? Thanks
  11. Proview220

    News papers in Oz

    Australian Newspapers OnLine - index.html proview
  12. Consultation paper for registration standards for nurses and midwives issued by the newly formed Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia is now available at: http://www.ahpra.gov.au/documents/consultation_papers/Nursing%20and%20Midwifery%20Board%20of%20Australia%20-%20Registration.pdf Anyone interested to lodge a submission can do so by 24 Nov 2009.
  13. Hi All, I am a carpenter of 17 years exp with City and Guilds Carpentry & Joinery level I,II and advance qualifications. I have just moved to Brisbane with my Aussie wife to be. I have just contacted Tafe to try and get my papers recognised and they are unable to help me, as i have already migrated.... So i guess i am to contact the qld building licence authorities?? If anyone can please offer advice on who i should contact and the process, that will be great. Many thanks. Nev :unsure:
  14. Guest

    SATS papers for 11 year olds

    Hi , i have found two website that are a great help. They are Brightminds ( which list all the past papers in all three subjects back to 2003) and Spark Island which gives you tips on the SATS. Sorry couldn't add the links but they are well worth looking them up as with Brightminds you can printout the papers and get your child to practice in a comfortable environment so she/he is aware of the ways questions are phrased as they are set to see how clearly your child can work out problems, eg maths papers Frankie is actually enjoying the test papers at home and feels more confident to face them in May now, Hope this helps helps all the parents who are fretting about SATS. I still follow the set times for each test but then look over the paper together Good luck to all you children and parents having SATS in May Gail xx
  15. Guest

    Enough papers!!!!

    Hi There everyone, We are in the process of gathering certificates and ref's etc for the paper work assesment for Vetessas going (for 176 visa) my o/h is the applicant being an electrician but we are just worried that he doesnt have enough certificates etc as he didnt actually finish is appentice all those years ago, he didnt finish the last year but has up to date papers now up to from 16th -17th edition etc. Does anyone know if they will pull us up on that or will it be ok as up todate now!! All to stressfull already in case we get turned down on the first hurdle!! Thanks Kerry & Craig
  16. Guest

    ielts practise papers

    help needed does anyone know where to get any practise papers from preferably free off a website so far ones i've looked at requires payment, need to get quick study in possible date 7th march for test. thanks
  17. lees

    TRA papers gone walk abouts

    Hi guys been visiting this site for a few months now and love this site.This is my first post and wish I was posting a happier one:arghh: OMG after months of gathering information my OH complete identification for TRA has gone to the USA instead. Has this happened to anyone else and if so did it get resolved quickly ? Docs were sent on the 19th Jan and found out on track and trace on-line that they have been passed onto USA postal system. Can't report missing until 20-25 days. Trouble is we had a deadline to submit visa by OH 40th birthday now going to lose valuable point. Sorry rant over thanks for listening Donna
  18. Hello all, I am so glad to have found this website!! even thou i have read some negative reports on jobs down under. Not supprised with the world economy. I do have a few contacts in Australia and yes things are a little slow. Myself and my Australian Fiance are looking to moving to Oz. Most of her family are in QLD. Some are around Melbourne. We are waiting to hear the result of our 309 spouse visa application. I am a 34 yrs old Carpenter with city and gulids level 1,2,3 Can anybody please help and tell me what paperwork i need to have in order to work as a carpenter in QLD,NSW,Victoria. I have lived there before on a work holiday visa, and loved the place so much. but as i was on a working hoilday visa i only did casual work. We are prepared to go where ever there is work. Many thanks in advance Nev. :smile:
  19. Guest

    Vettesse papers nearly done

    Hi All Finally getting everything together after the calls to clients for work completed ref, supplier ref, receipts, employers etc as going on 175 visa... Just waiting for the pictures from him indoors Darren the chippy (action shots at work) which has caused great amusement from his fellow workers on site as he has had to get them to take them. So far they are all rubbish, as they are either have him pulling faces and mucking around or they are just shots of his legs or bum and even wall and doors he has fitted Obviously great amusment has been had by all . Will kill him if he comes back empty handed today. Me on the otherhand just wants to throttle him !!!!!! something simple are turned into a several long weeks. Men are always just little boys...... For us .....partner or wifes left doing everything - god give us strenght. Judy:realmad:
  20. Guest

    Certify papers for TRA

    I am slowly but surely getting paperwork together for TRA (doing it ourselves!!?? :goofy: ) I have been told a doctor, teacher etc can certify papers. Does anyone know if a retired teacher would be allowed to certify them? Thanks Karen :huh:
  21. Hi all, I am still serving in the Army with a run out date of Jan 08. My migration agent is under the impression that we cannot submit our visa until I am in possesion of my discharge papers. We are keen to submit our visa asap and escape from blighty as soon as I leave. Has anyone else in the Forces experienced this problem and if so, how did you appease the visa people? For obvious reasons, we don't want to jeopardize our application by being impatient. Will a letter from my CO submitted along with the visa confirming my discharge date suffice? I am grateful for any help anyone can give me. Many thanks.
  22. Hi A fairly simple question I would think but probably a very difficult answer. What are our chances of getting into OZ? My wife worked as an Assistant Housekeeper at a 5 star hotel till the youngest arrived. So no paperwork there. I have never had to worry about paperwork as my type of work is very easy to check if you know what you are doing or not. I started off as a Game Warden in Africa after 15 years I changed direction slightly and have mainly been in the vehicle mechanical side of the Game reserves and game ranches. I can work on diesel, petrol cars 4x4, generator engines, diesel waterpumps and motorcycles. I currently run my own business buying, repairing and selling cars in West Yorkshire. My family and I would be looking at a rural to very rural location, I decided to do a NVQ 2 in Panelbeating (Currently studying) to get paperwork but feel this is not going to be up to the standard they want. Any advice appreciated Thanks